EUropa TV | Tobias Brat – EUROPA: The Last Battle (1) t/m (10), 2017 (Full Documentary)

EUrope: The Last battle (foto

EUROPA: The Last Battle (1) t/m (10), 2017 (Full Documentary)

Publication date 2017 07 12

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Trailer for the upcoming WWII documentary “EUROPA – The Last Battle” by Tobias Bratt. Since the mid 20th century, the World has only ever heard one side of the most horrific War in human history. We are today living in the World of the victors of that War and without an objective, rational and balanced view of our history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes. After World War Two, the victors of the War not only went on to write our history books , but also going so far as to criminalize the mere questioning of the official story’s orthodoxy. The truth is, that our World today can only be understood through a correct understanding of World War II, the forces behind it and the conflicts between Globalism and Nationalism.

For very good reasons, most people don’t trust the Main Stream Media anymore. You have already heard the official history millions of times, In this film you will find the secret history, where you will find the real causes of the events.

The intention with this documentary is to correct over 70 years of misinformation, restore the truth, the honesty and justice in the World. We must face the truth, however unpleasant and inconvenient it may be. We can’t do anything about the past; but by correcting the misinformation and distortions of the truth attached to it, we can unite and make sure that these horrors never will be repeated.

The truth fears no investigation.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (1)

The TRUTH about
The Global Economic Structure
The Historical Roots Of Zionism & Communism
The Bolshevik Revolution & The Holodomor

01:01:02 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (2)

The TRUTH about
World War I
The Balfour Declaration
The Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism (Feminism | Degeneracy | Political Correctness)
The Weimar Republic
Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy

01:02:27 min.


EUROPA | The Last Battle (3)

The TRUTH about
The Rise Of Adolf Hitler
The Third Reich
The National Socialist Economic, Cultural & Spiritual Rebirth
Hitler versus Rothschild

39:35 min.


EUROPA | The Last Battle (4)

The TRUTH about
Judea Declares War
Anti German terrorism & Warmongering
Jewish Migration From The Third Reich, The Transfer Agreement & The Madagaskar Plan
The Final Solution
Hitlers’ Struggle For Peace & Germany’s Peace Offers
The Start Of World War II
Communist Infiltration & The International Clique

01:46:23 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (5)

The TRUTH about
The Roots Of
Globalism, Multiculturalism & White Genocide
The Kalergi, Kaufman, Morgenthau & Hooton plans for EUropean Genocide
Jewish Supremacism vs German Racialism
The Myth Of German Racism
Hitlers’ Jewish Soldiers

53:06 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (6)

The TRUTH about
Operation Barbarossa
The Liberation Of RUssia
Pearl Harbour
Churchill’s Bengal Famine
The Brutal Terror Bombings Of German Cities & The Firestorm In Dresden

59:42 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (7)

The TRUTH about
The Katyn Massacre
The Rape Of EUrope
Eisenhowers Death Camps
The Genocide Of Germany
The Last Days Of The Third Reich
Plan A The Jewish Terrorist Plan To Genocide Six Million Germans

01:08:21 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (8)

The TRUTH about
The Holocaust Expulsion versus Extermination
The Origin Of The “Six Million” Figure
The Allied Black Propaganda, Atrocity Fiction & Psychological Warfare
The Labour & Internment Camps
The Gas Chambers
The Soap & Lampshades
The International Red Cross Report & Jewish Population Numbers

02:04:57 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (9)

The TRUTH about
The Aftermath of WWII
The Destruction Of EUrope & Western Civilization
The Greater Israel Project & The Zionist War On Terror
The Great Demographic Replacement & The Invasion Of EUrope
The New World Order & The Satanic Endgoal

01:55:55 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (10)

The Nationalist Revolution & The Awakening

35:27 min.

EUROPA | The Last Battle (10)

Quaid Lorcan

We Finish on Our Journey of the Real History of WWI and WWII. Now You are Learning the Unbridled Truth that has Been Hidden from Us.

EUROPA – The Last Battle Part (10) Final from Quaid Lorcan on Vimeo.



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Reviewer oomagooliesfavorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – March 1, 2020
Subject Congratulations
These documentaries have been removed from the Main Stream hosting sites, I’m so pleased they are here for all to see and learn what lies are truth and truths can be found hopefully before it’s too late to make a difference.

