Zembla – Investigation in Schiphol Airport S Toxic Secret

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Schiphol Ground Breaking Airport Design 1967 – 1975 (gif nai010.com)

Investigation in Schiphol Airport S Toxic Secret

Published 27 jun. 2022


Around 20,000 People work on the Platform of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. On A Daily Basis these Ground Crews are exposed to the Exhaust Fumes of Airplanes and Diesel Vehicles. Zembla gets hold of A List that circulates amongst the Airport Staff in which record is kept of Employees that have become iIl or that have Died because of their illness. Internal Documents of KLM and the Dutch Airport Schiphol show that they have known about the Health Hazards of Airplane Emissions for at Least 15 Years, but have not taken the Necessary Steps to Protect People S Health.

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