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Is China Developing the Mark of the Beast?

Published 26 mrt. 2021

Join Simon Barrett and Regan King they discuss is China’s development of Artificial Intelligence and use of cutting edge Technology to oppress its own people, is this the Mark of the Beast?


How China is creating the world’s largest prison

Published 16 jul. 2019

Tell the World: exposing how China is creating the world’s largest Prison.

Four Corners uncovers disturbing evidence of how China is effectively operating the world’s largest Prison.

It’s a remote corner of the world, but what is taking place in China’s Xinjiang Province is nothing short of breathtaking.

Today its Uyghur Population is being systematically rounded up and detained, with estimates of as many as a million citizens being held in Re Education Camps.

Even those still left in their homes are being monitored. The Communist Regime is using cutting edge Technology, mass Surveillance Tools and Artificial Intelligence to control an entire Population.

By piecing together Witness Accounts from Australian Citizens caught up in the Chinese Government’s campaign, along with Satellite Imagery Analysis and Official Documents uncovered online, the truth about what is occurring in Xinjiang is laid bare.

We have uncovered evidence of Detainees being forced to work in Factories with implications for Australian Companies doing business in the Region.

We also reveal concerning evidence about Australia’s links to China’s Dystopian Surveillance State and the tools used to Racially Profile its own Citizens.

The events unfolding in China are creating heartbreak for Uyghurs in Australia.

They have stayed quiet for fear of provoking the Authorities into punishing their relatives. Now, in desperation they are Breaking their Silence to tell the world what is going on.

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This program features contributions from
Nurmuhammad Majid East Turkistan Australian Association
Adam Turan
Sadam Abudusalamu
Nurgul Sawut Australian Uyghur Association
Prof James Leibold Ethnic policy in China La Trobe University
Dr Darren Byler Anthropologist University of Washington
Almas Nizamidin
Nathan Ruser Satellite Analyst Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Dr Adrian Zenz Independent Researcher
Hayrullah Mai
Gulnur Idreis
Cheng Jingye China’s Ambassador to Australia


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