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La Palma from Above (foto Before It’s News)

Vrees voor Vulkaan Uitbarsting op La Palma (foto NS

Volcano op La Palma lijkt weer actief (foto

La Palma Island and its Possible Tracks (foto

La Palma Volcano Alert Warning Shows magma Rising (foto Express)

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Integrated Risk Analysis and Management of Floods (foto MDPI)

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Volcanic Unrest on La Palma (foto Nature)

Detection of Volcanic Unrest leads to Onset in La Palma, Canary Islands, evolution and implications (foto Nature)

Detection of Volcanic Unrest Onset in La Palma (foto Nature)

Vertical Sections of the 3D Model for Anomalous Density for La Palma Island (foto

Parque National Caldere de Taburiente (foto Geosciences)

Magma Emplacement Modelss for La Palma (foto

Conceptual Model for the Detection of Volcanic Activity (foto Nature)

Potential Collapse and Tsunami at La Palma, Canary Island (foto

A Swarm Of 700 Earthquakes Rattles Canary Islands, Sparks Speculation Of Volcanic Eruption

Massive Earthquake Swarm has been Reported around the Volcanic Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands of Spain. The Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) said there’s Reason to Believe the Seismic Swarm is due to Magma Slowly Rising.

Geologiical Map of La Palma Island (foto Before It’s News)

Involcan Recorded more than 700 Small Earthquakes on La Palma near Cumbre Vieja Volcano since Last Saturday.

Magnitude of Quakes and Energy versu Time (foto Volcan Discovery)

The Largest Rumble, a 3.4 on the Richter Scale, was Reported by Involcan on Tuesday Morning. Most Quakes are Shallow and Happen 5 to 7.4 miles down, Suggesting that New Magma is Rising.

Yellow Alert Declared on La Palma (foto ZeroHedge)

Without a Doubt, the Current Seismic Swarm represents a Significant Change in the Activity of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano and is Related to a Process of Magmatic Intrusion under the Island of La Palma,” Involcan warned.

According to The Sun, the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Attention to Volcanic Risk Emergencies (PEVOLCA) was Activated due to the Increased Seismic Activity.

For Clues about a Possible Eruption. Local Officials Reported a Sensor at the Volcano took a Reading of the “Highest Helium 3 Levels in 30 Years.” The Gas is Considered a Message from the Mantel and may suggest Future Volcanic Activity.

Cumbre Vieja Volcano Last Erupted in 1971, Considered One of the Most Active Volcanoes of the Canary Islands. There have been Fears an Eruption could cause a Mega Tsunami. Steven Ward first Explained this Theory in Research from the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, Two Decades Ago.

USA Waves 130 – 180 Feet High, Move at Speed of 650 Miles per Hour and Travel Up to 12,5 Miles Inland (foto Holly Deyo |

The Situation Warrants Close Monitoring due to the Possibility of Volcanic Activity.

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La Palma Preparing and Praying (foto Before It’s News)

La Palma, een Vakantie Eiland horend bij de Canaraische Eilanden (foto

La Palma Paradise (foto

Published 15 sep. 2021

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