Eric Zuesse – How the US Regime is Scaring Its Public to Accept Martial Law

How the US Regime is Scaring Its Public to Accept Martial Law

Like with any dictatorship, America’s is based upon censorship (as a consequence of which my articles are virtually banned in the U.S.-and-‘allied’ — or vassal — countries). In a democracy, there is no censorship, because censorship kills even the possibility of democracy. It enables mass-mind-control, which any dictatorship needs in order to exist and to survive. On April 6th, I headlined “How the U.S. Government Is Now Secretly Instituting Martial Law”, and linked to the text of what will be, if it becomes passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by the President as is expected to happen, martial law over all publication, broadcasting, and Websites — all media — in the United States. This expected-to-become law bill in the U.S. Congress states explicitly that it is needed in order to protect America (especially its children) against “foreign adversaries” that explicitly include (but are not limited to) six supposed enemies: China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela. (If you already know all of that, then you probably learned about it on a Website that is already banned.)

In other words: it’s about America going to war against at least those countries, which especially means against Russia and China, because President Biden’s National Security Strategy names Russia and China as being America’s main enemies.

Most of the news-reports that have referred, at all, to this proposed legislation, which is titled the “Restrict Act,” focus upon its supposedly being against the Tik Tok app and Website, though it’s about lots more than that: it’s about instituting in America martial law over all media, and laying the groundwork for a full-fledged U.S. congressional declaration-of-war against China. On April 13th, Alan MacLeod at Mint Press (which is a banned Website) headlined “TIK TOK: CHINESE ‘TROJAN HORSE’ IS RUN BY STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS”, and he opened:

Amid a national hysteria claiming the popular video-sharing app is a Chinese Trojan Horse, a MintPress News investigation has found dozens of ex-U.S. State Department officials working in key positions at Tik Tok. Many more individuals with backgrounds in the FBI, CIA and other departments of the national security state also hold influential posts at the social media giant, affecting the content that over one billion users see.

While American politicians demand the app be banned on national security grounds, try to force through an internet surveillance act that would turn the country into an Orwellian state, make clueless statements about how Tik Tok is dangerous because it connects to your Wi-Fi, it is possible that Tik Tok is already much closer to Washington than it is to Beijing.

One may reasonably presume that former employees of the U.S. State Department, FBI, CIA, and other agencies of the U.S. national-‘security’ state, hold the values of the U.S. empire and are pro-U.S.-imperialism, but why would they be hired now by this Chinese corporation, a subsidiary of China’s ByteDance Corporation, that is supposedly the focus of the proposed Restrict Act (which actually deals with far more than that)?

One possibility is that the Tik Tok corporation is operating under the assumption that those hires are actually psychopaths and care only about their pay. Alternatively, they are thrill-seeking psychopaths, and, in addition, are (as an added inducement to that thrill) getting higher pay from Tik Tok than in their former Government-employment. A third alternative is that Tik Tok corporation is being managed by extraordinarily stupid people. A fourth alternative is what MacLeod hypothesizes: that America and China are just two different parts of “state censorship on a global level”; i,.e., that all billionaires throughout the world are just one team working together to become a global dictatorship, and that the U.S. Government’s propaganda against ‘foreign adversaries’ is merely theater for all of the world’s masses, to control them so as to serve better the interests of all billionaires. (Is China’s Government really participating in, or even tolerating, such treachery, on the part of its billionaires?) MacLeod says:

The influx of State Department officials into Tik Tok’s upper ranks is a consequence of “Project Texas,” an initiative the company began in 2020 in the hopes of avoiding being banned altogether in the United States. During his time in office, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo led the charge to shut the platform down, frequently labeling it a “spying app” and a “propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party.”

It was widely reported that the U.S. government had forced the sale of Tik Tok to Walmart and then Microsoft. But in late 2020, as Project Texas began, those deals mysteriously fell through, and the rhetoric about the dangers of Tik Tok from officials evaporated. [HOWEVER: At least as-of 24 March 2023, the Project Texas proposal, for Texas’s Oracle Corporation to handle TikTok’s cloud computing, which proposal came from Oracle’s owner Larry Ellison, was still being considered in the U.S. Congress. Furthermore, under the proposal, Tik Tok would “store its U.S. users’ information without its Chinese parent ByteDance having access to it, hoping to address U.S. regulatory concerns,” but Ellison’s proposal would then destroy the TikTok cover story for the Restrict Act’s actual purpose, which is to institute martial law. Unfortunately, MacLeod missed some of the important context here.]

