World Science Festival – Revealing the Mind: The Promise of Psychedelics

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Revealing the Mind: The Promise of Psychedelics

Revealing the Mind: The Promise of Psychdelics (foto YouTube)

In première gegaan op 17 aug. 2019

Nearly every culture throughout history has used chemicals that alter consciousness for spiritual exploration. In the 20th century these drugs caught the attention of scientists. Psychedelics, as they were named, proved effective at treating intractable illnesses like depression and addiction. And they became a tool for studying the mind, opening “The Doors of Perception,” as Aldous Huxley wrote. But those doors slammed shut when President Nixon declared Psychedelics dangerous and medically useless. Join scientists and “psychonauts” who are now picking up where research left off 50 years ago, experimenting with LSD, psilocybin, DMT and other Psychedelics to heal – and reveal – the Mind.

The Big Ideas Series is supported in part by the John Templeton Foundation.

Alison Gopnik, Eduardo Kohn, Stephen Ross, Anil Seth

Emily Senay


0:00    Introduction
6:05     Panelist introductions
7:27      What are Psychedelics?
11:00    Phenomenological effects of Psychedelics
14:31     Brain development and plasticity
17:15      Psychedelic usage in the Amazon
19:43    Amazonian Ayahuasca Ceremony
20:51    Dissolution of Ego
22:46    Default mode network
25:17     Psilocybin testing on religious professionals
27:59    The Shaman’s message from the Rain Forest
31:04    Rain Forest soundscape
33:03    Mind Altering experiences without Drugs
37:03    Philosophical questions about Psychedelics
42:37    Can Psychedelics restore brain plasticity?
45:16     Measuring randomness of brain activity
51:58      Psychedelic Drugs as Medicine
58:38     Psilocybine cancer study participants film and Q&A
1:04:43 Treating Psychiatric Disorders with Psychedelics
1:09:23 Micro dosing and “freelancingPsychedelics
1:13:50  Medical complications and medication interactions
1:18:14  The future of Psychedelics in science

Produced by Nils Kongshaug
Associate Produced by Emmalina Glinskis
Short films produced | edited by Vin Liota
Music provided by APM
Additional images and footage provided by Getty Images, Shutterstock, Videoblocks
Recorded at NYU Skirball Center

This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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