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It appears from an Email sent to Dr Anthony Fauci that the Novel Corona Virus, which became COVID 19, was INTENDED to be a Bio Weapon. Anthony Fauci apparently KNEW this. The Email below, sent to Fauci describes it as a “Bio Weapon” and explicitly describes exactly how it was made. Fauci had this Information more than a year ago, in March, 2020.

This Email, part of a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Request, seems to prove Beyond All Doubt that the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was Actively – and ILLEGALLY – working on a Biological Weapon.

Covid Bioweapon Production Method Email (2) (foto Before It’s News)

It also appears the Staff of NIAID knew this was Bio Weapon Research and perpetrated it It also appears the Staff of NIAID knew this was Bio Weapon Research and perpetrated it anyway.

If this Email proves what it seems to prove, then it appears to Lay People, that Dr Anthony Fauci may have committed a Series of Criminal Acts, in Violation of Federal Laws and In Violation of Various International Chemical and Biological Weapons Treaties, and should be Arrested Immediately – along with the other Staff who Engaged in this Work.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

If this Email proves what it seems to prove, then Government Officials all over the World KNEW this was, in fact, a Bio Weapon, and ALL OF THEM CONCEALED THE TRUTH FROM THE PUBLIC.

Every single Government Employee and Official who Concealed this Truth should be Instantly Removed; no matter who they are, or what Job or Office they hold. If they knew this was a Bio Weapon and they Intentionally Concealed that Fact, then they Covered Up the Release of a Deadly Bio Weapon, and Repeatedly LIED to the General Public, saying it was a Naturally Occurring Bat Virus.

Their Lies, their Deliberate Omissions, literally Resulted in the Deaths of millions Around the World, hundreds of thousands Here in the USA alone.

These Liars and Concealers are Accomplices to what can now Legitimately be called Mass Manslaughter. And that is being kind in Presuming the Release of the Virus was Accidental. Obviously if it comes out the Release was Intentional, then it would be Mass Murder.

The Lawyers are going to have a Field Day with this. The Wrongful Death Lawsuits. Oh my God .

Oh, and how about All the People put out of Work by the Release of this Virus and the Concealing of its Status as a “Bio Weapon.” Every Person who lost Work, Every BUSINESS that had to Close for upwards of a year, Ever Family who lost their Life Savings or their Business, or their Home, all now have Legal Standing to file Suit for Damages they incurred and the Money they lost; not only from the Release of the Virus, but more importantly, from it being Concealed. The Cover Up imparts Liability!

This brings us to State Officials. What did the Governors know and when did they know it? Which Governors were told this was a Bio Weapon?

What did State Health Officials know, and when did they know it?

State Governments, if they conspired to conceal this Truth, would be accomplices after the Fact and they would incur Liability as well.

A Cover Up is Not Covered by Qualified Immunity or even by Sovereign Immunity. A Willful Cover Up of a Deadly Situation may also be CRIMINAL. So finding out who knew what, and when they knew it, is of Vital Importance.

Word is out as Rumor that the Centers for Disease Control is not actually a Governmen Entity, but rather a Private Foundation and or Corporation. If this is true, then the CDC and its Subsidiary NIAID will likely be Financially Wiped Out by this Revelation. As a Private Entity, the Legal Concept of Immunity might not apply.

It is also RUMORED – and as yet UNCONFIRMED – that Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) has some Ongoing Relationship with, or Ownership Interest in, the Wuhan Virology Laboratory. Today’s Email Revelation also begets the QuestionWhat is Glaxo-Smith Kline’s (GSK) Relationship to the Wuhan Virology Lab and what did GSK know about the Production of this Bio Weapon?” Is GSK now also “On the Hook” for what this Virus has done?

This is a rapidly Developing Story, check back for Updates.


Before It’s News, Friday, July 9, 2021 11:17


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