Eric Zuesse – How Likely is A Nuclear WWIII, United States versus China?

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How Likely is A Nuclear WWIII, United States versus China?

Whereas US Voters don T want the US Government to go to World War III against Russia over Ukraine, they do want it to go to WWIII against China over Taiwan.

Whereas US Voters don T want the US Government to go to World War III against Russia over Ukraine, they do want it to go to WWIII against China over Taiwan.

A Poll in US, Conducted 1 | 12 | 2022 – 1| 14 | 2022, by the Trafalgar Group, Surveying1081 Respondents” who were Likely General Election Voters” found that 58.1% said “Yes,” and 41.9% said “No,” to “Do you believe the Biden Administration should Use US Military Assets to defend Taiwan if Taiwan is Invaded by China?Far Lower Percentages of Americans Turned Out to be Supportive of Going to War against Russia over Ukraine.

Nancy Pelosi, who leads Democrats in the US House of Representatives, has made Clear that she wants to Visit Taiwan in August, to Encourage Taiwan S Leaders to declare Taiwan S Independence from China, which is Something that the US Government has Never Publicly Supported, and which, Ever Since the 28 February 1972 US China Agreement called the Shanghai Communique, the US Government Publicly and Formally opposed when it Agreed with China to the Promise and Commitment that

The United States Acknowledges that All Chinese on Either Side of the Taiwan Strait Maintain There is but One China and that Taiwan is A Part of China. The United States Government does Not Challenge that Position. It Re Affirms it S Interest in A Peaceful Settlement of the Taiwan Question by the Chinese Them Selves.”

The Residents in Taiwan were Long Favorable to Publicly Acknowledging that Taiwan is A Part of China, but the CIA and other US Government Agencies have Worked for Decades, Not Withstanding the Shanghai Communique and Others to the Contrary of Taiwan S Independence, to Reverse Taiwan S being A Part of China, and to instead Encourage Taiwanese to Fear and Oppose (Even Demonizing) China S Government. These US Government War Mongering Efforts have, by Now, Succeeded Overwhelmingly among the Residents of Taiwan.

Consequently, on 29 March 2005, Taiwan issued The Official Position of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on the People S Republic of China S Anti Secession (Anti Separation) Law, and Publicly Announced, to the World, that Taiwan Rejects that Chinese Law, because “The Law Proclaims thatTaiwan is A Part of China’.”

US President Harry S Truman had Created the CIA in 1947 to Perpetrate Coups and Other Regime Changes so that the US Government could take Control of the World without Necessarily using its Armed Forces for it S Conquests (doing it more by Subversion, and by Hiring Mercenaries, and Bribing Generals). Their First Coup was in 1948 Thailand (then called “Siam“) in Order to Establish A Steady Off The Books Funding Stream for their Bribes and “Special Operations” including Future Coups, and this First Coup relied upon the Fascist (or “Might Makes Right”) Guo Min Dang (GMD) or Kuo Min Tang (KMT) Forces, who had Fled from Mao S Victorious Anti Japanese Forces in Main Land China, onto China S Island of Formosa (whose Japanese Rulers Welcomed China S Fascists) and Formed there the “Republic of China,” as an American Protectorate. The KMT also had an Army that had Fled to Siam; and this Army Crucially Assisted the CIA to Overthrow and Replace Siam S Government in 1948 so as to Establish the CIA S Funding Stream from the International Opium Traffic, which, at that Time, was Centered in Siam. Consequently, the CIA Partnered with the KMT at the Very Start of the CIA.

On 27 June 1950, Truman Announced that the US 7th Fleet would be Protecting Taiwan, so that the US, which was Clearly Hostile to (America S WWII Ally) China, would be Providing National Security Protection to the People on Taiwan. That Policy has been Very Successful toward Conquering China, but only Gradually, and it is Now being brought to the Boiling Point.

If Taiwan makes Any Attempt to Declare Publicly that It is Not A Part of China, then China will Invade It, in Order to Enforce what they have Always Consistently Asserted about Taiwan (that It is A Part of China). Then, the US Government will say that China S Invasion is Not A Peaceful Settlement of the Taiwan Question by the Chinese Them Selves,” and will Go to War against China, and will Blame China S Government, for this War that the US Government has Actually been Preparing (Setting Up) for Decades.

Starting Only Late in the 20th Century did the US Government begin to Press More Firmly to Break Off Taiwan from China. Consequently, Taiwan S National Chengchi University Instituted in 1994 Annual Polling on A Number of Policy Options regarding the Way Forward regarding Taiwan S Status. At That Time, the Most Popular Option, Supported by 38.5% of Residents, was “Maintain Status Quo, Decide at Later Date.” A Different Policy Option, “Maintain Status Quo, Move toward Independence,” was Supported by Only 8.0%. However, as of June 2022, those Two Percentages have become Virtually Tied at Around 28.5% for Each, which are thus Now Tied as being the Top Two Policy Choices. So, Apparently, This could be the Time to Strike.

Perhaps Pelosi is Hoping to Move the Needle A Bit More America S Way by Flying into Taiwan Now, under A US Armada, and so Provoking War against China, on the Part Both of Taiwan and America. It would Bond Americans and Taiwanese to the Same Fate. And A US Military Victory against China would Do Much for Democrats Fortunes in This Year S Off Elections. By Contrast, a US Defeat wouldn T Much Change the Two Parties Political Prospects, because Neither Party could then be Bragging aboutOur Victory’.

