Cor Hendriks – Qanon (11): Happy Q-Year! Wat heeft 2019 in petto?

Q heeft sinds 23 december geen drops meer gepleegd op het board, overeenkomstig de aangekondigde 10 dagen duisternis. Dat weerhoudt natuurlijk de volgers van Q niet om door te gaan met het produceren van hun video’s. Sommigen wagen zich ook aan een voorspelling voor het komende jaar. Om aan te sluiten bij de aflevering van 3 januari van Linda Paris van McAllisterTV (zie is hier haar video voor 1 januari met enige voorspellingen voor 2019, zie (53:13) ‘WHO’S IN GITMO NOW? VOTER FRAUD TRAP! BUSH FUNERAL WARRANTS? 2019 BUZZ!’ Van McAllisterTV, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (96.316 v; 1.926 r). Tekst: ‘WHAT’S ALL THE BUZZ YA’LL? HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! The info graphic about the Voter Fraud Trap was found on the Mega Meme Server and most likely the result of Anons, putting the Q Posts together with other clues, and coming up with what they believe to be the truth… and then OTHER Anons adding to it… etc.’

Een andere Q-volger is Craig Mason, die zijn voorspellingen van vorig jaar evalueert en nieuwe geeft in de video (11:35) ‘Happy New Year! 2019 Predictions, & 2018 Predictions Revisted’ van Craig Mason’s Reasonable Conversation Channel, gepubliceerd op 30 dec. 2018 (7.813 v; 163 r). Tekst: ‘Happy New Year, y’all. I hope you’ve had a glorious 2018 and are looking forward to an even more glorious 2019.’

Nog een Q-volger is Lori Colley, zie (18:02) ‘Five reasons to expect a glorious 2019’ van Lori Colley, gepubliceerd op 2 jan. 2019 (5.058 v; 121 r). Tekst: ‘There’s lots to be concerned about, but there are many reasons to rejoice. The truth is a stubborn thing, hallelujah!’

Ook een Q-volger is de psychic Utsava, zie haar video (30:24) ‘Psychic Utsava’s 2019 predictions-Revolution-Reset-Tribunals-Economic crash’ van Utsava Psychic Medium, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (36.616 v; 544 r). Tekst: ‘Psychic Utsava is worldwide famous for highly accurate future predictions and prophecies. She has predicted the earthquake and Vulcanic eruption in 2018 on the West coast in the USA, Trump victory, the prosecution of Obama and Hillary Clinton with exact time lines, many world events and even terrorist attacks. Learn what will happen in 2019-You will be amazed!’

Release of FISA Docs (Ben Garrison)

Release of FISA Docs (Ben Garrison)

Ook door anderen worden voorspellingen gedaan, zoals (19:33) ‘2019 – The Year It All Falls Apart’ van William Mount, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (36.080 v; 418 r). Hij liet dit volgen door de video (18:05) ‘2019 – Economic Collapse, Reset and Tribunals –‘ van William Mount, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (30.682 v; 420 r).

Zie ook (17:21) ‘Our World in 2019: PROPHETIC EVENTS!’ Van Jason A, gepubliceerd op 29 dec. 2018 (142.872 v; 2.083 r).

Sommigen geven geen voorspellingen maar waarschuwingen, zoals Lisa Haven, zie haar video (13:56) ‘13 Hellish Events Set To Change Your 2019…’ van Lisa Haven, gepubliceerd op 29 dec. 2018 (65.217 v; 914 r). Een andere video van haar is (9:05) ‘BANG! It’s 2019 & Then This Happens…We WILL Be Heading Into EXTREMELY Turbulent Territory’ van Lisa Haven, gepubliceerd op 2 jan. 2019 (14.774 v; 437 r) evenals (12:20) ‘Radiation Genocide Set To Initiate in 2019… Tens Of Millions Will “Pay A Price”’ van Lisa Haven, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (50.858 v; 763 r).

