Wibbitz Sports News – Peng Shuai Retires From Tennis, Calls Her Alleged Disappearance A ‘Misunderstanding’

Where is Peng Shuai? (foto sportbible.com)

Peng Shuai Retires From Tennis, Calls Her Alleged Disappearance, AMisunderstanding

The Washington Post’ reports that Chinese Tennis Star Peng Shuai has said that International Concern for her Well Being and Apparent Disappearance have all been A  “Huge Misunderstanding.”

Peng Shuai made the Statement in her First Interview with Western Media since she Publicly accused A Former Chinese Official of Pressuring her into Sex.
While Speaking with L Équipe, A French Sports Outlet, Peng also Peng Shuai Retires From Tennis, , Calls Her Alleged Disappearance , AMisunderstanding‘ .

At the Same Time, she Thanked Her Fellow Athletes and the Women S Tennis Association for Showing Concern, but Added that she had Not Expected such an Outcry.
This Post has Given Rise to A Huge Misunderstanding from the Outside World.
I hope that we No Longer Distort the Meaning of this Post. And I also
hope that we don T Add More Hype on This.”

I Never said Anyone had Sexually Assaulted me in Any Way. My life has been what
it S Supposed to be: Nothing special,

Peng also Reportedly Said that she had Voluntarily Removed her Post Accusing Former
Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli from Social Media. .

The Washington Post‘ reports that Peng denied having Disappeared and Downplayed Rumors surrounding the Isue.
My Sentimental Problems, My Private Life, should not be Involved in Sports and Politics,
Peng Shuai, ‘L ÉquipeInterview, via ‘The Washington Post‘.




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