Volker Hildebrandt – love pro toto

Herewith I invite you to join a great art project. I already did join.

The art project is a global social sculpture and is called: love pro toto. The subtitle is: home of love for a world of love.

love pro toto is a project by the Cologne based Volker Hildebrandt. It has been created for everyone, without any exceptions, including you. love pro toto has a goal: a world full of love. The goal will be reached when every person has said “I love you” to every other person. Yes, it is a dream. A truly wonderful dream. But we are allowed to dream – and sometimes dreams do come true. Your participation is necessary in order to turn this dream into reality. So who will join in, if not you?

It’s very simple. Make a short video of yourself saying “I love you” in your native language on your mobile phone or camera. Perhaps together with your nearest and dearest, so they can participate as well. Next, go to www.loveprototo.com and click ‘j’ (join). Please enter your name and email address (these will not be made public or sold). Please also state the language in which you have said “I love you”. The next thing to do is upload your video. Now you can create your own project picture. When you have finished it, you can (and should!) download it, print it out, and hang it on the wall (in doing so, you bring something beautiful from the virtual world into the real world). Done. Now you are an important part of a global social sculpture: love pro toto. You made it bigger and better. When you find “double hearts” (friends) on love pro toto. Later, you can also print out their project pictures and create a gallery of those who are dear to you.

Enough. I again invite you to join that wonderful art project.

Best wishes
Volker Hildebrandt


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