HeydonMusicpage – TRUM/”THE TIDE HAS TURNED”/To rebel against the Lords Anointed?You Rebel against GOD/TT/Q

Gepubliceerd op 2 jan. 2019

#Obama #Hillary #TRUMP #WALKAWAY
TRUMP /”THE TIDE HAS TURNED”/To rebel against the Lords Anointed?You Rebel against GOD/TT/Q

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Voor meer van HeydonMusicpage, zie (19:11) ‘TRUMP /”THE TIDE HAS TURNED”/To rebel against the Lords Anointed?You Rebel against GOD/TT/Q’ van HeydonMusicpage, gepubliceerd op 2 jan. 2019 (1.694 v; 28 r).

Trump wordt op FOX gevraagd naar zijn mening voor 2019, zie (9:29) ‘Trump on his hopes and goals for the new year’ van Fox News, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (106.621 v; 1.810 r). Tekst: ‘Pete Hegseth talks with President Donald Trump about what to expect from the partial government shutdown and the fight for border wall funding in 2019.’

De conservatieve commentator Ben Shapiro, die behoorlijk kritisch op Trump is, geeft zijn kijk op 2019 in de video (59:17) ‘The Year Of The Wokescold | Ep. 686’ van Ben Shapiro, gepubliceerd op 2 jan. 2019 (53.037 v; 566 r). Tekst: ‘President Trump has himself a merry little Christmas, Elizabeth Warren sends up smoke signals on a presidential run, and Louis CK gets clobbered by the social justice warriors.’ [Wokescold wordt uitgelegd vanaf 42:00-49:30.] Meer van Ben Shapiro over Trump versus de Dems, zie (52:46) ‘Chaos Theory | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 687’ van The Daily Wire, gepubliceerd op 3 jan. 2019 (111.419 v; 762 r). Tekst: ‘President Trump does an epically chaotic presser, Democrats keep on pushing against wall funding, and internecine warfare breaks out in both parties.’

Trump Twitter - Sanctions are coming

Trump Twitter – Sanctions are coming

Michael Moore is een van grootste Anti-Trumpers, zie hier een interview met hem over 2019: (11:20) ‘Michael Moore On How 2019 Could Be Even Crazier Than 2018 | All In | MSNBC’ van MSNBC, gepubliceerd op 28 dec. 2018 (481.374 v; 2.069 r). Tekst: ‘Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore says the thing he’s most looking forward to in 2019 is “as many members of the Trump family in orange jumpsuits as possible.”’ Zie

Niet iedere Christen is overtuigd van de waarheid van Q, zie de video (22:10) ‘Q Deception and Martial Law’ van JESUSisLORD, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (1.807 v; 62 r). Tekst: ‘Here is my video on coming martial law and FLEEING from the buses: “”AVOID THE BUSES!” Be ready to FLEE!! Martial Law Troop Extermination! Spiritual Attacks!”’

Ook zijn er die menen dat Trump de boel voor de gek houdt, zie (7:39) ‘Donald Trump – Expect the Worst in 2019 (RFID CHIPS) Border Wall to Lock Americans in!!’ Van PayDroV, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (48.921 v; 796 r). Tekst: ‘Expect RFID CHIPS in 2019, Martial Law, and Dictatorship, New World Order is in Progress, Border Wal to keep Americans inside when shit hits the fan!’

Gelukkig zijn er veel mensen, die in Q geloven, zoals Cirstenw, die een prachtige Q op haar jurk heeft aangebracht en trots toont in de video (13:03) ‘Happy Q Year, John Brennan was indicted Dec 27th..15000 illegals Caravan coming from Honduras,TheWall’ van cirstenw, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (6.144 v; 264 r). Tekst: ‘The Govt Shutdown to The Wall to 15000 Illegals on their way. John Brennan is exposed as the Head of the Deep State that also created the Russian Collusion Hoax and pushed the Dirty Dossier with NoName McCain…the CIA is linked to everything Evil…GunRunning,DrugTrafficking, Human Trafficking……..May the Military Tribunals start ASAP.’

