Love and thanks Fellow Truth sharer Rob Scholte to share freely all these below with all fellow spirit being cousins in then Creator Yah! Love All Valued Truth sharing SG Government & Governing Party Ministers & Leaders, from Academic to Spiritual, etc,

A BIG WINNERin All These Destructions and Chaos is US, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%E6%9D%A8%E6%98%8C%E5%8A%BF-big-winner-in-all-these-destructions-and-chaos-is-us/.

A Call for Peace to All Who Care about Humanitys and Planets Future! https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%E6%9D%A8%E6%98%8C%E5%8A%BF-a-call-for-peace-to-all-who-care-about-humanity-s-and-planet-s-future/.

A Global Satanic Elite Cabal Of Pedophiles Control Hollywood, https://newspunch.com/satanic-elite-cabal-pedophiles-hollywood,https://www.jewworldorder.org/a-global-satanic-elite-cabal-of-pedophiles-control-hollywood/.

A Guide to Behavioral Manipulation! https://robscholtemuseum.nl/.

A Holocaust of Biblical Proportions and A Sensation That Went Unnoticed, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-chang-shi-%e6%9d%a8%e6%98%8c%e5%8a%bf-a-holocaust-of-biblical-proportions-and-a-sensation-that-went-unnoticed/.

A NEW WAR, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%E6%9D%A8%E6%98%8C%E5%8A%BF-a-new-war/.

A New World Order will Arise from the Ashes of US Supremacy and Hegemony!, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%E6%9D%A8%E6%98%8C%E5%8A%BF-a-new-world-order-will-arise-from-the-ashes-of-us-supremacy-and-hegemony/.

A radical inner transformation and rise to A new level of consciousness might be the only real hope we have in the current global crisis brought on by the dominance of the Western mechanistic paradigm.
Stanislav Grof

ASatanic WestIs Against the Rest of the World, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-chang-shi-%E6%9D%A8%E6%98%8C%E5%8A%BF-a-satanic-west-is-against-the-https-robscholtemuseum-nl-ssatanicwest/.

All the More Truth on Ukraine to Share!, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%e6%9d%a8%e6%98%8c%e5%8a%bf-all-the-more-truth-on-ukraine-to-share/, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%e6%9d%a8%e6%98%8c%e5%8a%bf-all-the-more-truth-on-ukraine-to-share/.

America Was Founded on Secrets and Lies, https://foreignpolicy.com/2016/02/15/george-washington-spies-lies-executive-power/,https://sg.news.yahoo.com/america-founded-secrets-lies-141422641.html.

Anarchy in America, https://augustafreepress.com/anarchy-in-america-were-being-gunned-down-like-dogs-in-the-street/,https://davidicke.com/2022/11/02/anarchy-in-america-were-being-gunned-down-like-dogs-in-the-street-2/.

Armageddon Is Closer Than You Think, https://2ndsmartestguyintheworld.substack.com/p/armageddon-is-closer-than-you-think,https://calculusofdecay.com/2022/10/25/armageddon-is-closer-than-you-think-paulcraigroberts-org/.

AS RUSSIA IS TURNING TO THE EAST, IS SG TURNING TO THE WEST? https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%e6%9d%a8%e6%98%8c%e5%8a%bf-as-russia-is-turning-to-the-east-is-sg-turning-to-the-west/.

Challenge Of Preventing The Third World War, https://countercurrents.org/2022/11/challenge-of-preventing-the-third-world-war.

Cockamamie Story, https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/cockamamie-story, http://newsnet.fr/art/cockamamie-story.

Covid 19: A Universe of Questions In A Time of Universal Deceit, https://twitter.com/MJW_DC/status/1586514636756508672, https://worldfreedomalliance.org/au/news/covid-19-a-universe-of-questions-in-a-time-of-universal-deceit/.

Decoding the Pentagon
s online war against Iran, https://alethonews.com/2022/10/01/decoding-the-pentagons-online-war-against-iran/, https://alethonews.com/2022/11/03/decoding-the-pentagons-online-war-against-iran-2/, decoding the US led western white online war against SG too!

