Twisted Truth | Michael Baxter – Putin Addresses Anunnaki (Full transcript) + Russian Government Resigns Amid Anunnaki Disputes + New Prime Minister’s Son Slain by Anunnaki

Vladimir Putin congratulates Mikhail Mishustin the new prime minister of Russia (foto Twisted Truth)

Putin Addresses Cabinet of Ministers on Anunnaki in Iran (Full transcript)

After Iran launched a cruise missile barrage at coalition airbases in Iraq and President Donald J. Trump threatened retaliation, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Cabinet of Ministers, warning them that premature conflict in Iran might anger Anunnaki in the region and motivate the vile creatures to broaden their battlefield. His address took place two days after the Iranian assault.

Below is a full transcript of Putin’s remarks. It may have minor translation errors.

On 8 January Iranian forces under orders of Ayatollah Khamenei launched a missile strike on two Iraqi airbases housing American soldiers. The attacks seem to have been calculated to restrict damage to certain targets and to avoid causing human fatalities. Our intelligence learned of the attack three hours prior.”

I at once reached out to the Ayatollah, telling him that while I do not approve of American forces in the region, attacking them in response to the death of Gen. Solemani might provoke not only an American response but also anger a non indigenous species, the Anunnaki in the region. I suggested he delay his attack until we learned of the creatures’ disposition in his country. But I was told ‘things were in motion’ that could not be undone; that America could absorb the damage and not respond, or America could respond militarily, and watch Haifa and Dubai be destroyed.”

Shortly afterward, I contacted the White House and spoke with the American president. I warned him of the imminent attack. Surprisingly, he told me his nation had learned of Iran’s intent about the time we had and that he and his officials were weighing a measured response if Iran carried through. I told President Trump, who has recently been receptive to my comments and concerns of Anunnaki intrusions, that attacking Tehran or other Iranian locations would likely provoke Anunnaki in the region to attack his nation.

I told President Trump that Anunnaki in the region consider Iranian territory sacred ground. That enraging them might force him into a war his nation is ill prepared to handle. I told him of our own trials against the Anunnaki and of how we incurred massive losses after engaging these disgusting monsters in Syria. I informed him that our Special Services are equipped with technology to effectively fight Anunnaki but are not yet ready to move on their coven in Iran. I asked him, in the name of humanity, to not respond to Iran’s attack. President Trump told me he would consider my words and take up the situation with his Secretaries of Defense and State. As we now know, President Trump heeded my advice, and may have prevented unstoppable escalation of the Anunnaki conflict.”

We have repeatedly pointed out that America’s presence in Syria and Iraq is unwanted, and there are colleagues of mine who wish War with America because of this. The real threat to our sovereignty comes from space, not overseas, and I emphasized this point to Trump. I also revealed to him what I have already said to all of you: that in coming months I intend to amend the constitution, naming the Anunnaki as the primary threat we must face, not unilaterally, but as part of a global coalition determined to save humanity from an enemy that indiscriminately destroys us.

I have instructed Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and other relevant departments to analyze the level of threat posed by the aforementioned actions of the Anunnaki to our country and take comprehensive measures to prepare asymmetrical response. All assets and finances needed to combat the Anunnaki will be made available. This is not debatable.”

Russia will remain open to an equal and constructive dialogue with the United States of America and other nations that share our goal to eliminate the alien threat and seek to restore confidence and strengthen global security from all hostile extraterrestrials.”

Twisted Truth, January 15, 2020

Russian Government Resigns Amid Anunnaki Disputes

Russian TASS news agency reported on Wednesday that the entire government resigned after President Putin delivered his annual State of the Union Address that proposed significant amendments to the nation’s constitution. Our sources, however, claim the mass resignation is a response to irreconcilable differences ministers had with Putin frivolously spending Russia’s defense budget on the Anunnaki War.

Although the official narrative says Putin thanked the ministers for their exceptional work and asked them to function as caretakers until a new government can be formed, our source said an interminable Putin upbraided their failure to recognize the flourishing Anunnaki threat. When President Putin in 2013 learned of and decided to engage the Anunnaki scourge, certain ministers had challenged his support of, what they called, a private, expensive crusade against an unbeatable foe. They said Putin was wasting money needed for combatting Western encroachment in the Middle East. But the vocal minority of that era could not squelch the overwhelming support Putin received from a cabinet majority. But times change, as do opinions, and the ministers who once championed Putin’s unbridled War suddenly turned on him, saying his improvident spending jeopardized the security of the Russian Federation.