Sanctions are coming (X22report 1756b)

Sanctions are coming (X22report 1756b)

Veel vrouwen wagen zich aan ‘psychic predictions’ zoals (20:50) ‘2019 Predictions!’ Van Focus Sessions, Lynn, gepubliceerd op 26 dec. 2018 (17.520 v; 48 r). Of (25:48) ‘2019 YEARLY PREDICTION– This year is gonna be a BIG one’ van Houseof Starres, gepubliceerd op 23 dec. 2018 (8.346 v; 37 r). Zie ook de video (20:50) ‘2019 Predictions’ van Amanda Shertzer, gepubliceerd op 3 dec. 2018 (12.557 v; 63 r). En (6:13) ‘Psychic Predictions 2019’ van Rebecca Watson, gepubliceerd op 30 dec. 2018 (5.300 v; 50 r).

Zie ook (32:34) ‘2019 Predictions | Jessica Alstrom’ van Jessica Alstrom, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (1.764 v; 16 r). Tekst: ‘2019 Predictions: it is going to be a wild year of unmasking. The truth of who you are will be exposed. The real you will rise from the ashes and your wings will be pushing you to the edge of the cliff to surrender to your flight. You will be purging tons of emotions this year. You will be learning about new money systems and re medicine not from books but from use. The corruption that needs breaking down will be and in the change will feel uncomfortable but so much more free. You will move into your truth and take the stage through demonstration your example. Shed your shame and guilt and allow the worthiness within to resurrect. Bitcoin will increase in value but not through the normal economy. The earth will continue to go through it’s shaking and purge through weather.’

Zie ook (18:46) ‘Forecast for 2019 (World Predictions) – Teal Swan’ van Teal Swan, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (72.332 v; 638 r). Tekst: ‘In this prediction and forecast for the world in the new year 2019, Teal Swan explains how this coming year will be all about finding your stride. 2018 prediction and forecast was about stability and how everything in our lives that was unstable would break apart and fall away. Now it’s time to use that stability for 2019 and step into your integrity for making strides in your life coming ahead. The future prediction for 2019. (Teal Swan is a revolutionary for personal transformation and is ranked 27th on The Watkins Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2018. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self-development and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.)’ (33:54) ‘2019 PREDICTIONS By Psychic Debbie Griggs’ van psychic debbie griggs, gepubliceerd op 28 dec. 2018 (59.485 v; 297 r). Tekst: ‘Psychic Debbie Griggs will give you her 2019 Predictions of weather, earthquakes, economy, travel, health and much more, 17 of Psychic Debbie’s prediction came true from her 2018 video. see what is happening around the corner.’

Ladies toasting the New World Order

Ladies toasting the New World Order (38:12) ‘2019 World Psychic Predictions – See What the Future Holds!’ Van Julie Mckenzie – Spiritual Life Styler, gepubliceerd op 23 dec. 2018 (165.626 v; 502 r). Tekst: ‘Julie McKenzie will shock you with her 2019 World Predictions ** Covering all things Trump, Brexit, USA, Russia, China, Australia, Apple, Facebook as well as Natural Disasters, World Events, Finance, Future Technology, Celebrity and so much more! ** She was very accurate with her 2018 Predictions.’ [Australië]–2wiy0KDM (24:20) ‘2019 PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS BY CHERYL LYNN PART 1’ van Cheryl Lynn, gepubliceerd op 5 jan. 2018 (124.997 v). (22:50) ‘2019 PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS BY CHERYL LYNN PART 2’ van Cheryl Lynn, gepubliceerd op 5 jan. 2018 (60.682 v). (17:49) ‘2019 Psychic Predictions With Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen’ van Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen, gepubliceerd op 12 dec. 2018 (172.659 v; 699 r). Tekst: ‘Here are my psychic predictions for 2019. I talk about Donald Trump, taxes, California earthquakes, technology, AI robots, and brain issues with statin drugs.’