Reviewer BeforeOne is Nonefavorite favoritef avorite favorite favorite – February 24, 2020
Subject Muhammad صَلَّىٰ ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَآلِهِ وَسَلَّمَ
He was not caucasian. Prove me where he is caucasian. What the Arabs that time called white was actually yellow. I know white as white but the Arabs knew white as and the Arabic word is ‘asfar‘. They called the Romans that the yellow people. What did the Native Americans called the whites when they came here. Pale face. It was unusual color. Generally what the Arabs called white is lightish brown. They lived in a desert and that type of skin pigmentation (white as in caucasian) would totally be tanned or sunburnt. The caucasian people are actually Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog). They are going to try to rule the world after Jesus comes back. By the way Islam is the ONLY religion that can give us eschatology. The Qur’an says that its primary function is to explain all things.
And We have sent down to thee (O Muhammad) the Book (i.e., the “ Qur’ān) which explains all things
(Qur’ān, al-Nahl, 16:89)
So no documentary would explain all things and the Prophet (صَلَّىٰ ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَآلِهِ وَسَلَّمَ ) directed us to Surah Kalf that would explain the end times I would like you guys to read this book since it explains very well the subject.
Really religion is the problem. What has your godless World ever done besides start two Whole Worlds for what? Your GREATEST accomplishment wasn’t technological or political or space. Your greatest accomplishment is a man can marry another man and get a marriage certificate. In your godless World abortion is at its ever highest point, killing at its highest point, deception at its highest point, theft (Jewish bankers and usury) at its highest ever, debt at its highest level, terrorism at its highest level all this because of the Godlessness in this world. If you want to argue on terrorism is because of religion I don’t have time to respond but check this website out it exposes the western countries finances and cash flow to these ‘Yankee Jihadists‘.
There’s lots of articles
Nothing good comes out of abandoning religion. If people had no religion then morality would be thrown out the window and will eventually lead to rise in hate speech, violence, immorality, theft at its peak, and intoxication. All these would be result of your Godless world.
White genocide honestly if you don’t want mix marrying OK but don’t let stop others from marrying outside their race. Let’s all remember at the end we came from dust and we will al return to that state.
PS Nice documentary

Reviewer randomo-o – – February 21, 2020
Subject eh
Hitler came to the rescue with full force in September 1st, 1939.”
But Bromberg massacre happened September 34, 1939. Gee, it’s almost as if Poland didn’t like being invaded. Perhaps they should’ve just turned their ass cheek a little harder.
Or I guess you’ll just do another stupid video I have to comment historical inaccuracies on.

Reviewer fus83 – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 14, 2020
Subject History written by the Victors
Both my Granda’s fought in the War, 1st Bn KOSBS and the Cameronian Highlanders. Both were long service and both were injured. And after the War most of my family have served as well. I served in the same division as my Granda the Scottish Div, 1st Bn RHF, I served for ten years as a rifleman.
These films are gold, you can see where the rut set in all those years ago, and you can see how despite the passage of time it still remains the same today

Reviewer GXQ favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 12, 2020
Subject Eye Opener
This is what hell on Earth is like you strip people away from their history and then they strip you away, but all in all the truth prevails because Earth is heaven sent for many inept human beings that resort to force rather than one GOD for humanity, JESUS CHRIST.

Reviewer sweetra07favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 11, 2020
Subject: Everyone should see this!
World War III is coming whether we like it or not. This will be our last battle to stand together and fight against these War mongrels. We either die and surely most of us will if the only outcome is 500 million of us or we can fight together to finally take a stand against our damn politicians who were supposed to have our best interest, but failed us utterly.
Hitler was our last good leader in the entire World that had the guts to stand up to these people and they tarnished his name with their lies.

Reviewer: Avaporfavorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – January 5, 2020
Subject: Truth
Since I got baptized in the Holy Ghost. He has been showing me more truth than most could handle. I want to thank all that were involved in bringing the truth about the jews that openly worship Lucifer. Thank you so much and at the risk of more of the World hating me I uploaded this on jewtube. I have found that those controlled by the cabal hate the truth. They even changed the name of our Creator to that of a Latin descent. May Yashua bless all of and Father save the USA.