Our source said Putin learned that the Cabinet of Ministers held secret meetings at which high ranking officials, including Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev, clandestinely plotted Putin’s political demise.

President Putin learned of their treachery. He discovered they met in secret, without his knowledge, and were conspiring to overthrow him because they disagreed with spending trillions of rubles on developing tech to fight the Anunnaki. They planned to besmirch his good name and convince the world he had gone mad. Putin gave them an ultimatum: Resign gracefully, or face life in gulag for treasonous crimes. Some pleaded for mercy, asking to keep their jobs, saying they were just following the majority. But Putin held them all equally responsible and said either everyone resigns, or everyone goes to prison. No exceptions,” our source said.

In cabinet meetings in November and December, Putin said the MoD determined that the number of Anunnaki in Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan had tripled, and to fight that threat he intended to repurpose 610 billion rubles ($ 10 bn USD) of the national defense fund to eliminate the invasive species. Putin was not open to debate, and anyone challenging his motives was labeled a coward. His refusal to hear refuting arguments and his indecorous behavior may have contributed to the ministers’ perfidious actions.

The mass resignation, however, leaves Putin in a quandary; the ministers were responsible for conveying Putin’s orders in matters involving the Anunnaki to the generals that ordered strikes on the alien strongholds. Without them, or a provisional government, a gap in the chain of command may hinder future assaults on Anunnaki sanctums until Putin installs a new government sympathetic to his goal of eradicating Anunnaki life on Earth. The installation of a new government will pose an insurmountable challenge, as Putin must weed out potential insurgents that might once more rebel against him.

Twisted Truth, January 15, 2020

New Russian Prime Minister’s Son Slain by Anunnaki

Russian President Vladimir Putin wasted no time choosing a new prime minister to rebuild the government after demanding the previous cabinet either resign or spend life in a gulag. He nominated Mikhail Mishustin, an obscure technocrat who headed Russia’s tax service. He seemed an unlikely candidate except for one pivotal factor: Last year, his son Alexi was slain in the line of duty by an Anunnaki in northwest Syria.

Alexi served with distinction in the nation’s Special Services. In September 2019, he and his unit were patrolling a known Anunnaki hotspot when a horde of villainous creatures ambushed and slaughtered the platoon. A damage assessment team described their remains as “unrecognizable,” and later identified casualties via DNA analysis.

That Putin appointed someone whose relative died in mortal combat with an Anunnaki is no coincidence, said FSB operative Dimitri Osmosovich, who claims Vladimir Putin is restructuring the government with persons sympathetic to his clandestine War on the invasive extraterrestrials.

As reported earlier, Putin essentially “dissolved” the government after discovering it had plotted to overthrow him, a vengeful act in response to, what a government official called, excessive spending and a wanton indifference toward the lives of Russia’s fighting forces.

President Putin identified the treacherous bastards and got rid of all of them. Many of these scums actively hindered his fight on the Anunnaki. And with them gone, Putin will remake the government with loyalists who have reason to see the Anunnaki felons wiped from the face of the Earth. There is no guarantee that all parents that lost children to the War will be amenable to Putin, and many may hate him, but Mishustin told Putin he wanted in and committed himself to beating Anunnaki everywhere and anywhere. Putin will remain in office until the job is done,” Osmosovich said.

The “job” may take longer than Putin intended to stay in power. Last year, he said he will retire in 2024. But his comments at last night’s State of the Union Address called for sweeping constitutional changes that could consolidate his long-term grip on power, a necessary move if he expects a protracted war.

In his address Putin said he wants to give expanded powers to an obscure advisory body called the State Council, which Putin commands. He did not reveal that the State Council has played a ubiquitous role in his War. It houses the command center of Russia’s Anunnaki detection grid from where analysts monitor global Anunnaki intrusions.

Regardless, Putin and Mishustin have a huge workload; they must rapidly fill 16 vacant seats to prevent destabilization of the government. And those seats must be occupied with competent bodies trusted by both Putin and Mishustin. Failure will not only hinder the Anunnaki War but also further damage an economy that has stagnated due to capitol spent on eliminating the alien threat.

Twisted Truth, January 16, 2020

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