Eric Dubay – Worldwide Lockdown Over the Common Cold⁉️

Gepubliceerd op 1 apr. 2020

Corona Virus, listed in old encyclopedias as the common cold, is admittedly one of the weakest viruses known to man, and a common product of respiratory disease, found in 7-15% of patients. Respiratory illnesses, in fact, kill over 3 5 million people every year, yet the entire World has just been locked down, businesses shut, curfews and checkpoints instituted, with Military on the streets, over an old, common virus, that has to date killed only 40,000 people. The following video shows how this egregious excuse of an overreaction has been a PLANdemic from the start, to benefit an elite few at the expense of everyone else. Please download and share this video before it gets censored or banned like half the links in my last CV video.


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