UNICEF – David Beckham: END VIOLENCE + Vaccines Bring Us Closer

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END VIOLENCE to children

David Beckham: Vaccines Bring Us Closer

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Gepubliceerd 23 apr. 2021

For World Immunization Week 2021, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and founder of the 7 Fund for UNICEF, David Beckham, is fronting a global initiative to inspire confidence in vaccines and encourage parents around the world to vaccinate their children against deadly diseases.

In the video, Beckham talks about the loss of everyday activities due to Corona Virus 19, such as hugs with family, spending time with friends, and being with the people we love, and encourages parents to vaccinate themselves so that they can be safe. He also urges families to ensure that their children are receiving routine vaccinations to protect them against diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio.

In the last year, Corona Virus 19 has shown us how much we take for granted but it has also reminded us about the power of vaccines,” said Beckham. “Vaccines work, saving millions of lives every year. I have learned through my work with UNICEF just how important they are for the health of our loved ones. Yet too many children around the world don’t get the routine vaccines they need to be safe from deadly diseases. That’s why this World Immunization Week, I’m so proud to be joining UNICEF and partners to encourage parents to vaccinate themselves and their children.”

Find out more about the campaign https://uni.cf/2RVMsKF​

David and Victoria Beckham Work Together for Charity (foto elle.ru)

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