Weekend Warrior – Pizza Hell (2) (Hell is full and the devils are here) + Epic and Unbelievable Execution and Arrest List + We’re Not Gonna Take It!

Pizza Hell (foto retailhellunderground.com)

Pizza Hell (2) (Hell is full and the devils are here)

Published on 2 apr. 2020

The Dark to Light series is pretty tough to watch. Know good people are working night and day at saving the children. That is why the globe is shut down. The Corona Virus hospital sites are for the rescued children If I had to guess. The prison barges and hospital barges maybe they even have them locked on cruise ships. There is no escape for the bad ones and they are saving the children and have been for a while now. Its only about the Children and that all its ever been about. It Stops NOW!


Epic and Unbelievable Execution and Arrest List

Again from one of my favorite youtube channels: Weekend Warrior


Excerpts from video containing Executions and Arrests Of Public Figures and Celebrities  Published orignially by wakingupthepeople

If this is remotely accurate I say  ‘In come the Clones like never before’ What a sad annoucement for all Humanity this actually is.

God Bless


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We’re Not Gonna Take It!

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