Merkel blijft preken voor de New World Order

Merkel blijft preken voor de New World Order (8:58) ‘2019 Predictions (Psychic Violetta)’ van Psychic Violetta, gepubliceerd op 21 dec. 2018 (44.024 v; 378 r). Tekst: ‘Join Psychic Violetta as she looks into the upcoming year (2019). 0:30 What great discovery in Space Exploration will there be in the upcoming year? 1:27 What great medical breakthrough will there be in the upcoming year? 2:30 What important political events will be occurring at the time of the annular solar eclipse on December 26th 2019? 3:53 Will there be a great earthquake effecting any part of the east or west coast of North America in the upcoming year? 5:07 Will there be a strong spiritual awakening in 2019? 6:56 Will there be a new hippie movement beginning in 2019? 8:39 Contest Announcement – Free Psychic Reading.’

Hier is nog een positieve video over 2019, zie (10:16) ‘2019 Predictions Life Path Potentials’ van Kendra Divine Purpose, gepubliceerd op 2 jan. 2019 (90 v; 0 r). Tekst: ‘Are you hoping 2019 is brighter than 2018 was? Here’s my perspective. Don’t wait for the New Year, transform your life today! How high is the emotional price your paying putting off your health and happiness until tomorrow? Isn’t it about time you took care of your needs, besides who is going to take care of all of your responsibilities if you were to get sick or if something happens to you? Are you tired of living a mediocre unfulfilling life? Do you feel like something is missing or feel like you have to wait until tomorrow to be truly happy and fulfilled in your life? Are you struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life? Are you stuck in unhealthy relationships? Have you experienced trauma in your life? Are you experiencing pain, chronic fatigue, depression, or any kind of chronic illness? Are you struggling to get out of bed feeling like every new day is like your living groundhog day? Are you having trouble in relationships and really wanting to just connect deeply with someone but your losing hope that it exists for you? A different job… a different spouse… Being able to drink more… Eat more… Going on more vacations…. Most of us think a better life is about creating something different in our life. But how many times have you changed the THINGS in your life and found that life wasn’t better… it was just DIFFERENT. That’s because having a better life-one that makes you excited about waking up every single day-doesn’t start by changing what’s around you. Having a better life starts with having better EMOTIONS. I know that I can help you heal and live a purposeful life. Contact me to capitalize on this amazing energy we have available to us at this time to heal and clear the negative imprints at a core level.’

Mannelijke ‘psychics’ zijn veel zeldzamer, maar ik vond twee video’s van The Psychic Channel, zie (10:16) ‘2018 – 2019 psychic predictions’ van The Psychic Channel, gepubliceerd op 4 sep. 2018 (19.888 v; 35 r) en (23:47) ‘psychic outlook extended for 2018 – 2019’ van The Psychic Channel, gepubliceerd op 1 okt. 2018 (6.115 v; 39 r).

Uninstalling Deep State (SpaceShot76 29-9-18)

Uninstalling Deep State (SpaceShot76 29-9-18)

