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Publiced 19 jan. 2021


COVID 19 Therapy to Eliminate the Virus from your System.

Very Excited to Share This Composition. I have been Studying Frequency and Vibration for Many Years. As a Sound Healer and Music Producer I have been Experimenting with the Power of Music, Frequency and Vibration.

I have been Researching Different Ways on How to Spply this Principles to our Daily Life. Specially NOW with this Pandemic, I needed to find a Way to Infuse this Healing Method to INACTIVATE COVID.
I have Found a Recent Study that explains how The Energy Frequency Vibration (EFV) Model is Used to NEUTRALIZE the VIRUS. The Therapy was Developed by Dr Ramesh Vaish, Ikwan Onwuka, and Dr Harsh Rastogi.


It is Preferable to Listen to Headphones but Not Compulsory.

(1) Make Sure you are Well Hydrated before listening to Any of the Sounds. Please adhere to this Instruction, especially for First Time Use.

(2) The Patient will Listen to This Sound File at least Once a Day for at Least Five Days.

(3) Since the Therapy is Non Invasive and Well Tolerated by Most Users, it’s Okay for Patients to more than Three Times a Day if they choose to do so.

If you are Not Infected by the SARS CoV 2 Virus, the Sounds will Target Other Pathogens with Resonant Frequencies close to that of SAR CoV 2. There are No Significant Side Effects except for Slight Fatigue, which usually occurs when a Large Number of Parasites, Bacteria and Viruses are Killed in the Body.

In this Musical Creation I have Enhanced the EFV Therapy with BINAURAL BEATS, ALPHA WAVES to Remove Fear, Reduce Stress for Mind Body Integration and the Frequency of 852 HZ to Awaken Inner Strength.

The Most Fundamental Consideration in Developing Therapeutic Agents is the Frequency of Vibration.

Each of These Samples is a Composite of Ten Pure Sinusoidal Tones. All Ten Tones are Octave Related and fall within the Audio Range of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

The Actual Values, in Hertz, for the Resonant Frequencies, are Higher than the Audible Range. In Dealing with Sound, and any Electromagnetic Wave, Frequency Wise, an Octave can be used to the Same Effect as the Frequency Itself.

To Enhance Brainwave Entrainment, each of the Composite Auditory Stimulus Sounds is Pulsed into Isochronic Beats. The Frequency of the Isochronic Beat is a Much Lower Octave of the Target Resonant Frequency. I chose the Delta Brainwave Region.

These Isochronic Sounds are tuned to the Resonant Frequencies Associated with SARS CoV 2 Genome ID MN908947, the Corona Virus that causes COVID 19. Listening to these Sounds will ENTRAIN the brain and cause it to produce a SENSORY EVOKED RESPONSE, which is an Electrical Potential Mimicking the Frequency of this Sound Stimulus. This Electrical Potential is Propagated through the Central Nervous System (CNS), and the Peripheral Nervous System, (PNS), to Every Cell in the Human Organism. Should there be SARS CoV 2 in the Body System, as is the case with COVID 19 Victims, the virus will VIBRATE in RESONANCE with the Incident Frequency. Such Resonance Vibration causes the Virus Particle to Uncontrollably Absorb Energy to a Point where it’s Chemical Bonds are Broken and the Virus Inactivated.

When a Rhythmic Stimulus of a Given Frequency is Presented to the Brain via a Sensory Organ, the Rhythm of the Stimulus is Reproduced in the Brain as Electrical Impulses. The Brainwave Pattern Gradually Synchronises with the Frequency of the Stimulus. This is Referred to as Frequency Following Response (FFR), and Results in a Phenomenon Known as BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT.

For Music Composing Contact contact@zoel.com

For more Information about this Research
Contact Samuel Chong
Email schong2@go.pasadena.edu

Here is a Link where you can find More Information.


Rajamanickam Antonimuthu – Ultrasound has Potential to Damage Corona Virus

A New Study by Researchers in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering suggests that Corona Viruses may be Vulnerable to Ultrasound Vibrations, within the Frequencies used in Medical Diagnostic Imaging.

Through Computer Simulations, the Team has Modeled the Virus’ Mechanical Response to Vibrations across a Range of Ultrasound Frequencies. They found that Vibrations between 25 and 100 Megahertz triggered the Virus’ Shell and Spikes to Collapse and start to Rupture within a Fraction of a Millisecond. This Effect was seen in Simulations of the Virus in Air and in Water.

Credit MIT
Image MIT News, with Images from iStockphoto

Research Paper Effect of Receptors on the Resonant and Transient Harmonic Vibrations of Corona Virus https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022509621000600

News Source https://news.mit.edu/2021/ultrasound-coronaviruses-damage-0316

Playlist for Technology News Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK2ccNIJVPpB_XqWWq_oaZGIDzmKiSkYc
Health https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK2ccNIJVPpArLvIQIPxIkHzcSg6qPm0T


Rife Frequencies for Corona Virus and Covid 19 POWERFUL

Published 19 mrt. 2020

Mitchy 450


Dr Royal Rife in the 1950’s claimed that he could Destroy Harmful Pathogens with Frequencies.

Much like how you can shatter a Wine Glass with the Right Sound.

