Eric Zuesse – The US Deep State’s Interview of RFK Jr

The US Deep State’s Interview of RFK Jr

On 3 June 2010, the intensely pro-U.S. imperialism U.S. Council on Foreign Relations issued a press release, “CFR Board of Directors Appoints Gideon Rose Next Editor of Foreign Affairs”, and Foreign Affairs is their extremely influential hallmark, flagship, and calling-card academic journal or ‘magazine’; so, the 13 members of the Search Committee shown there for that position were collectively choosing whom to place atop the CFR’s (the U.S. Establishment’s) mouthpiece to the entire world — the chief unofficial propagandist for the U.S. empire. The current Editor of the intensely pro-U.S. imperialism New Yorker magazine, David Remnick, was one of those 13 individuals.

On 7 July 2023, Remnick’s interview of RFK Jr., who is currently the main contender against U.S. President Joe Biden in the upcoming Democratic Party primary campaigns, which will determine the Democratic Party’s nominee for the U.S. Presidency in 2024, was the week’s installment of “The New Yorker Radio Hour”. Here was the lead-in to it at the Website of the U.S. Government’s and its billionaires’ National Public Radio network (NPR):

And here is the 30-minute interview. Please listen to at least some of it before considering my comments about it, here


JULY 7, 2023

The Conspiracies of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the son of a former Attorney General and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, has announced that he’s running for the Democratic Presidential nomination. He is nearly seventy years old, and has never held public office. “There’s nothing in the United States Constitution that says that you have to go to Congress first and then Senate second,or be a governor before you’re elected to the Presidency,” he tells David Remnick. With no prominent elected Democrat challenging President Biden, Kennedy is polling around ten to twenty per cent among Democratic primary voters — enough to cause at least some alarm for Biden. He is best known as an influential purveyor of disinformation: that vaccines cause autism; that SSRIs and common anxiety medication might be causing the increase in school shootings; that “toxic chemicals” in the water supply might contribute to “sexual dysphoria” in children. He wrote a book accusing Anthony Fauci of helping to “orchestrate and execute 2020’s historic coup d’état against Western democracy.He seems not at all concerned that Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Tucker Carlson, and Alex Jones — all of whom would like to see Biden bruised in a primary challenge — have praised him. “I’m trying to unite the country,” he says to Remnick. “You keep wanting to focus on why don’t I hate this guy more? Why don’t I hate on this person more?” Kennedy, who regularly attends recovery meetings for addiction to drugs including heroin, says that “the recovery program is an important part of my life, is an important part of keeping me mentally and physically and spiritually fit. . . . And my program tells me not to do that. I’m not supposed to be doing that.”

And here is the 30-minute interview. Please listen to at least some of it before considering my comments about it, here:

A remarkable thing about the interview is the openly contemptuous attitude of Remnick toward his interviewee. He often interrupts his guest by simply asserting to his guest that his assertions are mere “conspiracy theory,” and he even sometimes abruptly breaks his guest’s answer off by means of his own additions that were made to his recording of it after the interview was over (while providing no warning to the listener that this statement from Remnick was added by him after the interview) in which Remnick says that the rest of RFK Jr.’s answer wasn’t worth hearing and so Remnick won’t waste the listener’s time by broadcasting it.

Another thing about this remarkable ‘interview’ (if it can actually be called that) is Remnick’s constant pouring forth there with ad-hominems against his guest, and his interrupting and ignoring the ad-rem answers from RFK Jr. about the issues that Remnick’s guest was trying to speak about in response to Remnick’s constant ad-hominem verbal attacks against RFK Jr. — Remnick’s evident disinterest in ad-rem statements, his obsessive focus on the person of RFK Jr., to the exclusion of what RFK Jr. was trying to say (as-if no listener cares to hear any of RFK Jr.’s arguments and his cited evidences for them).

Remnick’s basic argument seems to be that the American people ought to ignore what RFK Jr. says, or else RFK Jr.’s criticisms of Joe Biden’s policies will weaken the actually inevitable and deserving 2024 Democratic Party U.S. Presidential nominee so much as to cause the repulsive Republican Party to win the 2024 U.S. Presidential General Election on 5 November 2024. He is, in effect, saying that (at least regarding Presidential incumbents from the Democratic Party) there should not be any primary contests, but instead the incumbent ought not to face any primary challengers at all.

If that is Remnick’s argument, then Remnick is implying that the only options that the U.S. electorate ought to have on the Presidential line in 2024 are Joe Biden and whomever the Republican Party will nominate to run against him in 2024. His argument is that America needs Biden to have a second term as President. But Remnick offers no evidence for that. Remnick is therefore either astoundingly stupid, or else he is deeply contemptuous of America’s voters. Or else both.

Furthermore: it’s basically a lie from Remnick for him to be implying that RFK Jr. running in the Democratic Party’s primaries against the incumbent Democratic President of the U.S. is equivalent to what Ralph Nader was doing in 2000 when Nader campaigned for President not in the Democratic Party’s primaries but instead only in the general election: he was campaigning actually for the Republican George W. Bush against the Democrat Al Gore and threw that s‘election’ (by billionaires) to Bush. Remnick pretends that RFK Jr. is trying to do what Nader actually did do, but that’s blatantly false.

In any case: this NPR show provides good evidence of how the billionaires who fund the Democratic Party want RFK Jr. to be presented to the American public.

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