For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate,contrived and dishonest,  but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Full Blooded Psychopaths: Engineered Global Genocide in the
uise of A Global Pandemic, https://www.globalresearch.ca/full-blooded-psychopaths/5797965, http://www.invexnews.com/item-667398-full-blooded-psychopaths-engineered-glob.

How The West Brought War To The Ukraine, https://alethonews.com/2022/11/02/how-the-west-brought-war-to-ukraine-a-review/,https://archive.org/details/fkkaiomp5yczyyplbiwyklreowxwpa9b7wr5nrhl.

Lies, Spies and US Bioweapons on the Verge of Armageddon, https://alethonews.com/2022/11/02/lies-spies-and-us-bioweapons-on-the-verge-of-armageddon/, https://therussophile.org/lies-spies-and-us-bioweapons-on-the-verge-of-armageddon.html/, https://twitter.com/JaniceLumley1/status/1587609503461408768.

Military Madness, https://consortiumnews.com/2022/10/31/military-madness-us-deployment-of-nuclear-capable-b-52s-to-australia/, https://english.10mehr.com/?p=2820.

Protesters Slam Warhawk Obama, https://anti5g.net/index.php/2022/11/02/protesters-slam-warhawk-obama-you-overthrew-ukraine-in-2014-were-on-the-verge-of-nuclear-war/, https://twitter.com/REALInfoWars1/status/1587495397915754498.

Russian Orthodox Church explains its attitude toward LGBT, https://sololaki.ru/russian-orthodox-church-explains-its-attitude-toward-lgbt-rt-russia-former-soviet-union/,https://twitter.com/anonymiss8/status/1588199651127267329.

Singapore national flag treated likepiece of ragat foreign music festival, defaced in group photo, https://stomp.straitstimes.com/videos/s-pore-national-flag-treated-like-piece-of-rag-at-foreign-music-festival-dafaced-in-wedding-photo/4802324446001/6314767394112, stupid SG NUS nationals or foreign nationals NUS SG stupid?

The ElusiveJewish Solution”, https://apokalypsnu.nl/2022/10/20/the-unz-review%e3%85%a4the-elusive-jewish-solution-by-rolo-slavskiy/,https://article.wn.com/view/2022/10/20/The_Elusive_Jewish_Solution_by_Rolo_Slavskiy/.

The Ever Widening War Grows Wider, https://ussanews.com/2022/10/24/the-ever-widening-war-grows-wider, https://ussanews.com/2022/10/26/the-ever-widening-war-16-countries-now-training-ukrainian-troops/?__cf_chl_tk=beLObmPjNHOW9reT4M7oabW5KvYl7XfoodtGczAmcZU-1667438079-0-gaNycGzNCL0,https://ussanews.com/2022/11/01/the-ever-widening-war.

The Many InterwovenWars, https://members5.boardhost.com/xxxxx/msg/1666737601.html,http://newsnet.fr/art/the-many-interwoven-wars-a-rough-guide-through-the-fog.

The Midterms and the Coming Defeat of the Empire,https://twitter.com/larouchepac/status/1587820903387234305,https://www.larouchepac.com/the_midterms_and_the_coming_defeat_of_the_empire_a_world_turned_upside_down?utm_campaign=20221102_midterms&utm_medium=email&utm_source=larouchepac.

THE PLANWHO plans for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030, https://iamamalaysian.wordpress.com/2022/11/03/the-plan-w-h-o-plans-for-10-years-of-pandemics-from-2020-to-2030/, https://rumble.com/v1jtood-the-plan-who-plans-for-10-years-of-pandemics-from-2020-to-2030.html, https://sage.gab.com/channel/redvoicemedia/view/the-plan-the-who-plans-for-6272c415a2fa01b5c114a3c1.

The RealExistential ThreatTo People And Planet, http://arfil.lettersandscience.net/charm-https-wattsupwiththat.com/2022/10/16/the-real-existential-threat-to-people-and-planet/,https://article.wn.com/view/2022/10/21

The_Real_Existential_Threat_To_People_And_Planet/. The Truth About Cargill, https://ar.mintpressnews.com/the-truth-about-cargill-the-worlds-most-evil-company/282560/, http://newsnet.fr/art/the-truth-about-cargill-the-world-s-most-evil-company.