Project Texas is a $1.5 billion security operation to move the company’s data to Austin. In doing so, it announced that it was partnering with tech giant Oracle, a corporation that, as MintPress has reported on, is the CIA in all but name.

Openly Pro-Israel Tech Group Now Has Control over UK’s Most Sensitive National Security DataOracle, whose CEO Larry Ellison has troubling ties to Israel, just signed a deal to store the UK’s most sensitive military data. MintPress News — Alan Macleod, Mar 1, 2023

Evidently, Project Texas also secretly included hiring all manner of U.S. national security state personnel to oversee the company’s operations – and not just from the State Department. Rebecca Pober, for instance, moved straight from her post in strategy and policy at the Pentagon to become a U.S. policy manager at Tik Tok.

A number of influential Tik Tok employees are former longtime CIA agents. …

The linked-to article, there, documents that the Jewish billionaire Ellison is rabidly zionist: he evidently places Israel’s interests above any other and uses his billions in order to bribe politicians such as former UK Prime Ministers and a former head of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to serve Israel’s interests. According to that alleged system, the national loyalty even of heads-of-state is up for bid (for example, the Ellison Foundation bankrolls the Tony Blair Institute); and, in that case, it also makes severely dubious Ellison’s self-explanation as what was referenced in the Wikipedia article about him, that “Ellison says that his fondness for Israel is not connected to religious sentiments but rather due to the innovative spirit of Israelis in the technology sector.[12]” Based upon the evidence in MacLeod’s March 1st article, Ellison’s “fondness for Israel” is due to “religious sentiments” instead of to any supposed “innovative spirit of Israelis in the technology sector.”

However, this raises a deeper question: why are not other billionaires, who do not place Israel at the top of their loyalties, funding UK Prime Ministers to place the interests of UK people above the interests of the Jews that back and control the apartheid, clearly racist, nation of Israel? Are there no UK billionaires who place higher the interests of UK residents, than the interests of Israel’s conservative and Orthodox Jews, who control that racist nation? And why are there apparently far fewer if any Jewish billionaires who fund non-racist and anti-racist Jewish politicians in Israel so as to turn Israel into an authentic democracy, no longer the racist theocracy that it is?

MacLeod’s articles (whatever their flaws might be) have raised and documented questions that obviously the individuals who control both the U.S. Government and the UK Government want not to be raised. These are questions that therefore are especially important to be raised by the media in those countries. This displays how heinous the proposed Restrict Act is. About that, there can be no reasonable question.

The author of the Restrict Act is the Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Warner.

On March 26th he was interviewed on CBS TV’s “FACE THE NATION” Sunday propaganda program. Online, the headline was “Warner says White House supports his bill targeting Tik Tok: “One of my bigger fears” is how data is being used by China”. It said:

Sen. Mark Warner, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on Sunday that he believes the White House supports a bill that could potentially allow the Department of Commerce to ban Tik Tok, the popular social video platform that has come under scrutiny by leaders in the United States. 

“I think the White House is very in favor of this bill,” the Democrat from Virginia said during an appearance on “Face the Nation.” He noted that the proposed legislation would give U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo “the tools” to either ban or “force a sale” of the app.

You can see that propaganda there. It pretends that Tik Tok is what his “Restrict Act” is all about. Nowhere in the interview is the bill’s actual focus (just click onto the link to it in my April 6th article to read the bill’s text) so much as even just mentioned. Of course, that’s horrific censorship, but if the bill becomes law, then censorship in America will be even worse than it already is, and a congressional declaration of war against either or both of the two countries that America’s billionaires are especially hungering to control, China and Russia, would be likely, which would mean, sooner if not later, nuclear WW III, the end of civilization if not even the end of all life on this planet. It’s not ONLY about Tik Tok. That’s merely the cover-story. Moreover: the Restrict Act isn’t even really about Tik Tok, at all. Tik Tok is merely a fake excuse to pass what could turn out to be the most dangerous piece of legislation in U.S. history. Ellison happens to be a billionaire who doesn’t want it to pass because its passage would make him significantly less rich than he otherwise will be. However, apparently, far more of America’s billionaires would become richer if it passes. So: it stands likely to become law.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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