Cathy Fox – RIP Sinead O Connor, Champion Against Child Abuse

RIP Sinead O Connor, Champion against Child Abuse


RIP Sinead.

In 1992 she Sang an Acapella Version of Bob Marley’s War, Changed the Words to Include Child Abuse and Then Tore Up A Photograph of Pope John Paul II during her Performance on Saturday Night Live to Protest Child Abuse in the Catholic Church.

In 1992 Especially in Catholic Ireland, This was Outrageous.

She was Brave and Way before herTtime.

She was Heartbroken after her Son Committed Suicide Last Year.

1992 Odysee Sinead O Connor War (Bob Marley) Fight The Real Enemy [1c]


[1c] 1992 Odysee Sinead O Connor – War (Bob Marley) Fight The Real Enemy (1992)’Connor—War-(Bob-Marley)-SNL-1992-SUBTITULOS-ESPA%C3%91OL-ZSLyEPeWjNk:d


Saturday Night Live | Sinead O Connor – War (Bob Marley) Fight The Real Enemy (1992) July 26, 2023



Saturday Night Live | Sinead O’Connor – War (Bob Marley) Fight The Real Enemy (1992)

Her Famous Performance in 1992 of Bob Marley’s War and Then she Tore up A Picture of the Pope.
She changed Some Words of the Song to Include Child Abuse.


Sinéad O Connor – Fight the REAL Enemy! Bob Marley’s ‘War

Published 3 jun 2017


Changed ‘Title‘ to Try and Save It from Deletion by uToon () For Your Information? December 1st 2019

She Knew that this, Saturday Night Live and the ‘LivePerformance she was ‘Booed‘ into at an MTV Special?  ‘We All Love Robert Zimmerman‘ () Gig! The ‘Bought and Paid for(…) Celeb? Audience! Full of ‘Other Sick Oh Le Phants‘? Would be the End of her ‘Career‘! But? She did it Anyway!
A ‘RealHeroine! Eire (…) Needed ‘Someone! To Do ‘Something! To u? Stop the Horror!! But? Normal? Age Old and Daily Abuse! and Murder! Of her Children!
Now Go Find that ‘Clip’! It’s Available on YouTube! or Was? Take A Look at ‘Who‘ () were ‘Booing‘! Then ‘Ask Yourself‘ () Why?
and to Sinéad O Conner () I say () ‘War!
Till these Evil Perpetrators! Enablers! and All of Those Within the Law and In Whose Hands thePowerLies! Do your UJob! Till ‘Justice‘! Is No Longer (..) Blind!
I say ‘War’! For () The Victims! Survivors! and Untold Numbers! i Who did Not! Rest in Peace! In the ‘Grace of God’‘s! u!

I will Never Forget What You Did! Sinéad! Bless You! U!

Thank You! From A Crazy! Old! Cat Lady? ;Q xxx


Sinead O’Connor – ‘WarLive at the Bob Dylan Tribute

Published 29 mrt 2010


Sinead O’Connor sings Bob Marley’s ‘War‘ Live at the Bob Dylan Tribute, After she Ripped up A Photo of the Pope on Saturday Night Live ()


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