Russian TV – RT News, November 7, 2022

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RT News, November 7, 2022

Published 7 nov. 2022


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🤍 The Purpose of the Videos, To show that WAR is a Terrible Phenomenon.

📒 Strengthening Ties as Russia becomes New Delhi’s Top Oil Supplier, India’s Foreign Minister is Set to Visit Moscow to Further Strengthen Bilateral Ties between the States. While Western countries pin Hopes on the COP27 Climate Conference to Switch to Battery Powered Electric Vehicles, Congolese Residents sound the Alarm over Injustice and Unequal Profits in the Country’s Cobalt Mining Industry. We speak to a French Politician who Denounced President Volodymy Zelensky for Following Washington’s Hawkish Policy Path, ReinforcingFfears of Prolonged Conflict, Already Taking its Toll on Countries across Europe.

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