Reviewer: Starfire01favorite favorite favorite favorite – October 26, 2019
Subject: Truth about ’them’ hiding the truth using pawns to.
They hide the EUropeans true history and that we been in America way longer than the ones on top claim.They are threatened by us and are wicked deceivers censoring the truth and calling it hate speech. Pushing mass migrations for others but not their own.
Muhammad was also Caucasian. The oldest mummies of Egyptian royalty have Caucasian features, like Akenhaten and Nefertiti. The oldest mummies of the worker class in Egypt show Caucasian features and DNA connected to Levant people’s (Canaanites and Hittites, etc.), not Negroes. Ethiopian DNA doesn’t show up in mummies until about the 25th dynasty, late in Egyptian history, after the Moor mercenary army turned on Pharoah and took over.
DNA and Ancient White Egypt
Nefertiti today show
Afrocentrist Claims to Minoan Civilization Destroyed by New Genetic Report
DNA is EUropean
Linguistic evidence
What schools wont teach and what someone who’s great grandmother was indian and great grandfather Irish also mentioned: Spanish, Portuguese and Joo migration to America and the term Marrano and the slave trade of Central and Southern Americas. Anglo Saxons had little to do with any of this to. At the time of settlement of Northern EUropeans in North America a century after the conquistador invasion, indigenous populations of North America are estimated to be about two million. EUropeans rarely had conflict with native North Americans and it was not until centralized government that policies were implemented to the detriment of indigenous. Yes, not one slave ship was owned or operated by ethnic EUropean people. Yet history is taught that EUropeans AKA White people” are solely responsible for slavery. Everyone is too afraid to be called names that they won’t name the enemy that is destroying Western Civilization!!!! White mummies blue eyes found by megaliths on every continent. Clovis people were here and also in EUrope. There tools and artifacts found. The oldest in the Americans. There were lots of indians in the Appalachian area living with whites. Only certain tribes kept killing. native Americans derived from Mongols in EUrAsia they crossed the baring strait from Asia Native Americans committed atrocities against the white settlers. Slaughtering whole towns raping, scalping, and murdering children were regular acts. During the Pontiac’s War in 1764, four Delaware Indian Warriors entered a settlers log schoolhouse. There, they killed and scalped the teacher, and nine children. Two children were scalped, but survived their injuries, and four other children were taken prisoners. This is the first school massacre. Cloud Warriors were called the Chachapoya and were tall blonde haired blue eyed Caucasians. The Incan rulers were red haired. The Incan rulers were red haired green eyed Caucasians and fled to Easter Island then New Zealand. Hotumatua has red hair and green eyes and was the King responsible for the statues on Easter Island. The Maori from New Zealand were also descendants of them. Budda was a tall thin blonde haired blue eyed Caucasian but a few hundred years ago he was changed to depict an obese bald Bangladeshi. Genghis Khan also was Caucasian with red hair and green eyes. American Indian have EUropean ancestors. Go look at the white mummies in Peru yourself. Red and blonde hair. You cant take a picture but U can go look. Also Budda red hair red beard blue eyes (YT Censorship Post that was sent to) This strategy is longer than most know:  the Joos were accused of conspiring with the Mooslims across the Mediterranean. The Arab Moors were perceived as, and indeed were, a liberating force.” (Stillman, p. 53) The back Mooslims were greeted by Joos eager to aid them in administering the country. In many conquered towns the garrison was left in the hands of the Joos before the Mooslims proceeded further north. Thus came the, “Golden Age” for Spanish Joos. The following quote is self explanatory. It was written in 1912 by the Communist Joo, Israel Cohen, taken from his book;  “A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century”, and entered into the Congressional Record on June 17, 1957, volume 103, page 8559: “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the COMMUNIST PARTY. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes.” This is what Leon Trotsky, a Joo, was preparing the RUssians for with the implementation of Communism which Karl Marx (author of the Communist Manifesto, 1848), another Joo, based on the Babylonian Talmud for Gentiles:We should turn Her (RUssia) into a desert populated with white Ngers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color. Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist Wars and make the survivors shudder.”

Reviewer ChrisGreen19favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – September 28, 2019
Subject Mind Blowing! An atomic truth bomb!
The only documentary you need to watch!