CHINA, IS THE AGGRESSOR, https://twitter.com/LOULOUGUINNESS/status/1587499429489438721,https://twitter.com/TodaysComments/status/1587549691998195714.

THESE ARE THE THINGS TO KNOW TO STAY INFORMED, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%E6%9D%A8%E6%98%8C%E5%8A%BF-these-are-the-things-to-know-to-stay-informed/.

THEYARE THE ENEMIES OF HUMANITY!, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%e6%9d%a8%e6%98%8c%e5%8a%bf-they-are-the-enemies-of-humanity/.

Ukraine On Fire, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine_on_Fire, https://rumble.com/vwxxi8-ukraine-on-fire.

Unwitting Traitors of Iran, https://strategic-culture.org/news/2022/11/02/unwitting-traitors-of-iran, https://therussophile.org/unwitting-traitors-of-iran.html, https://ussanews.com/2022/11/02/unwitting-traitors-of-iran, unwitting traitors of all ordinary SG people who allowed themselves to be misled and deceived by Western propaganda too? Unwittingly SG media is being used to spread US led western prejudiced propaganda pieces of lies, insinuations, deceit, bias against SG people, nation, government and governing party too!

US Sanctions Chinese Chip Industry, https://alethonews.com/2022/10/31/us-sanctions-chinese-chip-industry/.

War And Regrets In Ukraine, https://flipboard.com/article/war-and-regrets-in-ukraine—the-american-conservative/f-4b4e261288%2Ftheamericanconservative.com, https://newkontinent.org/war-and-regrets-in-ukraine, https://news.rationalreview.com/archives/83188. War Without End, https://apokalypsnu.nl/2022/11/01/globalresearch%e3%85%a4war-without-end-what-is-wrong-with-the-united-states-of-america/,https://www.globalresearch.ca/war-without-end-what-wrong-united-states-america/5797794.

Western Hate, Greed and Fears Engineered Lead to Waging Wicked Wars World Wide, https://robscholtemuseum.nl/yang-changshi-%E6%9D%A8%E6%98%8C%E5%8A%BF-western-hate-greed-and-fears-engineered-lead-to-waging-wicked-wars-world-wide/, https://twitter.com/rsmuseum/status/1578059915410788354.

Wests WMD Bioweapon WarCrimes Can No Longer Be Hidden By The Big Lie Propaganda Machine, https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2022/11/02/wests-wmd-bioweapon-war-crimes-can-no-longer-be-hidden-by-the-big-lie-propaganda-machine-all-of-humanity-can-see-proof-of-its-ongoing-global-genocide-jb-west-and-jb-east-present-see-you-in-the-ha/, https://player.fm/series/china-rising-radio-sinoland/wests-wmd-bioweapon-war-crimes-can-no-longer-be-hidden-by-the-big-lie-propaganda-machine-all-of-humanity-can-see-proof-of-its-ongoing-global-genocide-jb-west-and-jb-east-present-see-you-in-the-hague-42.

Westsrubber masked Halloween political horror show is about to end, https://benjaminfulford.net/2022/10/31/wes, http://fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/fraud/us_government/news.php?q=1667233330, https://sunnysjournal.com/2022/10/31/ben-fulford-wests-rubber-masked-halloween-political-horror-show-is-about-to-end-31-oct-2022/.

Whos afraid of US troops in Ukraine? https://alethonews.com/2022/11/02/whos-afraid-of-us-troops-in-ukraine, https://williambowles.info/2022/11/02/whos-afraid-of-us-troops-in-ukraine.

WWIII Has Already Effectively Begun, https://newsrnd.com/news/2022-10-28-star-economist-roubini-on-the-global-crises–%22world-war-iii-has-already-begun-effectively%22.Bk0QHSK4i.html, https://news.yahoo.com/wall-street-dr-doom-says-215316198.html.

