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Jesus was A Buddhist Monk (Documentary)

Published 19 dec 2011

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From 38 Minutes on comes the Interesting Bit.

This BBC 4 Documentary examines the QuestionDid Jesus Die?“. It looks at A Bunch of Ideas around this Question until Minute 25, where this Examination of Ideas takes A Very Logical and Grounded Turn with Surprising Conclusions that Demonstrate ()

The Three Wise Men were Buddhist Monks Who Found Jesus and Came Back for him Around Puberty. After Being Trained in A Buddhist Monastery he Spread the Buddhist Philosophy, Survived the Crucifixion, and Escaped to Kashmir, Afghanistan where he Died an Old Man at the Age of 80.

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Jesus in Kashmir (Documentary)

Published 3 mei 2011


This is the Latest Documentary on the Truth of Jesus in Kashmir by the Film Division of the Government of India. Visit to Know More about this Truth. Visit to Know More about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.


Jesus In India, Presentation

Published 26 okt 2016



And Jesus Increased in Wisdom and Stature and in Favor with God and Man.”
Luke 2:52

This is Single Line in the Bible that describes the 18 Years of Jesus’ Life from Ages 12 to 30. Where was Jesus during Those Years?

For Those of us Curious to Know More, Let’s Look to Edward T Martin. He is an Author and Researcher Whose Findings are Showcased in the Documentary Feature FilmJesus In India“. Here, at the Maharishi Dome of the Age of Enlightenment in Austin, Texas, Martin reveals the Legends, Myths, and Historical Evidence of JesusLife in India.

A Few of the More Provocative Discoveries include Clarity Regarding the Physical Appearance of Jesus, Evidence of Jesus’ Children, and Indications of Jesus’ Life after Crucifixion.


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