Zaya & Maurizio Benazzo – The Wisdom of Trauma, A Journey to the Root of Human Pain and the Source of Healing with Dr Gabor Maté (2021)  

The Wisdom of Trauma (2021)

Published 18 Apr 2024

Sunflower Movies


Sunflower Movies

1 in 5 Americans are Diagnosed with Mental Illness Every Year. Suicide is the Second Most Common Cause of Death in the US for Youth Aged 15 – 24, and Kills over 48.300 in the US and 800.000 People Globally per Year. Drug Overdose Kills 81.000 in the US Annually. The Auto Immune Disorder Epidemic Affects 24 Million People in the US Alone. What is Going On? The Interconnected Epidemics of Anxiety, Chronic Illness and Substance Abuse are, According to Dr Gabor Maté, Normal, but Not in the Way You might Think.


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