Reviewer Mike wiltfavorite favorite favorite favorite – September 7, 2019
Subject Zionism is not the only reason! But money is…
Christianity, Islam and all religion is nothing more than a tool to manipulate peoples emotions. Before watching this it is important for people to understand that our history in it’s entirety has been manipulated and it all starts with religion. All of what we have been given that we call ancient texts, i.e. Egyptian Sumerian, Vedic and the buy bull are a tiny scratch of information that was given to us, the rest has been withheld. There are supposedly 53 miles worth of book shelves in the Vatican library, yet we only have 66 books we call the WORD of God. Which by the way are the youngest texts of all the Ancient texts. This documentary starts off by touting Christianity as a discrimanated religion or a lost value system. When in fact it is a religion of ignorance this ignorance has led us to where we are today. Whether one is jew or gentile, muslim hindu or Buddhism of whatever ism. It is the same God if you do your due diligence in research you will find this out. Religion is a tool of the money changers, banksters, money controllers, used to keep us all under their control. Educate yourself first on religion. While this documentary has a lot of truth. It is not the whole truth about what is going on.

Reviewer Some how caresfavorite favorite favorite favorite favorite September 2, 2019
Subject Christ told us about these devils.
This totally explains why America troops came home and never really wanted to talk about it. Those who knew should have said something, others who praticipated in helping the devils children makes Me want to spit on their graves. But you don’t know who thought they were doing there patriotic duty when they unlisted. Some may have fought against the Japanese and never seen any of that, this is why you have to be a watchman and watch so you are not deceived. Read your Bible it tells you that you have enemies on this earth who say they are of the tribe of Juda but are not, but are the synagogue of satan. They are called jews. God (Yeshua) Bless.

Reviewer DamianCornell favorite favorite favorite favorite August 26, 2019
Subject Very interesting.

Reviewer VivianV – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – June 17, 2019
Subject Fact check link

Reviewer stevemccarron123favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite June 14, 2019
Subject The most jaw dropping piece of realism I have ever seen.
My wife has always tried to explain the ignored, and supposedly esoteric passages of history to me. As a graduate with honours in modern history, she specialised in alternative factual histories, not represented elsewhere.
Real history, I suppose, instead of the ‘white hat, black hat‘ guff that is popularised to shore up organised thinking. The truth might be too awful for people to take, or absorb.
These films are part of those truths, I watched them, alternating between extreme sorrow, being close to tears and anger.
She was right, I had always been wrong or sceptical, not any more!

Reviewer MoreGlee  – June 13, 2019
Subject He who controls the present, controls the past…
When you’ve received a lifetime of War propaganda about these events from the winners, and have built a World view upon them, then the alternative viewpoint is far easier to immediately dismiss as lies, especially as there is such social pressure to conform.
It differs from the ‘truth‘ that we‘ve been fed from our authority and television. Therefore it cannot be true?
The World was transformed using these events, and it’s often prohibited to examine this alternative information. Why?
The truth does not fear investigation: they ban that which they cannot refute and if not they will use our ‘belonging programming‘ and negative Media buzzwords to put us off before we start.
See below.

Reviewer robertCJ  – June 12, 2019
Subject Use Logic and Reason to Evaluate this Film
This film is worth watching as a lesson in propaganda and manipulation of history. It is white nationalist propaganda and conspiratorial in it’s reasoning. Many quotes are false, misleading, or taken out of context. If you are watching this film for historical information, follow up on the references and sources as they are dubious at best and lies, disinformation at worst. If your watching this to understand a segment of society that believes this stuff, this film goes through all of what many believe.

Reviewer gregnorris4favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – April 16, 2019
Subject EUropa
This is a must see film documenting all the lies we have been taught in the West about WWI and WWII. I am still trying to wrap my brain around Hitler. Christopher jon Bjerkness is telling me Hitler was a Communist shill. This film makes that hard to believe, but at this point nothing would surprise me. The lies we have been sold to cover up these truths boggles the imagination.

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  1. Icepax Knight 24 maart 2020 op 12:53

    Propaganda = LIES masqueraded as truth; whilst TRUTH distorted as lies.

    “Europa The Last Battle” is a eye-opener documentary for anyone who is interested in TRUTH, let alone seek it, because truth will withstand the test of time!

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