Uiteraard zijn er ook mensen, die in Nostradamus geloven of zich bezig houden met zijn voorspellingen. Hier zijn enige video’s, die zich op 2019 concentreren: (21:57) ‘Prophecies & Predictions for 2019 – Nostradamus, Mark Taylor, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga’ van Edge of Wonder, 16 uur geleden in première gegaan (65.663 v; 878 r). Tekst: ‘2019 has finally arrived and what better way to kick off the #newyear than seeing what predictions and prophecies were made by prophets from the past and present. On this episode we’ll talk about some predictions by names such as Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, Ingersoll Lockwood, Edgar Cayce, and Mark Taylor who have all gotten things right so far and predictions that said may happen in the near future mainly this year of 2019. Is Venus going to bring us a new form of energy? Will communism fall in China and bring about a new spiritual awareness to its people? Will Trump bring back the gold standard to our dollar? Or will the mainstream media all go bankrupt?’ (14:51) ‘Top 9 Nostradamus predictions for 2019’ van The Truth can change Your life, gepubliceerd op 8 dec. 2018 (886.919 v; 774 r). (14:59) ‘2019 Predictions according to Nostradamus – my 2018 had 95% hit rate’ van The Mysterydecoder, gepubliceerd op 8 dec. 2018 (141.580 v; 227 r). Tekst: ‘You may not know, but our 2018 prediction has a 9.5 out of 10 hit rate. Let me show you what we said about 2018, and how that was more spot on.’ (11:59) ‘2019 – The beginning of the end according to Nostradamus’ van The Mysterydecoder, gepubliceerd op 11 dec. 2018 (71.308 v; 154 r). Tekst: ‘People think Nostradamus is vague. I mean people who don’t understand his quatrain. For us, his warning is clear as water, and now let me show you why 2019 is the beginning of the end. Doomsday is near’.
Van hetzelfde kanaal is ook een voorspelling, los van Nostradamus en zonder psychische krachten, zie (11:49) ‘2019 Predictions’ van The Mysterydecoder, gepubliceerd op 28 dec. 2018 (9.217 v; 28 r). Tekst: ‘You don’t need to be a psychic to see what’s coming. Let’s take a look of what will soon be upon us.’

Een psychic, die met Nostradamus werkt, is de video (9:33) ‘Donald Trump Psychic Predictions | Nostradamus, Reincarnation and more…’ van Craig Hamilton-Parker, gepubliceerd op 7 dec. 2018 (131.123 v; 548 r). Tekst: ‘Celebrity Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker gives his predictions about Donald Trump. We look at Donald Trump and Nostradamus and what Nostradamus says about Donald Trump. Will Trump be impeached? Will Trump have a second term in office. The celebrity psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker who predicted Trump’s election and Brexit gives his views about Donald Trump’s future. You can read about the fascinating insights that Nostradamus and others had about President Trump. These are strange days when is very hard for pundits to predict the news. But what if a psychic were to look into the future of the news stories. Can the celebrity psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker make accurate predictions about what will happen to Trump and his presidency?’

Het Domino Effect (Truthification Chronicles 19-9-18)

Het Domino Effect (Truthification Chronicles 19-9-18)

Hier zijn nog enige politieke voorspellingen, bijvoorbeeld uit Canada: (12:44) ‘2019 ; Could UN Troops Be Deployed In Canada?’ Van CCN Cross Canada News, gepubliceerd op 27 dec. 2018 (10.361 v; 422 r). Tekst: ‘Worldwide financial debt could create havoc in countries that are deep in debt. Canada is at the point that if a major shift in the economy turns for the worse, we could be severely hurt. Canada has been put in this position due to reckless spending and giving huge amounts of cash to other countries, Trudeau’s pet projects around the world and to foundations. Open borders and illegal migration will play a huge part in a financial crisis.’

Een andere politieke commentator is (10:31) ‘2019 Begins: A New War in the Middle East?’ Van The Word, the Sign and the Sword, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (4.318 v; 95 r).



De conservatieve commentator Steve Turley heeft een positieve boodschap voor Europa: (10:27) ‘The EUROPEAN SPRING and the ERA of REVOLT!!!’ Van Dr. Steve Turley, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (16.591 v; 465 r). Tekst: ‘Europe Is in a Massive Revolt and It’s Wonderful!!!’

Voor ‘preppers’ is er de volgende video: (13:22) ‘What is going to happen in 2019?’ Van preppernurse1, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (20.907 v; 502 r).

