We Are Awake – The Kamala Harris Confession

It Was A Sham (foto Monophy).
It Was A Sham (foto Monophy)

Kamala Harris: That’s a Fact (foto tenor.com)

Harris & Biden enter Inauguration Ceremony after Stolen Elections (foto tenor.com)

Joseph Biden & Kamala Harris Presidency for How Much Longer? (foto tenor.com)

Madame Vice President (foto tenor.com)

Joseph Biden & Kamala Harris Presidency for How Much Longer? (foto tenor.com)
Pentagon 9/11 Truth (foto Telegram)

Pentagon Hit by Rocket (foto Gfycat)

Kamala Harris Confession

Published November 6, 2021




Matthew 10:26 “Therefore You Shall Not be Afraid of Them, for There Is Nothing Covered That Will Not be Revealed, and Hidden, Yhat Will Not be Known.
Matthew 10:27 “Whatever I tell you In the Darkness, Say it in the Light, and Whatever You Hear with your Ears, Preach on the Rooftops.”
Matthew 10:28 “And You Shall Not be Afraid of Those Who Kill the Body that are Not able to Kill the Soul; Rather Be Afraid of Him Who can Destroy Soul and Cody in Gehenna.
Matthew 10:29 “Are Not Two Sparrows Sold For a Penny, and Not One of Them Falls to the Ground Apart from Your Father?
Matthew 10:30 “But Your Hairs of Your Head are All Numbered.”
Matthew 10:31 You Shall Not Be Afraid, Therefore.

Everyone That Is In the Hospital or Has Died Is Vaccinated.”

Thank you Cardinal Samantha Kennedy and Wendy for the Heads up.

After Viewing this Content Above and Below, No One should Ever Doubt the Validity of the US Government and Their TRUE Agenda of a Population Decrease.


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