Dow98 – Jesse Waters AKA JFK Jr outs Q, Epstein Island and the Great Awakening | It’s Happening!

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Jesse Waters AKA JFK Jr outs Q, Epstein Island and the Great Awakening | It’s Happening!

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Jesse Waters AKA JFK Jr outs Q, Epstein Island and The Great Awakening | It’s Happening!

Oh my word, I’m working on another blog that I threw into drafts so I could share this blog and video with you. Sweet baby Jesus our prayers have been answered. AGAIN!

DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO This is it folks. Jesse Waters, aka JFK Jr. outs Q, Epstein, Epstein Island and the Great Awakening – it’s happening! This is a very exciting time for all of us and it appears Q is a great foundation to get your news from as we all continue learning together.

Jesse Waters AKA JFK Jr outs Q, Epstein Island and the Great Awakening

Published November 25, 2021

Life According To Marz, Story at 6

In Jesse’s video he shares Trump outing Hillary for “it takes a village” says she should know she took them in Haiti. We can expect an upcoming Hillary Series on Hulu coming out in March. OMG the people are going to learn the truth regardless of their “feelings”. They mention Seth Rich murder, he was 27 the age he was “murdered”. JFK = 27. Sidney Powell says the Weiner video is bad, it’s really bad. Seasoned detectives had to go throw up, there have been many suicides?? Jesse also included a special shout out to digital soldiers Praying Medic and Jordan Sather, along with a well deserved nod from General Mike Flynn to all digital soldiers. All you need to do is share information. We knew this day would come. Buckle up, hold the line this is getting really good.

Don’t miss Dave’s latest episode from X22 Report Episode included in this blog!

Mind the Date and Time Stamps!

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The truth always prevails, the people have the power, sit back and enjoy the show.”
Jesse Waters

Jesse Waters aka JFK Jr. Outs Q | The Great Awakening | Epstein | OMG This is it!

14.37 glorious minutes folks. That’s a 15 = 555 = From Dark To LightI only recently found out from Michael Protzman that JFK Jr. played Jesse Waters.

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The United States of America, is on the verge of war. Knowing About This Coming Apocalypse Is The Key To Your Family’s Survival And It’s Only Revealed In This Presentation All Americans Will Lose Their Home, Income And Power By March 17, 2022
So pay chose attention because this video will change your life forever for the good!

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Episode (2635b) The Key And Stone Is How We Take Back The Country, Strategic Military Planning

Published November 23, 2021

In my most recent JFK Jr is alive and master of disguise blog I mentioned a report from X22 Report and suggested Dave is a solid reporter we highly recommend. He never loses his cool or gets overly excited, he never reports on JFK Jr “stuff”. BOOM

X22 Report = 27 – 22 = 1111

Dave states Mike Lindell and John Durham are working with the military! Dave also talks about Trump needing the power of the people and he has it. Dave mentions the people do not need to be fully awake, they need to be at least asking questions at this point, and they finally are. They are about to get their answers!

🔥 58 Years = Time We See the Truth



Didn’t Joe Biden just call himself 58 Years Old? 13 Bloodlines anyone? How Many Years since Kennedy’s Assassination? 58! Time we Finally See the Truth.

The Alek J Hidell identity?


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Ricky looks “Tired”, Very Tired and Worn Out

Bless Their Hearts: QAnon Faithful are Back in Dealey Plaza Waiting for JFK Jr To Declare Trump the True President

233 = Michael Protzman Face Mask

233 = John Fitzgerald Kennedy

233 = Greatest Translator

233 = Follow The White Rabbit

233 = Gift Of Prophecy Is Real

233 = Timing Is Everything

233 = Shane Alexander Browning

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QAnon Supporters Pack Site Of JFK Assassination In Hopes JFK Jr = (And Maybe His Dad) Will Return


Scores of QAnon Conspiracy Theorists converged in Dallas on Monday under the Delusion that John F. Kennedy Jr, who died in 1999 and has been hailed as a Saviour by Many in the Movement, would somehow return on the Anniversary of his Father’s Assassination – setting themselves up for Another Letdown after Weeks of Waiting for JFK Jr. to return and usher in a New Trump Presidency.

Keeping the Faith! QAnon Followers suffer ANOTHER JFK Jr No Show at Dealey Plaza

More than 100 Diehard Conspiracy Theorists are Left Disappointed after Prophecy falls flat for a second time.

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The Matrix is a Documentary, Folks, it is the Great Awakening and Q, We are all Q.mWe are all Gods and Part of One Consciousness, so Family Really is Everything

Free Will is Essential: This is what Q Meant by the Choice to know will be Yours

ICYMI – JFK Jr Has Been Very Busy From My Last Blog!

Message From Our Real Vice President: JFK JR Blog and Podcast

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Tiffany Blue Transition To Greatness = 1876

The Storm Is Upon Us Hidden Messageclick = 1876

God Is On Earth Quentin Still Cant See It = 1876

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming Nothing = 1876

The Expansion Of Light Over All Darkness = 1876

He Destroys The Wicked = 1876

Come Play With Us = 1876

Global Reserve Currency = 1876

Speaking of Slave Ships Harvesting Human

Watch Dark City For Free.

Story about Aliens erasing humans memories, implanting programs and keeping them trapped in a Dark City halting time whenever they please and the humans have no idea. One man is immune to their “Power”. Flick is average but the story line is fascinating.

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From the Hill – guess she couldn’t find a more recent photo from the grave. I was going to add some gruesome photos of the “elite” serving roasted stuff human beings just like the turkey. Fingers and toes capped off so they don’t burn. I kid you not. I’ll keep it tame and include the Norman Rockwell painting, can you find the child’s head?

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Has your Family been affected by QAnon, Online Extremism or Conspiracies? 😂

Let’s all go submit ridiculous, fake stories and see what we can get these idiots to print 😂

If you have a friend or family member who has fallen down an online rabbit hole, The Dallas Morning News is interested in telling your story.

How to Talk to QAnon Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

Slap on and watch election fraud I say!

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Mike Lindell Just Put Out Important 82 Page Complaint

Mike Lindell announces election lawsuit will be brought to Supreme Court on November 23

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced that multiple state attorneys general will bring an election fraud lawsuit before the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 23. Lindell told RSBN in September that he planned to bring the case before the nation’s highest court by Thanksgiving.

Don’t miss Lindell 96 hour THANK A THON and 82 page complaint!

82 = 10 = 5.5 = Loud and Clear

96 = 15 = 555

555 = From Dark To Light

555 = God In Human Form

555 = Demon Mind Control

555 = Christmas Time

555 = Prison Planet

555 = I Think Free Agents I Am

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Two States Find Ballot Mischief.”
President Trump

Madonna POLL: Has Madonna’s Latest Reinvention Gone Too Far?

Before It’s News, Thursday, November 25, 2021, 19:53

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