Eric Zuesse – NATO’s Soon Impending Surrender to Russia in the Battlefields of Ukraine

NATO’s Soon Impending Surrender to Russia in the Battlefields of Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron’s desperate move to get individual NATO Member Nations to send their Troops into Ukraine so as to stave off and prevent Ukraine’s defeat by Russia in the current War between Russia and Ukraine, was endorsed on April 22nd by the Rhodesist US Council on Foreign Relations’s Foreign Affairs Journal’s publication of Europe, but Not NATO, Should Send Troops to Ukraine. This idea of sending Troops from America’s colonies, ‘Allies’, into Ukraine is similar to America’s own desperate move to send yet another $ 61 Billion to Ukraine for the very same purpose, to win that NATO Proxy War against Russia. On May 2nd, the Foreign Affairs Journal of the Rhodesist CFR headlined American Aid Alone won’t Save Ukraine, to Survive, Kyiv Must Build New Brigades, and Force Moscow to Negotiate. Russia did negotiate in March and April of 2022, and offered Ukraine a deal they accepted, banning Ukraine from NATO, and stipulating that Russia will retain Crimea, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to Kiev on April 9th, and instructed Zelensky to reject the deal. Ever since then, Russia’s terms have increased, not decreased, and the only way that this War can possibly end, short of a nuclear WWIII, will be by Ukraine’s Capitulation. In other words.  short of an escalation to nuclear War, which would destroy the World, a Defeat of Ukraine by Russia, in a non nuclear War, is now inevitable and the only question is when that Capitulation by Ukraine will occur. There are increasing signs that it will occur soon.

The great American investigative journalist in Russia, John Helmer, headlined on May 2nd, CANADA IS LOSING ITS WAR AGAINST RUSSIA SO IT HAS THREATENED SENIOR ARMY OFFICERS WITH COURT MARTIAL FOR ‘DISLOYALTY’”, and he provided some of the most convincing evidence to date about the imminent Collapse of NATO in this War, so, I shall here excerpt enough of it so as to give a sense of it and of its cited evidences.

A Senior Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Officer, who is the Assistant Chief of Staff at the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), faces Court Martial, “Dismissal with Disgrace”, and loss of his Military pension for having disagreed with Canadian, American, and British Military planners of Ukrainian Battlefield Operations against Russia. His disagreement was in private, when the Officers were asking for his professional assessment, and didn’t like what he told them.

Colonel Robert Kearney was charged by the Canadian Military Police on April 23. The Charge sheet says he faces “Five (5) x Counts of Conduct Prejudice to the Good Order and Discipline Pursuant to Section 129 of the National Defence Act.

Public Disclosure was delayed by the Department of National Defence in Ottawa until Monday, April 29, when a press release claimed Kearney had been under investigation since another Officer filed a complaint against Kearney last November. According to the Ministry statement, the Military Police had “Received A Complaint of A Senior CAF Officer Allegedly Making Derogatory and Disloyal Comments about Senior CAF and NATO Members.”

Section 129 of the Law refers to “Any Act, Conduct, Disorder or Neglect”, but it doesn’t define what “Good Order or Discipline” means in the Kiev and Lvov Bunkers where Canadians tell the Ukrainians what to do. Canadian Sources believe the Law has rarely been used against an Officer of Colonel’s rank, and never in a Court Martial of an Officer for warning that Military plans risked loss of Canadian lives and resources.

Canadian Military Sources believe Kearney is being Court Martialed now because the Canadian Government’s policy to finance, arm, train, plan, and direct Ukrainian Operations against Russia is being defeated, and that the Military Collapse East of Kiev now risks loss of more Territory and the lives of Canadians currently working in the Ukraine and at Cross Border Bases in Poland and Romania. At least one thousand Canadians have been counted by the Russian Defense Ministry on the Battlefield since the start of the Special Military Operation, by March of this year, 422 had been confirmed Killed in Action.

“The Timing of the Alleged Offences,” says a Canadian Veteran who served with US and NATO Units in Afghanistan, “Was When the Germans Took Over Command of NATO’s Rapid Reaction Force which has Been building Up Men and Materiel, including Heavy Tanks and F 16‘s, in Romania for A Plan to Attack Russian Forces around Odessa. Kearney’s Court Martial is A Warning to his Fellow Officers Not to Object or Predict Destruction of the NATO Forces Engaged.”

“Kearney said Things that Clearly Offended the Top Decision Makers in Ottawa,” the Source says. “Criticizing the Mission meant Criticizing [Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia] Freeland [lead image, left] and the UCC [Ukrainian Canadian Congress]. Criticizing How the Mission was Being Conducted also Meant Criticizing the Americans and British. That’s What has Drawn the Charge of Disloyalty.”

Left, Colonel Robert Kearney from a Social Media posting, right, Kearney’s Meritorious Service Medal citation of May 2012. An earlier MSM was awarded to Kearney in October 2008. This Medal is a US Military Award to Foreign, Allied Soldiers. Following his first Medal citation Kearney was promoted from Command of a CAF Training Base for snipers, tankers, and Artillery men to a Divisional Headquarters in Toronto.

