Wilfried van den Elshout – Rob Scholte (continued)

Since i have sold several Scholte multiples during the last months , i was on the look out for more of these excellent Scholte multiple editions and… found them. I contacted a collector of whom i knew he had sold me several in the past and he could help me with 6 more of these Scholte multiples. All from the” Lucifer in paradise ” edition which was originally sold at the Kruidvat stores in 2007. As far as i know all are unique because every one of them depicts a different kind of set of match boxes. The one on the upper right is not available. It is now part of my personal collection because Donald Duck is an all time favourite of mine. The other 5 are all available at http://www.ftn-books.com. For more inquiries please mail me at wvdelshout@ziggo.nl

FTN-blog, 9 October 2018


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