wil paranormal – Veteran Shot and Killed at Capitol Building Riot! She’s Alive! Hollywood Stunt Was All Planned!

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Veteran Shot and Killed at Capitol Building Riot! She’s Alive! Hollywood Stunt Was All Planned!

First published at 01:11 UTC on February 17th, 2021

They shot a girl!” someone yelled as the crowd ran out of the southeast entrance.
She died later that day, police said. She was one of four fatalities from the violent rioting that wreaked havoc through the halls of Congress on Wednesday, halting the certification of President elect Joseph Biden’s electoral victory.
THIS WAS A BLANTANT LIE! Ashley Babbit, 35, is alive and doing just fine. She is a paid actor with fake blood and all.
But of course, once again, MainStream Media watchers were horrified.
Imagine how horrified they are right now knowing that they were lied to as they have been so often over the past year. They also actually believe there is a Worldwide Pandemic.
These people are pathetic and many are now realizing that they have been duped. But do you really think these pathetic individuals will actually apologize to us.
DON’T COUNT ON IT and would we really accept their Apology anyway. Probably Not.


Before It’s News, Wednesday, February 17, 2021 9:37


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