Vaccine Liberation Army – Wagging The Dog (1) + (2): The Story Behind The Story Of Covid 19

Wagging The Dog The Story Behind The Story Of Covid 19 (foto YouTube)

Wagging The Dog (1): The Story Behind The Story Of Covid 19

Vepubliceerd 19 okt. 2020

Red Pill Sunday School


This is the First Part of my Master Class revolving around the so called “Science,” Medical, Pharmaceutical, Corporate and Governmental Structure that promotes an Industry of Harm and Death to the General Population. We cannot fight what we do not know, and we cannot treat a Disease while the very Government that funded it’s Lab Grown Creation lies to us daily about its Origin. In Wagging The Dog (1). Creating The Chimera, we look at Duel Use, Gain of Function Research and its Devastatingly Frightening Implications on Life and Life as We Know It. Herein is Definitive Proof of not only the Manmade Origin of SARS 1, MERS, and now SARS 2, but of every other Viral  Disease Known and Unknown to Man. Science and its Methodology has been replaced by a Religious Cult called Scientism, and their Sociopathic Agenda crosses over into what in my Own Lifetime was only Imaginable in the most Dystopia Science Fiction Movies. Futurism, Immortality, Transhumanism, and Eugenics (today called as Genetics) are just the Surface of what is being funded by your Government and its Institutions, from Military to Health to DARPA. This is a Must Watch for those that seek the Truth about the Who, What, Where, Why, and when surrounding this Current Outbreak of Covid 19, and to prepare you for what is Without a Doubt coming next. Please feel free to Share, Repost, and Create your Own Documentary Clips from this Movie. It is and always will be Not for Profit and for Educational, Critique, and other Lawfully Protected Intent. Find me at


Wagging the Dog (2): The Story Behind The Story Of Covid 19

Gepubliceerd 2 sep. 2021

Red Pill Sunday School

This is the Condensed Cut.

PLEASE REPOST AND SHARE THIS VIDEO FREELY, NO PERMISSION NEEDED. Download Links below. Make Copies, Post it to your Own Site or Channel, and Check Out the Whole Series on “Red Pill Sunday SchoolChannel (YouTube, Odysee, BitChute). We are in the Midst of an Unseen War Against Nature, Against Life Itself. This must be Stopped!

There is an Active but Hidden Biological Weapons Program Institutionalized in the United States Government, Private Industry, and University System; a Collaborative Franchise led by a Cult of Scientism that is Now Completely Out of Control. They work with No Liability, Neither for Themselves or for the Governmental Agencies that protect their Biological Weaponization Work, Work that is Directly Influenced by Transhumanism and by Synthetic Biology and Synthetic Environments.

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