Alex Beronson – Why did Tony Fauci Say Under Oath he Barely knew Top Corona Virus Scientist Ralph Baric? + NIH – MERS CoV Research Current Status and Future Priorities, June 24, 2013

Why did Tony Fauci say Under Oath he Barely knew Top Corona Virus Scientist Ralph Baric, when In Fact Fauci hosted A Daylong 2013 Meeting where Baric Laid Out his Plans for Risky Research?

Peter Daszak, Another Scientist Connected to China whom Fauci claimed Under Oath Not to Remember, was Also at the 2013 Meeting. Poor Tony, Stuck with Such A Severe Case of the “I Don’t Recall“‘

The Evidence has Been Hiding in Plain Sight for Years

On June 24, 2013, Dr Anthony S Fauci invited A Small Group of Top Corona Virus Researchers to an All Day Brainstorming Session at A Conference Center at the National Institutes of Health.

The Subject was Nominally an Outbreak of A New Illness called MERS, or Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, A Lung Disease caused by A Novel Corona Virus. At the Time, about 70 People had Contracted the Virus. Almost 40 had Died, an Eye Popping Fatality Rate, making MERS more Lethal than Smallpox.

Despite its Lethality, MERS appeared to be A Minor Health Threat, because it did Not Spread Rapidly or Easily. So the Scientists, and one Scientist in Particular, Dr Ralph S Baric, the World’s Top Expert on Corona Viruses, spent the Day Tlking about Threats from Not Just MERS and its Potential Evolution, but Novel Corona Viruses Generally.

Fortunately, the NIH has Preserved A Complete Video Record of the Conference, which Lasted Almost Six Hours, Not including A Lunch Break. It is Available Here and at the End of the Page

And, on Many Different Levels, from Beginning to End, it is Astonishing.

The Video Directly refutes Fauci’s Denial Under Oath of Knowing Baric and Peter Daszak, the British Zoologist who Along with Baric was A Key Link between the American Government and the Chinese Virologists in Wuhan whose Work likely Caused the SARS Cov2 Epidemic.

In A Deposition in 2022, Fauci said of Baric, A North Carolina Micro Biologist who has studied Corona Viruses for Decades, “I Doubt if I‘ve Ever Met Him.” He characterized Daszak as not even an “Acquaintance.”

Yet Daszak and Other Officials in his Group EcoHealth Alliance are Present at the Meeting, which Fauci Opened with A Speech. Nine Months Later, Fauci would Again Cross Paths with Daszak, when Fauci spoke on A Panel in Washington about Emerging Infectious Diseases, Part of A Two Day Conference that Daszak had Moderated and helped Create.

But as the World’s Pre Eminent Corona Virus Researcher, Baric was Even More Important to Fauci. As he Opened the June 2013 Meeting, Fauci spoke Openly of Wanting to Be Sure he Constantly had New Viral Threats that would Ensure his Research Budget would Continue to Grow.

Nothing More Perfectly Illustrated the Potential Threat of Emerging Infectious Disease than the Corona Virus, A Seemingly Minor Pathogen that Suddenly had Erupted into A Lethal Outbreak, the Second in A Decade.

Now We have A New One [Disease] to Put on the Map for Our Friends [in Congress] Who Support Us in these Rather Constrained Times,” Fauci said in his Opening Address. He wasn’t Joking or Speaking Metaphorically, he Showed the Scientists the Actual Map.

After his Talk, Fauci took A Seat Alone in the Front Row to Listen to the Conference’s First Invited Speaker explain the Growing Threat of Corona Viruses and How Scientists and the NIH could Work to Fight Them.

That Speaker?

None Other than Baric, Who Went On to Dominate the Day’s Discussion. Not Only did he Give the First Presentation, he Returned after Lunch to Give Another. He took over Questioning Repeatedly. One of the Other Scientists referred to him as an “Eminence Grise.” Another joked the NIH would Be Cutting Baric A Check for A Million Dollars, No Strings Attached.

No Wonder that Seven Years Later, in February 2020, as COVID Exploded Out of China, Fauci would Spend his Extremely Valuable Time bring Baric into his Offices for Another Private Meeting to discuss the New Epidemic, and its Possible Origins. Under Oath, Fauci claimed Not to Remember Anything about that Meeting Either, though It had Taken Place Barely Two Years bBefore.

From page 32 of Dr Anthony S Fauci’s Deposition in Missouri versus Biden, given Under Oath on November 23, 2022


Epoch TimesFauci Deposition, November 23, 2022

So Just Why would Fauci Go So far Out of his Way to Deny Knowing Baric? Why make Such an Implausible Claim?

The Rest of the Video from June 24, 2013 offers as Good an Explanation as Any, Showing Just How Far Baric was Willing Go in Trying to bring Corona Viruses to Heel, even if Doing So Raised the Risk of A Lab Created Epidemic Far Deadlier than One that Any Natural CoronaVirus had Ever Caused.


MERS CoV Research Current Status and Future Priorities Meeting

Air Date Monday, June 24, 2013, 8:15:00 AM
Time Displayed is Eastern Time, Washington DC Local
Category Conferences
Run Time 05:48:51

This Meeting will Bring Together Leading Virologists to discuss the Current Status of the Corona Virus Field in the Context of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERS CoV)

Author NIAID
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