Thanks, most gratefully, respectfully & sincerely yours,

Yang Changshi  杨昌势


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On Wed, 2 Nov 2022 at 19:44, Chang Shi Yang yangchangshi48@gmail.com wrote

Your Excellencies DPM Wong, Members of the Cabinet & Parliament,

Please let me ask these pertinent questions. Must SGX listed companies be so profit-oriented and money driven to be cold hearted and so heartless? What happens in a life and death emergency when a listed telco simply cut off an emergency call in the midst just because the balance is below their low balance threshold? Please do business with a heart of compassion for the have-nots and have-less such that any call can be completed by setting the threshold to negative, i.e. owing rather than just due to low balance left. The less fortunate and disadvantaged don’t expect SGX listed companies to operate as the HDB with billions of deficit, but cutting off A consumer, customer, subscriber, user in the midst of a call is just cold hearted, down right heartless and rude to the core of the heart of the matter. Sure hope that with all the talk of bridging the rich poor gap, may there be a brave, daring leader from Academic to Spiritual to speak up for those of us voiceless in the midst of this profit oriented and money driven SG society.

Now, about housing, it is laudable that despite operating with billions deficit, the Minister assured that HDB will continue to build affordable housing. So please let me ask these pertinent questions. What is the mission and vision of HDB? To build bigger and bigger flats for those who seek to sell them off and profit to become millionaires? May I ask the Minister and HDB to review and revamp the current off ramp housing frenzy that is pushing prices way beyond those who need housing most. How come there are millionaires who can afford to buy A HDB flat for A million dollars thus making more millionaires? Is this HDB practice and policy? There are millionaires living in HDB flats build meant for the 50% low income who can’t afford market private housing yet where does the income cap, i.e. those who are earning A million A month are allowed to buy low cost HDB flats while those who are low income got to fight for A piece with the meagre income they got just to buy A 2 room flexi flat. Some where some how some thing just don’t add up to have gone off ramp for such A situation to come about.

To encourage elderly to downgrade and couples to settle down at age 25, HDB got to build more 50 SM 2 room flexi-flats with 25 year lease costing S$ 25,000.00, 45 year lease costing S$ 45,000.00, 65 year lease costing S$ 65,000.00 in the outlying non prime land, even on Jurong Island, Pulau Bukom, Pulau Ubin, etc where they can work and settle down. Once they have their first child, they could then opt to upgrade to a 75 SM 3 room with 25 year, 45 year and finally when they have their second child, they can upgrade to A 100 SM 4 room flat with 25 year, 45 year lease. HDB should not build anything above 100 SM but let the private take over to build larger units above 100 SM for the 20% one million millionaires! Please review and study to see if this would help HDB reduce the billions of deficit. What is the average life expectancy in Singapore? 86 years! So why have 99 year lease when A couple got to be 21 years to buy A HDB flat, A 65 year lease would do, which should be lowered when A couple got their first and second child, A 45 year and then 25 year lease would do. There is NO NEED for a 99 year lease which cost the low income more than what they don’t need to live out their life expectancy.
Any abandoned mother and her child should be given all the help they need to get A 2 room flexi flat regardless of the abandoned mother’s age. HDB should not limit any abandoned mother and her child from getting and living in A 2 room flexi flat by putting an age cap as this only push them out to the streets to pay exhorbitant rent to the already profit oriented and money driven landlords following most if not all SGX listed companies right, as already pointed out in the first paragraph! Where are the SGX listed companies with hearts of compassion for those who are destitute, disadvantaged, poor, under privileged, etc?

Please all of you millionaires, have A heart of compassion to be so kind and good hearted, don’t be cold hearted, heartless and mean hearted, to compete with the low income for affordable HDB housing when you can afford private housing. Give all the abandoned mothers and children all the help to get A small 50 SM 2 room flexi flat at least and not more than you can afford the 5 room, 6 room flats at the low cost which still senseless, puzzling and perturbing why HDB build such flats for the top rich to live in low cost housing built meant for the low income!‘


Yang Changshi  |  杨昌势


Mail, 3 november 2022, 22:10

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