Today, Scientists are using Similar Technologies to kill Pathogens like Leukaemia Cells or Cancer Cells. Yes, with Frequencies!

But would this Work for Corona Virus?

What if there was a Way to Destroy Bad Cells without Harming Good Cells?
These Audio Tracks were Created from the Frequencies Discovered by Dr Rife Specific for Corona Virus.


Mitchy’s Knowledges is a Page Owned by Michel Lxxxxxx AKA Mitchy!

23 Year Old Man from Québec in Canada, I speak English and French.
I’m a Ghetto Lightworker ever since my First Psychic Life Experience nearly Seven Years ago. I do Rap, I love to FreeStyle!
I’m also own a Website KiLLUMiNATi P0rtal with LIVE News.
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Calmish Music | Relaxing Ambience – Binaural Beats for Healing Recovery COVID 19 | Physical, Mental, Spiritual Illness

Published 16 dec. 2020

Binaural Beats for Healing to Help Fight COVID 19.

This Meditative, Peaceful Music is ideal for Deeply, Relaxing Positive Energy.

This Video was Composed to Promote Healing, Relaxation and a Sense of Peace. We integrate Healing Frequencies like the 52 Hz, the 432 Hz, and Others, with the Music to promote Healing.

This Work is Not Intended to Substitute for Professional Medical or Counselling Advice. If you Suffer from a Physical or Mental Illness, please always seek Professional Help.

Thanks for Tuning in to our Healing Meditative Music! Introduce yourself to the Calmish Community in the Comments Section and let us know where in the World you’re lLstening fFom.

Enjoy the Peacefulness and Healing! Let us go on this Journey Together.

Muziek in deze video
Nummer Shasta Trinity
Artiest Jesse Gallagher
Album Shasta “Trinity
Licentie aan YouTube verleend door YouTube Audio Library.

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Corona Virus Healing Music | Immunity Booster | Healing Frequencies (VERY EFFECTIVE)

Gepubliceerd 18 mei 2020

Binaural Harmony

Welcome to Corona Virus Healing Music, the Corona Virus Immunity Booster with Healing Frequencies!

Protect Yourself from Corona Virus (Covid 19) by Boosting your Immunity with our New Corona Virus Healing Music – Corona Virus Immunity Booster Song. It integrates Three Powerful Binaural Beats Healing Frequencies meant to Rapidly Boost your Immune System in order to Defend yourself from Corona Virus (Covid 19) and any Virus and to heal your Body and Mind. In addition, it is tuned to 528 Hertz to promote DNA Repair and Increased Life Energy.

This Audio will Greatly Improve your State of Health and Well Being, however it will Not Replace the Aid or Recommendations of Medical Doctors. So, if you believe you have a Medical Condition, Please Contact your Physician.

Please SUBSCRIBE for More Miracle Music and Use Headphones for Maximum Results! Listen to Our Music while you Work, Sleep, Shop, play, Relax, Walk, Cook, Bathe, for at Least 30 Minutes a Day. Please Support us to Continue Creating Our Music for You https://www.binauralharmony.com

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Binaural Beats Healing with 741 Hz Cleanse Virus Frequency

Gepubliceerd 26 apr. 2020

Healing Waves

Thanks for Watching the Video Cleanse Infections, Virus, Bacteria 741Hz Music | Binaural Beats | Detox Body

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Cleanse Infections, Virus, Bacteria Playlist

Solfeggio Frequency:741 Hz ◑
Like all Healing Soundwaves, the 741 Hz Frequency is Known for it’s Ability to Penetrate Deeply into the Conscious and Subconscious Mind. Although this Frequency is known for it’s Ability to fFee you of Emotional Restrictions in Life, it is also very Beneficial for helping remove Toxins and Electromagnetic Radiation from Your Cells. In doing so this Frequency can Cleanse your Cells from Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections. This makes Regular Listening of 741 Hz a Crucial Tool in your Arsenal against the Current Health Threat we All Face in the Form of the Corona Virus.

This Healing Music can Help With
Cleanse Virus
Cleanse Virus and Bacteria
Detox Body
Cleanse Infections
Boost Immune System
Binaural Healing

Enjoy the Sweet Waves of Theta Healing,
Sefy from Healing Waves!

Music is Tuned to 432 Hz With Theta Waves (Binaural Beats) and 741 Hz Solfeggio Frequency which helps in Balancing Our Physical and Emotional Body and Synchronizing them with Nature and Planet Earth.

Are you Usually Meditating with the Solfeggio Scale Meditations?
You should consider having “Ancient Solfeggio Journey’s Meditation Music“.
its Nine Hours of Solfeggio Music, each Track is with a Different Solfeggio Frequency!

◐ The Power of Sound Vibration
When we dive into the Human Body, going into our Organs, Cells, Molecules, Atoms, and Even Smaller Particles, we find that all that is Left is a Vibration, a Wave of Movement. We are Made of Vibration, that’s why Sound Vibration is Effecting us So Deeply.
When the Sounds from the Meditation Music, come across our Body, they resonate with our Atoms, Cells, Molecules, and Organs, balancing them into their Original Frequency and Vibration.

As Nikola Tesla said Before
If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in Terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

Are you ready for some Spiritual Awakening?
Or maybe Cosmic Healing for the “Mind body SpiritConnection?

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