Er zijn ook een aantal Christelijke voorspellingen, zie (18:59) ‘WARNING! MAJOR PROPHETIC EVENTS AHEAD FOR 2019!!!’ Van TruthUnveiled777, gepubliceerd op 3 jan. 2019 (5.171 v; 139 r). Tekst: ‘Today we will be going over the historical, political, astronomical, calendrical, and Scriptural significance of the year 2019 — And how this will coincide with the 400-year prophecy spoken of in Scripture, where America actually is in Scriptural Prophecy. We will also be going over the 3 “supermoons” occurring in a row as of Jan. 21st, Feb. 19th, and Mar. 20th, 2019 — Along with a total lunar eclipse “blood moon” as of Mon. Jan. 21st, 2019. We have also noted other Prophetic SIGNS in the sky, such as: 1. Total Solar Eclipse — Occurred On Mon. Aug. 21st, 2017; 2. Revelation 12 Sign — Fulfilled On Sat. Sept. 23rd, 2017; 3. Full Moon On The 1st Of Abib — Occurring On Wed. Mar. 20th, 2019. In previous videos, we’ve noted the similarities between America and Egypt — But what about prophetic similarities such as the 10 Plagues, and other events coinciding BEFORE The Exodus? How could this also relate to the GREATER Exodus? Since what has been is what will be, will something IDENTICAL occur in today’s times, and, if so, where can we find these references prophetically and Scripturally? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! TIME’S ALMOST UP! YOUR ELITE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS AND THE PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE — BUT THE QUESTION IS, DO YOU?!?!’ [Zie ook (1:02:00) ‘WHY 2019 WILL BE A PROPHETIC YEAR!!!’ van TruthUnveiled777, gepubliceerd 2 december 2018.] (16:07) ‘2019 Righteous Shall Flourish/DownFall Of The Wicked!’ Van Inez Marrinan, gepubliceerd op 28 dec. 2018 (23.758 v; 543 r). Tekst: ‘Its a New Season Brothers and Sisters. Transition to the new, your Destiny. The spiritual will begin to manifest. The pride will fall and be humbled. Get ready to shine 2019 is going to be great. Yield , surrender , repent as you come into 2019. Godbless you.’ (24:36) ‘2019 Prophetic Word’ van Kay Nash, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (11.567 v; 110 r). Tekst: ‘Prophetic Word for 2019 Advance and Conquer’. (12:55) ‘Prophetic Vision – 2019 IS THE PROMISED LAND YEAR’ van Dephne Madyara, gepubliceerd op 27 dec. 2018 (14.015 v; 297 r). Tekst: ‘2019 IS THE PROMISED LAND FOR THOSE WHO WAITED ON GOD. I hear, Speed & Visibility for the faithful ones, you will not be in hiding anymore.’ [Zimbabwe] (18:09) ‘2019 Prophecy – The Year of The Unveiling!’ Van Princess Bola Adelani, gepubliceerd op 30 dec. 2018 (10.068 v; 211 r). (31:23) ‘The Prophetic Word! 2019 the Season of Movement’ van Dr. TJ Lindsay, gepubliceerd op 31 dec. 2018 (1.013 v; 9 r). [Preek] (25:27) ‘Prophetic Word for 2019 with Dr. Nasir Siddiki: The Year of Open Doors’ van Freedom’s Calling, gepubliceerd op 12 dec. 2018 (3.705 v; 47 r).

Tot slot is hier het vervolg van de video van God’s Roadmap to the End, die ik heb opgenomen op 20 december (, zie (28:46) ‘The World in 2019: Decoding Analysis Part 2’ van God’s Roadmap to the End, gepubliceerd op 27 dec. 2018 (25.758 v; 218 r). Tekst: ‘The World in 2019 as predicted by the globalists in their Economist Magazine – decoded. In this video, we look at what the elite and the globalists are trying to tell us in the latest edition of the Economist’s Magazine with their predictions for the World in 2019. We look at what they are showing us, combine it with what we see happening in the world as well as what the Bible tells us will happen in the last days, before the return of Israel’s Messiah. I think you will be surprised at the information that is shared on these covers and our goal is to expose this information and share it with you.’

John Doe Truth In Context – QAnon | Fire Memes At Will: Sanctions Are Coming

Gepubliceerd op 4 jan. 2019

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