What’s My Line? – Tribute to Dorothy Kilgallen | Maureen O’ Sullivan, November 14, 1965 (With Commercials)

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Tribute to Dorothy Kilgallen | Maureen O Sullivan, November  14, 1965 (With Commercials)

Gepubliceerd 4 jan. 2015

What’s My Line?

Mystery Guest Maureen O Sullivan
Panel Arlene Francis, Steve Allen, Kitty Carlisle, Bennett Cerf

Now we enter the Last Phase of What’s My Line? on CBS, the Shows following the Loss of Dorothy Kilgallen.

No Mincing of Words: this is a Difficult Episode to Watch. Despite the Decision to go on with the Show as usual (just as they did after Fred Allen’s Sudden Death in 1956), there’s a Palpable Pall cast over the Entire Program. The Opening and Closing are the only Parts of the Show where Dorothy’s Passing is addressed directly, but these Brief Moments are particularly Wrenching.

The Original Commercials are again included, with Footage from two Sources in order to preserve as much as possible of the Higher Quality, Edited Copy.

Special thank you to Steve M Russo for providing the Bulk of this Episode. Folks interested in High Quality, well packaged, well edited DVD’s of What’s My Line? and other Panel Game Shows can contact him directly for more Information at RetroTVFestival@comcast.net.

The usual many thanks to epaddon for providing his Copy of this Show with the Commercials.

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