– The Queen Says ‘Four More Icons Must Die’ In 2016

The Queen ‘completely killed the vibe’ at her own birthday party yesterday when she was overheard telling guests that ‘four more icons must die’ in 2016 in order for the Illuminati to shepherd humanity towards the next phase of their sick and twisted master plan.

‘2016 is a very special year. It will go down in history as annus celebrity horribilus,’ the Queen said with an evil grin, according to a Windsor Castle insider.

The lavish black tie birthday dinner was hosted by the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle. Seventy-one guests were invited, including senior royals, close friends and associates.

During the first course of poached fillet of salmon trout the Queen was overheard explaining that ‘four icons must die’ in 2016 – and these four icons will be wealthy, famous, free thinking celebrities who have rejected the Illuminati’s advances.

These icons have ‘too much influence’ with the public, said the Queen.

‘The Queen was speaking as though she knows the Illuminati’s kill list,’ the Windsor Castle insider said, speaking under the strict condition of anonymity. ‘Elton John was visibly shaken up by what she said about the deaths. She noticed and shot him a hard stare, saying “Hopefully it won’t have to be five.”‘

By 2017 the world of media celebrities will be unrecognisable if the Illuminati continue gaining strength. Any remaining non-establishment figures like Bowie and Prince will be removed from public consciousness, only remembered and mourned by hardcore fans.

Celebrity deaths in 2016 are serving as a warning to other famous, powerful people – join the Illuminati and submit to the power of the cult… or die. Any celebrities remaining in the limelight in 2017 will be entirely tame and controlled creatures. This is part of the Illuminati plan.

‘There were a lot of shocked guests,’ said the insider. ‘The Queen completely killed the vibe at her own party. It was like she sucked all the air out of the room. They were eating a passion fruit and mango gateau for dessert and some of the poor guests looked like they weren’t even tasting it, after what she had told them.’

Elton John was once an open-minded, freedom-loving man. He is now a fascist censor under the thumb of the Illuminati and in particular the Queen. She has brainwashed him and has forced him to retire from the music industry, in effect castrating him, forcing him to give up his power to the dark cult.

The Royal family were TERRIFIED of his threats to release information about Diana’s death. The Queen started working on him after he sang a lovingly modified version of Candle In The Wind at the funeral of his close friend, the murdered princess. The final straw for the illuminati was when Elton spoke to Vladimir Putin – the Illuminati’s number one enemy.

Elton was either to be assassinated or bought into the fold by the Royal family and the Illuminati.

Terrified for his life, and brainwashed by the Queen and her key staff, Elton has fallen into line and is now walk the walk and live the Illuminati life.