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Did Popular Aviatrix Right Seat for Epstein in Royal Sex Scandal?

Nadia Marcinko, a popular figure in the online community of pilots and a role model for women interested in aviation seems to have had a less than model perfect past as an acquaintance and possible enabler of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, two British newspapers are reporting. If they are accurate, it is not clear whether the blonde aviatrix was victim or co-conspirator.

A civil lawsuit filed in Florida is breathing new life into the long known pedophile inclinations of American hedge fund manager Epstein because of new allegations that Prince Andrew was a participant in Epstein’s organized trysts and orgies with teenagers.

In an 2007 article in New York Magazine, Philip Weiss writes that Epstein had brought 14 year old Nada Marcinkova to Palm Beach from the Balkans to be his “sex slave”. In the article, the reporter states that Marcinkova became part of the Epstein household and over the course of a decade eventually started participating in the sexual abuse of underage girls.

All this is old news and unlikely to be confirmed by court records unless lawyers for Virginia Roberts and two other of the then juvenile victims are successful in overturning a non prosecution agreement between the US government and Epstein.

But the fallout from the notunexpected publicity concerning famous and powerful men abusing underage girls has engulfed former Gulfstream Girl Marcinko. Now known as Global Girl, two British newspapers are reporting that Marcinko is Marcinkova.

I know Nadia because in November of 2013 she participated in a pilots drive great cars event I sponsored at Danbury Municipal Airport.

No one was more surprised than I to read the news accounts that that Marcinko | Marcinkova took the fifth (right not to incriminate oneself) rather than testify about whether Prince Andrew participated in Epstein’s abuse of underage girls.

While we are on the subject of cars, the Guardian and Daily Mail also report that Sarah Kensington, now an interior designer and the wife of NASCAR driver Brian Vickers was also an associate of Epstein who took the fifth and changed her name.

When I reached out to Nadia, asking her to speak to me and promising fair coverage and an understanding ear, she replied that she could not comment publicly but that the “accusations are obviously bizarre, untrue andclearly motivated by money.”

Who can say how much of the Nadia slim threads of this complicated mess are true? The geopolitical implications are and have been huge. Still, it is disappointing and not a good sign, that on the website of her own company offering Groupon like discounts on aviation products and services, Nadia has taken a page from Epstein’s book.

Visitors to the site can buy flying lessons sure, they are also encouraged to view the “gorgeous” deal attendants and enter to win a one-on-one video chat with “fashion models with exciting
Nadia holds FAA licenses as a single and multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot and ground and flight instructor. She has told us and we know – because her lovely face adorns every channel of the many she maintains – that she was a fashion model herself. Runway to runway, she likes to say. Nadia is also posed somewhat provocatively and certainly when she was much younger, as one of her company’s deal attendants.

I hold out hope that Nadia will, “set the record straight in due time,” as she suggested she would in her email to me. In the meantime, the current, sure-to-be unpleasant round of publicity headed her way should encourage her to tone down the blatant sexualization of women in aviation, as demonstrated by the mini skirt-clad deal attendant on her site asking, “So what are you waiting for Captain.

Many young women aspire to be involved in this field we love. They want to be more than the sum of their looks and youth. They are looking up to Nadia. Should they be?

Comments, January 22, 2015

Global Girl and Girlfriend of Sex Offender Epstein Same Person Flight School Says

The owner of the flight school where popular online aviatrix Nadia Marcinko received her private and commercial pilots licenses says Marcinko also used the name Nada Marcinkova while attending the school in Palm Beach, Florida, linking the Gulfstream Girl | turned-Global Girl to the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

Police in Palm Beach claim that the New York billionaire and convicted sex-offender identified Marcinkova as his friend to some of the teenagers he paid to have sex with him at his Palm Beach mansion in 2005 and 2006.

After a long investigation, the police in Palm Beach presented a shocking account of how Epstein lured high school-aged girls to his home paying them for various sex acts. The police quoted the girls saying Marcinkova, who must have been barely out of her teens herself, helped Epstein and participated in some of the sexual activity with the girls.

Epstein served 13 months in jail after pleading guilty to one count of sexual solicitation of a minor. The light sentence along with an agreement that no one else would face charges did not sit well with a number of the victims. They have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government for failing to include them in the prosecution discussions which the government is required to do under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

Some of the now-adult women claim that Epstein also forced them to have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew and American lawyer Alan Dershowitz on several occasions. This is what has breathed new life into a case Epstein might have thought long settled.

And while newspapers are chasing the big names – Dershowitz and Prince Andrew are each royalty in their own countries in their own way – those in the aviation community, thousands of whom follow Marcinko’s flying adventures on Facebook and YouTube are shaking their heads over her role in the sordid mess.

Nadia holds FAA licenses as a single and multi engine, instrument rated pilot and ground and flight instructor. She is often seen in selfie videos practicing aerobatics or pre flighting something fun she is about to take to the sky. She spent an autumn afternoon with me in 2013, participating in a pilots drive great cars event I sponsored at Danbury Municipal Airport and flying with my friend David Paqua in his home built Acro Sport.

Her wholesome adventures and squeaky clean image couldn’t be any farther from the tales told about her in the graphic and lengthy probable cause affidavit filed by Palm Beach police in 2006.

So far, Global Girl has declined to speak to me about the new and unseemly past of her alter ego, Nada Marcinkova, beyond characterizing the claims as “salacious fiction”.

And yet on that same YouTube channel, Nadia is seated in the right seat of a Gulfstream G-II bearing an uncanny similarity to the Gulfstream with the tail number N909JE used by Epstein for a decade to ferry friends and an assortment of models and actresses around the world. According to flight logs signed by Epstein pilot David Rogers and filed in another lawsuit (Epstein v Edwards) Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey and Ron Burkle were among those flying on Epstein’s Boeing 727 or his black and white 1974 G-II.

Is that the same plane we see Global Girl piloting from the right seat and fist pumping the captain on landing? I don’t know. But the captain bears a remarkable resemblance to Larry Visoski, who various court records and the British newspaper The Daily Mirror claim is Epstein’s pilot.

What I can say is that Marcinko’s journey to online pilot celebrity started at a flight school in Palm Beach where she paid for her lessons and used both Marcinkova and Marcinko. “I knew her by both names,” the school’s director Marian Smith told me.

Who wouldn’t want to fly away from a past linked in any way to Jeffrey Epstein? But when it comes to calling news reports about her relationship with him, “fiction”, it could be that Global Girl is writing some of her own.

Comments, January 26, 2015

Christine Negroni

Author of The New York Times Bestseller, The Crash Detectives, I am also A Journalist, Public Speaker and Broadcaster Specializing in Aviation and Travel.


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