Eric Zuesse – How US & Allied ‘News’ Media Fabricate ‘Reality’

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How US & AlliedNewsMedia Fabricate ‘Reality

On February 3rd, America’s National Public Radio (NPR) headlined Uyghur Kids recall Physical and Mental Torment at Chinese Boarding Schools in Xinjiang and reported that Uyghurshave Reported being Forced to Work in Factories during their Detention”. That PhraseForced to Work” links (in their own Transcript of theirNewsReport), to a Paywalled Financial Times Article. They did that so as to Block Readers from Being Able to Click through it to the Actual FTNews’-Report Itself, but I have used here instead a Web Archived Version of the Complete FT Article, so that the Reader here can see that FTNews’ and Notice there that the FT Article says that “China has been Condemned Internationally” for these Practices, so that the Reader can then Easily Click through to see that the actual Source of THAT linked to Allegation turns out to be NOT anyInternationalOrganization such as the UN (such as the FT and – to a lesser Extent – NPR imply), but instead yet ANOTHER FT Article, which, in turn, is Headlined “US Report urges Punishment of China Officials over Xinjiang Abuse. Congressional Commission weighs Use of Magnitsky Act to Target those behind Muslim camps”.  This FT Article says that ITS Source is “the Annual Report by the Congressional Executive Commission on China”, and that’s a Nearly 100% Hard Right Neo Conservative (id est, Pro US Imperialism) US Congressional Body that’s Co Chaired by Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Republican Representative Christopher H Smith, Two Rabid Supporters of Every Sanctions Bill and Every Congressional Resolution for the US to Punish or even to Outright Invade Whatever Countries happen to be theUS Enemiesdu Jour, such as, Now, China Happens To Be.

The NPR Article also contains Numerous other Accusations against China’s Government, but all that it identifies as Actually Sharing the US Government’s hostility toward China is the Phrase Officials in the US, Canada, France, the Netherlands and other Countries have Declared that China’s Policies in Xinjiang amount to Genocide.” All of those Identified Governments are US Allies (which Now means that They Too are Hostile to China.

Furthermore, Zero Evidence is Presented to Justify the Usage of the TermGenocide” to Refer to China’s Policy regarding Uyghurs. ‘Journalism’ such as this is Hate Lterature, and should be Treated as Such. The named Four (Anti China) Governments did make the Allegation, but No Evidence has been Provided by Anyone that any such ‘Genocide’ actually is occurring There. Reporting the Hatred by those Four Governments (against China) is Journalism ONLY if Mention is Being Simultaneously made that the Accusation is Unsourced, if Not Even Entirely Undocumented.

No Evidence is provided regarding whether or not the Uyghurs who were Interviewed by the NPRJournalist’ might happen to be Jihadist Ones, which do exist there due to the Spread, in that Chinese Territory, of the Sunni (or Salafist, – and Sunni Turkey encourages Jihadists Even in Modern Times. One of the Main Techniques of Propaganda is the Avoidance of any Mention of such Crucially Relevant Context that’s Necessary in order for a Reader to have an Accurate Understanding of the Events that are being Described. Jihadists, after all, don’t Threaten ONLY China – they are also a Danger to Americans and People in Many Other Countries.

This is Not Necessarily to say that ALL of the Accusations against China in that NPR Article are False, but only to say that the Article itself is Clearly US Government Propaganda, Not Honest Journalism Reporting that’s Rooted only in Trustworthy Documented Facts, instead of in Only Partisan Opinions about the Alleged Facts.
In Other Words the NPR NewsReport and Article is Based on US Sources, but pretends to be based on Non US Government Sources. It Excludes Essential Context in Order to Interpret its Alleged Events and it is Actually Nothing More than US Government Propaganda that’s Intended to Deceive its Audience and Readers to Support Sanctions, or maybe even ultimately an Invasion. It’s War Propaganda, Not Real Journalism.

Similarly, at least the UK, US, and German “Deep States” (which Always includes the Billionaires who own the Press) Managed to Deceive their Respective Publics into World War I (and at least the German “Deep StateManaged to Deceive their Public into World War II and, also, the US and UKDeep State and Governments managed to deceive their Public into Invading Iraq on 20 March 2003 – all on the Basis of Lies. However, whether or not the US and UK will opt Ultimately for an All Out World War III against China and Russia, is Not Yet Clear. The World might Survive This. But, also, it might Not. In Any Case, these Lies will continue to Increase, yet more, the Growing Concentration of Wealth into Fewer and Fewer Hands, and the Increasing Dissatisfaction and Desperation that is felt by Publics throughout the World. The More Money that gets Spent on War, the Less there always will be Available to Spend on Peace (which is Vastly Less Profitable for the Billionaires – and their Paid Agentsthe Actual Deep State). But the Individuals who are to blame for this are Not merely the LyingNewsMedia and the Billionaires who control them, but also their Numerous Agents, in Government and in the Private Sector, who become Yet Further Enriched by these Lies.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse is the Author of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic versus Republican Economic Records, 19102010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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