Werner Herzog – Self Portrait | Selbst Portrait (1986)

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Self Portrait | Selbst Portrait (1986)

Published 11 aug. 2012


Full Version Deutsch | English Sub Titles.

In this Production Directed by Herzog Him Self, “Portrait Werner Herzog” shows him at A Time and from A Cultural Angle that Countless More Recent Interviews and Profiles don T.

We see his Footage of Munich S Elaborately Boisterous Oktober Fest. We see him in the Green Bavarian Valley of his Youth. “I’m the Kind of Person who travels on Foot,” he explains, “Even for Long Distances.” This leads to the Story of his Walk from Munich to Paris to visit the Ailing Film Critic Lotte Eisner whom Herzog calls “The Consciousness of the New German Cinema“, which became his BookOf Walking In Ice“. He speaks of Hypnotizing an Entire Cast for “Heart of Glass“, of Fighting the Aggressively Film Making Unfriendly Peruvian Jungle to shoot “Fitzcarraldo“, and of Planning A Never Realized Himalayan Film starring Frequent (and Frequently Volatile) Collaborator Klaus Kinski. “Here we can Truly see How Hard it is to make A Film,” so Herzog sums up his Struggle, “But this is My Life, and I donT want to Live It in Any Other Way.” In that Respect, Nothing has Changed in 25 Years,


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