Eric Zuesse – Why Dennis Kucinich should Now Threaten his Candidate RFK Jr

Why Dennis Kucinich should Now Threaten his Candidate RFK Jr

The former Congressman Dennis Kucinich is RFK Jr.’s campaign manager, which is a crucial advisor to any Presidential candidate; he now needs to lay down the law to his candidate and threaten to resign unless RFK Jr. will promise never again to be so sloppy in his wordings as to leave his many enemies on both the left and the right an opportunity to splash headlines against him that will take advantage of those sloppy wordings from him so as to accentuate still further the candidate’s existing propaganda-vulnerabilities. RFK Jr. has now done this twice — once in a way that will antagonize Palestinians and any progressive Jews who support them against Israel; and, now, this time, on July 12th, in an incident that the intensely pro-Israel Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post headlined about on July 15th, “RFK Jr. says COVID was ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews”. (A more honest headline would have been “RFK Jr. says COVID was ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews and Chinese,” but Murdoch knows that Democratic Party primaries candidates need votes mainly from Jews and from Blacks, not from Chinese; and, so, playing the ‘anti-Semite’ card against Kennedy would hit him where any Democratic Party Presidential candidate would be hurt the most.)

Kennedy said there that scientific studies had shown that because of certain details of the structure of the virus that causes the covid-19 disease, and because of certain genetic structures that are more commonly found in Jews and in Chinese and that are least commonly found generally among both Whites and Blacks, the ratios of Jews and of Chinese who have fallen victim to the covid-19 virus have been remarkably low, and the ratios of all Whites and of all Blacks who have fallen victim to it have been remarkably high. He apparently felt that more research needs to be done on this, especially if covid-19 was created as a bioweapon (and so maybe targeted against Whites and Blacks). If those allegations are truthful, then any rational person would agree with them, but RFK Jr.’s having worded his argument as carelessly as he did was a gratuitous invitation for his enemies to use his statements there as a weapon against him so as to prevent him from becoming the Party’s nominee instead of for Joe Biden to become that.

This was the second such incident. The first was pandering for the pro-Israeli or “zionist” Jewish vote on June 13th by telling Glenn Greenwald that “Israel is a democracy” (as-if an apartheid nation can even POSSIBLY be that), and he refused to answer Greenwald’s question of whether if he will become President he will act so as to stop U.S. taxpayers from continuing to donate $3.8 billion per year to Israel’s Government, $3.3 billion of that to be spent on buying weapons made by U.S. weapons-manufacturing corporations to be used against Palestinians and against Iran. He wouldn’t answer it.

And, therefore, since this is the second such blunder by RFK Jr. (sacrificing truth, or else clarity, for political reasons), Kucinich ought now to threaten to resign unless Kennedy will commit himself NEVER to do such a strategically stupid thing again: such instances of disingenuousness or else stupid wording could destroy Kennedy’s candidacy. He won’t be able to get away with such flubs like Trump routinely does. And what loyalty does exist among Democrats will go toward Biden anyway. So: RFK Jr. can only lose by appealing only to the “loyalty” Democrats. (It’s not like loyalty-Republicans, which is almost all of them.) If he can’t win the Democratic nomination with uncompromising and clear truth, he won’t win it, at all.

FURTHERMORE: I myself am skeptical even of the truthfulness of what Kennedy said there about the covid-19 virus and its vaccines. Here are the global covid numbers, nation-by-nation; and just click onto the “Tot Cases/1M pop” column once or twice to see the national rankings. For example, look at Israel there: It has had 517,874 covid-19 cases per million inhabitants, and that is the 23rd-highest infection-rate among the 228 nations on the planet. Israel has had 1,348 covid-19 deaths per million population, and that’s the 85th-highest covid death-rate. So, since Israel has the world’s highest population-percentage who are Jews, why does that country have among the world’s highest infection-rates and even of death-rates from that virus? And how can this be the case if what RFK Jr. said on July 12th is actually true? Obviously, it can’t.

On the other hand: China has had only 347 cases of covid-19 per million people, and that is the lowest of all nations (except for Western Sahara which has a total population of only 626,161 spread over its entire desert, and that’s too small a population over too large an area for it to be at all comparable to China.)

But look at what is the world’s second-lowest: Niger. And its population is 26,083,660. There is no reason to doubt its covid-19 statistics; moreover, some others among the best-performing covid-19 countries are also Black African nations.

The burden of proof is on RFK Jr. on this; and, if he won’t deal with it, then he’ll need to apologize publicly and explain what he was intending to say. Otherwise: Kucinich ought to resign, because if there will be another such blunder, then it will be “Three strikes and you’re out,” for the entire campaign. No matter what, I want RFK to be the nominee (instead of the abysmal Biden), but he won’t be if he does that again. He’ll need to be MUCH more careful about what he says, and about how he says it. Because he is constantly in the gunsights of The Establishment — and, in the Democratic Party, they are solidly for Joe Biden, the MIC (military-industrial complex, dominated by the big weapons manufacturers), the drug companies, and all of the mega-corporations, because they don’t donate ONLY to Republicans.

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