Colonel Kearney’s first offence allegedly occurred in December of 2021, this was nine months after Kearney had been promoted to the ARRC Staff Post in the UK, replacing another Canadian Colonel. ()

Since 1945, ARRC has been a British led Land Attack Unit aimed at Russia, when “The Scale of the Red Threat it Faced was Daunting.” While British Generals lead the ARRC, Canadian Officers Staff, the Deputy Posts, and Troops from several European States fill the ranks. In the past they have been despatched to fight against Serbia and Bosnia, against the Iraqis in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Since 2022, the Unit has been focusing on Operations in the Ukraine. In February 2023, a Lance Corporal whose name was kept secret was awarded a Unit Medal for “Exceptionally Rigorous Analysis and Sound Judgement to the Chain of Command Supporting Commanders’ Decision Making Up to the Most Senior Levels (…) Without his Dedication, Skill as an Intelligencer and Confidence as A Team Member, the HQ would Not Have Been on the Front Foot throughout the Ukraine Crisis.”

By then the difference between Kearney’s assessments and the Lance Corporal’s had begun to be noticed. Kearney reported to the AARC Chief of Staff, Major General Mike Keating (right), a British Army Helicopter Pilot who saw action in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He was then vetted for a General’s Command by the Pentagon before his promotion to a US Unit in Texas, and then assignment to the ARRC in May 2023. As a graduate student at King’s College in London, he studied under the Russia academic War Fighter Lawrence Freedman.

“Kearney is A Competent Officer, the Charges are bullshit, and General Keating Sacrificed his Subordinate,” speculates a Canadian Military Source. “Maybe the Ukrainians Heard What was Being Said, and Put pressure on Keating to Stop the Rot. I Mean, the Truth.”

There is no reference to Kearney as Keating’s Deputy in the ARRC Archive, the Canadian Defence Ministry press release is keeping secret what disagreements Kearney had with Keating and other Officers on the ARRC Staff over Plans, Operations, and Intelligence on the War against Russia in the Ukraine. “This Case will Now Proceed through the Military Justice System and No Further Information can Be Released at this Time”, the Ministry has said.

By publishing the offence allegations and concealing Kearney’s criticisms, the Canadian Government and the ARRC have eliminated the Presumption of Kearney’s Innocence, and ensured his Court Martial Conviction. By keeping the case particulars secret, the political bomb Kearney’s case represents is being defused. No Canadian journalist dares to investigate. ()

Like the two Canadian Military reporters, no Serving or Retired Canadian Military Officer has attempted to identify what exactly Kearney had said or written to trigger the Military Police investigation, and what was the nationality of the Officers involved.

The Canadian Veteran of the NATO mission in Afghanistan observes that “Instead of More Insight regarding Kearney’s Position, We are Getting Nothing but A List of Charges within A Temporal Context Only A Few of Us can Identify as Significant. Four of the Five Counts he’s Charged with Occurred January to November 2023, when the Grand Ukrainian Counter Offensive had Turned into A Grand Ukrainian Slaughter and NATO Defeat. His Apparent Griping Also became Noticeable to ‘Senior NATO Members’ after the NATO Rapid Reaction Force came under German Command and Deployed to Romania. After Seeing the US and NATO Performance in Afghanistan, he Knew Damn Well that Beating the Russians, Even with an Army of Ukrainian Zombies, was A Pipe Dream.”

The Source notes that during Kearney’s time on the Staff of Canadian General Jonathan Vance he had seen “Up Close the Aberrant Behavior”. Criticism of Sexual Misconduct by Vance and other Senior Canadian Officers has been widespread throughout the Active and Retired Canadian Services.


The Capture of the State by the Ukrainian Lobby led by Freeland, and of the Chiefs of Defence Staff by the Pentagon has produced one of the most race hating Governments in the NATO Group, click to read more Here.

The Source notes that the first Charge against Kearney dated in December 2021 is “Interesting as Well. That was during the Time of NATO Preparations to Back A Ukrainian Offensive into the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics and into Russia Proper.

The best Military analyst on this War, the one with the most consistency of his predictions about it turning out to have been true, is Brian Berletic, and here is his summary of the broader situation at his Twitter site on May 3rd,


Kiev doesn’t run the US

Israel, like Ukraine, is a Proxy.  

You need to convince your Proxies you actually care about them and aren’t just using them.

US Foreign Policy is driven by Think Tanks funded by a US European based Corporate combine producing Policy papers, transformed into bills by Lawyers, brought to Washington by Lobbyists to be Rubber Stamped, then sold to the Public via the Corporate Media.

We should be outraged, speak up again, expose, oppose ALL interest groups influencing OUR Representatives and work on building a greater Balance of Power

Washington | Wall Street knows this will never happen if people can’t even understand the True Nature of the Problem.

The US sends billions to both Regimes [Ukraine and Israel] annually, without this Money either Regime ceases to exist. 

The US is run by US based Corporations which spend infinitely more on Lobbying | Bribery and other forms of Influence | Coercion than any Foreign Interests.

When examining leverage, Follow the Money, not the PR stunts specifically designed to mislead the Public both in the US and in the Targeted Nation.

Western Analyst Calls on Ukraine to Build “Additional Brigades” for Fall Offensive.

▪️The article appearing in Foreign Affairs [on May 2nd] claims “It is Crucial for Ukraine to Build and Train Additional Brigades Now, So that It can Mount an Active Defense in the Fall,”

▪️Russia has destroyed Ukrainian Forces trained by NATO from 2014 – 2022, that Ukraine can just make “Additional Brigades” for fall reflects profound ignorance,

▪️Ukraine is suffering the inevitable outcome of a successful [Russian] Strategy of Attrition

It cannot be reversed short of other Nations sending in their own Forces to replace Ukrainian Troops but the Problem of Insufficient Ammunition Production remains.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL, Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the World after World War II in order to enslave it to US and allied Billionaires. Their cartels extract the World’s Wealth by control of not only their ‘News’ media but the Social ‘Sciences’, duping the Public.
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