Eric Zuesse – COP26 Was Doomed Even Before It Began + Liberals’ Fraudulent ‘Environmentalism’

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COP26 Was Doomed Even Before It Began

COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, measured its Achievements according to the Aspirations that were established by the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which was planned to be only a Public Relations Tool to fool the Public into believing that the Developed World’s Leaders are serious about Climate Change. US President Barack Obama had demanded that there be No Penalties in that Agreement, and therefore the Existing Advanced Industrial Economies, which have produced Almost All of the Greenhouse Gases that are already in our Atmosphere, would be throwing Stones of Criticism, from their Glass Houses, aimed against the Developing Countries, by criticizing the Latter (the Poorer Countries) for trying to catch up to them in Per Capita GDP, in an Era when for those Developing Countries to do that (and burn Fossil Fuels such as America had done) would doom this Planet.

As the Washington Post has pointed out, “The World has Just 11 Years of Burning Carbon at the Current Rate if Humanity hopes to have a Chance of Avoiding Catastrophic Climate Change.”

All of the Talk about Green Technology” being able to save the Planet assumes Time Lines Vastly Lengthier than just 11 Years. Anyone who brings More Children into the World Now is merely amplifying the Amount of Human Misery in a Dying World; and Other Species are already dying off in rapidly Escalating Numbers of Species, already vastly Accelerating Numbers of them. The rapid Loss of Species we are seeing today is estimated by Experts to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the ‘Background’ or expected natural extinction rate (a highly conservative estimate).

This did not need to be happening. The entire ‘EnvironmentalMovement has been Corralled and Controlled by Money from the Investors in Fossil Fuels Extraction Firms such as ExxonMobil, so as to extend as long as possible the Success fo those Investments. They are slow walking the Planet to Death. Those People know that the only way to defeat Global Warming would be to outlaw Purchases of Stocks and Bonds in those Firms – it would quickly drive down the Market Values of those Firms, the Value of the Investments that those Individuals own. Those Firms would then lay off their Teams of Employees who search for yet Additional Fossil Fuels Reserves to add still further to their Already Existing Vastly Excessive Fossil Fuel Reserves. Even so, the Existing Supplies are already far more than enough to destroy All Life on Earth if they are Extracted, Sold, and Burned.

Those Investors have kept their Gravy Train speeding toward a Planetary End that will come only after they have died. If they don’t care about the World that will exist after their Own Deaths, then they are pursuing exactly the Policies that will serve their Priorities.

The Only People who will lose by Outlawing Purchases of Stocks and Bonds of Fossil Fuel Rxtraction Firms are those Investors, but All Other People – and All Animal-Species – will enormously benefit from such a Policy. If Outlawing Purchases of those Stocks and Bonds were to start today, even in only a Single Major Country, it probably still wouldn’t be soon Enough to Salvage This Planet, but it might be Enough, and the Existing, Fake Environmental, Policies, certainly are not, and cannot even possibly be able to Salvage The Planet. It’s definitely Worth a Try, since it’s the Only Way that Our Planet Might Even Possibly Be Saved. However, its having been held off so long a time already is an Indication that the Political Systems Are Phenomenally Corrupt; and, so, This Policy is Not Likely to be even Tried Soon Enough to avert our Planet’s Becoming Unlivable, like Mars. But a Chance is better than No Chance at All. Only Corruption Prevents It from Being Tried.

Liberals’ Fraudulent ‘Environmentalism

The Progressive Investigative Journalist, Julia Rock, at The Daily Poster, Opined on November 15th, The Most Effective Tool that Governments have to Limit Carbon Emissions is to Make it More Difficult to Finance Fossil Fuel Development.” That’s a Viewpoint which I had Documented To Be True – and Explained How it Could Easily Be Implemented – in my July 25th Article, The Only Way to Stop Global Warming. But when I had Submitted that Article to The Daily Poster, they Failed to PublishI It. When Julia Rock Merely Buried in Her November 15th Article the Line, “The Most Effective Tool That Governments Have To Limit Carbon Emissions is to Make It More Difficult to Finance Fossil Fuel Development” (and Failed there To Provide Any Development of the Idea), that was Acceptable for a MainStreamNewsMedium to publish, but the Core Fact, that The ONLY Way to stop Global Warming (If it Still CAN Be Stopped) is to Ban the Purchases of Stocks and Bonds in Fossil Fuel Extraction Companies, is, Itself Banned in theNewsMedia.

All of the ‘Environmental MovementParticipates in this Ban. Thus, the Most Crucial Fact of All About Global Warming is a Secret: that the ONLY Way to Stop Global Warming -If It Still CAN Be Stopped – is To Outlaw Purchases of Stocks and Bonds in Fossil Fuels Extraction Companies (as I Documented There).

The Public are Confused about Global Warming because the Crucial FACT is Censored Out; the ‘NewsMedia are Prohibited by the Billionaires Who Control All of our Major Media, the Public are Confused so as To Misunderstand What CAUSES Society to Continue its Buildup to our Poducing a Dead Planet (like Mars). Consumers ar Not To Blame for It but Billionaires say they should ‘Buy Green’ – as if Consumers are the Cause of the Problem, or have any Effective Control over It:The Billionaires who Profit from It are To Blame for It, and they Not Only Own Controlling Interests in Firms such as ExxonMobil, but they ALSO Own and Control All of the MainStream ‘News’ Media.

It’s All Explained in My July 25th News Article, The Only Way to Stop Global Warming. And that is the Reason Why No MainsSream Medium Published it, though it had been Submitted To Over 200 of Them.

On the One Side are the Liberals, who are Fooled by the Liberal Billionaires; and On the Other Side are the Conservatives, who are Fooled by the Conservative Billionaires. And this is How We Have Extremely Effective Censorship of the Core Truths, a Censorship by All of the Billionaires – Who Profit from This.

The ONLY People who Stand to Gain by the Government’s NOT Outlawing the Purchase of Stocks and Bonds in Fossil Fuels Rxtraction Firms are the People Who Own Those Stocks and Bonds; and, Overwhelmingly, they are the Billionaires and Centi Millionaires. Everyone Else – and All Future Generations – suffer from this. But that “Everyone Elseand All Future Generations” have No Power, because we Really Live in a Dictatorship, by the Billionaires.

And this also explains Why COP26 was Doomed Even Before it Began, and why the Paris Climate Agreement is Pure Public Relations – a Fraud. None of these Core Facts is Publishable in ANY MainStreamNewsMedium, because they’re All Owned and Controlled by the Beneficiaries of the Existing Corrupt Economy.

The Censors (the Editors, Media Management) represent the Regime (the Billionaires) – NOT the Public.

Investigative Historian Eric Zuesse is the Author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic versus Republican Economic Records, 1910 – 2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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