On July 29th, the Republican US Senator Marsha Blackburn HeadlinedBlackburn, Colleagues Introduce Legislation Authorizing Defense Lend Lease with Taiwan” and Announced

US Senator Marsha Blackburn (Repblican, Tennessee), Senator Rick Scott (Republican, Florida), and Representative Michelle Steel (Republican, California) introduced the Taiwan Democracy Defense Lend Lease Act. This Legislation will Support the United States Partnership with Taiwan by Authorizing A Defense Lend or Lease Program with the Government of Taiwan. ()
“Taiwan is Our Greatest Partner in the Indo Pacific Region, and Their Continued Sovereignty is Essential to Challenging the New Axis of Evil,” said Senator Blackburn. ()
“The Introduction of this Bill comes Just Days after the People of Taiwan had to Participate in More Air Raid Drills in the Event of an Attack from the Chinese Communist Party. ()

In this Virtually 100% Neo Conservative (id est, Fascist Imperialist) Congress, it could Pass Overwhelmingly. Neo Conservatism is Practically Unanimous There.

The US Government has been Gradually Building toward this Boiling Point, Ever Since at Least 27 June 1950. Perhaps this will Turn Out to be the Pay Off Time, After All Those Decades of Subversion, Bribery, et cetera. It seems to be the Right Time, because the US Government is Now More Determined than Ever to Establish China as being yet Another Colony, or ‘Ally’, and Nothing would reassert US Global Hegemony More than Breaking Off APiece of China would. It D be the Strongest Assertion Yet, of the US Government SRules Based International Order,” in which the US Government makes the InternationalRules,” instead of the UN making the International “Laws.” That S What is Really the Point of All This, Extending America S Hegemony to Encompass Every Nation, Eliminate AllCompetition.” America S Government has been Preparing for Such an Opportunity, Ever Since, Really, 25 July 1945. This could be the Biggest Pay Off, Yet, from It, if It Happens. But taking this Path could also spark WWIII. The US Public seem to Accept that Risk, Not WWIII to keep Ukraine, but WWIII to win Taiwan. Americans have been Skillfully primed for it.

Even America S Progressives’ apparently accept the risk. They ‘Debate’ iTt. There are Idiots (and Deceivers) of All IdeologicaluTypes.

As regards the Island S History, and the Key Historical Question, of Whether the Allegation is True “that ‘Taiwan is A Part of China’,” here S A Summary about this History. Taiwan (Formosa) was Started when the Japanese Empire was Forced to Give Up Control over the Chinese Island Formosa. Truman backed the Fascist Guo Min Dang (GMD) or Kuo Min Tang (KMT) Forces who had Fled from Mao Zedong S Victorious Anti Japanese Forces in Main u China, onto China S Island of Formosa and Formed There theRepublic of China,” as being an American Protectorate. It Subsequently came to be called “Taiwan” (which even Japanese Historians Acknowledge to be A Chinese Name for the island) but Called It Self Officially theRepublic of China,’ and NOT the “Republic of Taiwan.” So, Even by the Official and Self Chosen Designation of Republic of China,” Anyone Who denies that It is A Part of China and is “Chinese,” is Simply, and Boldly, Lying, because Even the KMT (or GMD) Said It Was. The US Side (Now Replacing the Japanese Side as the Post WWII, Fascist, Overlords of Taiwan) had Lost the Civil War in China, but, Ever Since, the US Government has been Protecting the Losing Side in China S Civil War, who Holed Up in what is Actually China S Province of Formosa or Taiwan. If and When China Finally takes Back Control of It, the PlaceuName might Revert toFormosa,” or toThe Province of Formosa,” so as to Signify that China, Not Japan, Won WWII. None of this Fascism in Post WWII Asia would have Occurred, At All, if FDR instead of Truman had been America S President after WWII. Truman was A Fascist Imperialist, but FDR was Intensely AGAINST Both Fascism and Imperialism. Anti Communism was Merely the Excuse that the Post WWII Fascist Imperialists gave, for Their Fascist Imperialism America S Coups, Invasions, Subversions, et cetera., to Conquer the World), So as to Fool their Publics into Believing They Live in ADemocracy’.

If there will be A WWIII, it will be because of Truman S Reversal of Franklin Delano Roosvelt S Foreign Policies, and NOT because of his Continuing Those Policies (which he didn T do, though ManyHistorianssay he did). The Turning Point, Away from FDR S Foreign Policies, was on 25 July 1945. That S what got this Snowball Rolling Down This Fascist Imperialist Mountain Side of the World S History, Since Then. It S What Caused Truman Quickly to Replace all of FDR S Foreign Policy Team. Truman was the Catastrophe, Not the Continuation. However, the US Congress, at that Time, was Even Worse. It Still Is. FDR was the Anomaly. So was Abraham Lincoln, in His Time. So were the Majority at the US Constitutional Convention, who Collectively wrote the Anti Imperialist US Constitution, which has Since become Just A Piece of Paper. The Aristocratic Flood which has Followed after Them could Now Wash Way All They had Achieved, and Leave Only an Ocean of Blood Behind.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse S Next Book (Soon to be Published) will be AMERICA S EMPIRE OF EVIL Hitler SPosthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change. It S about How America took over the World after World War II in Order to Enslave it to US and Allied Billionaires. Their Cartels Extract the World S Wealth by Control of Not Only TheirNewsMedia but the Social ‘Sciences’, Duping the Public.

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