We The People News – Situation Update: Black Swan! Moving Vans At White House! Lit Green! Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins! Ready? Event Getting Closer! DUMBS! Everything Happening!

We The Pepople and the Burning Constitution (foto Fabius Maximus)
Constitution Burning (foto Dreamstime)

Until It has Destroyed Itself from Within (foto Imgflip)

We The People (foto calais.news)

Constitution Burning (foto Twitter)

Burning Constitution (foto Dreamstime)

We The People (foto Primo Gif)

Situation Update: Black Swan Event! Moving Vans At The White House! White House Lit Green! Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins Today!

Published November 28, 2021


Before It’s News, Monday, November 29, 2021 9:57


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