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Tegen de Muur | Against the Wall (foto YouTube)

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Reden, dat Rob Scholte zijn Benen verloor (foto Trudi Verstegen)

Tegen de Muur | Against the Wall | Gay Satanists

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Trudi Verstegen


Trudi Verstegen Mama vs Maffia.

Gay Satanists playing “Godby Ruining Mothers.

They want Me and My Mother to Die. They Ruined my Family Life and All Possibilities to be Able to Stay Alive, on Purpose.
They knew about the World Economic Goals Killing All of Us, Non (Ashkenaziem Fake Jew) Royals .

Self ProclaimedFirst ClassTerrorizesSecond Class Human Race (…)
Violating All Human Rights being Pure Disgrace.

I am Trudi, the Ex Wife of an Ashkenazim ZionistRoyalBanker S Son.
Ed Splinter. His Highness Him Self wanted me Just to be his Slave.
His Father Niek, who was the CEO of the RABOBank, Facilitated him and Forced him to do so, for 26 Years Now. Me,
I was conceived to be A Mere Womb.
I ought to be Only A Nurse, A Slave and Mascotte, besides giving Birth to our Three Children. (…)

In Holland, the City of Waalwijk, one can Legally Torture in Name of Black Nobility.
Being Assisted by the Ra Boat Bank, the Parliament, the Court Fixing Roman Court, the City of Waalwijk, in the Former Silva Ducis Estate in the South of the Netherlands.
Where Holland S First Life Insurance BankNoord Braband Verzekeringen” was Founded in 1843.
On the Picture you see It Promoted from an Amsterdam Canal House.

Bankers and their Children can Easily Commit Every Single Crime.
So the “King“, my Ex and Especially his Dad Niek (who was the CEO of the Local RABOBank) and his Rosecruisean Friends considering Them Selves First Class Citizens, “Legally” (Led by Masonic Friends) Violate All my Human Rights and Steal Everything from me. Including my Home and Three Children!

They stole my Right to Life, withholding Both Civil and Human Rights.
The Court Fixing Roman Court in Breda and S Hertogenbosch follow All Banker S Orders, due to Regional Masonic Blood Brother Nobility, in Kinship with the Black Adler , see the Coat of Arms in the City of Waalwijk.
For More Explanation (Short Story in English in the End)

All concerning Brabant, in the Holy Roman Empire Estate.
The City I lived in for Twenty Two Years, where I, besides being A Mum, was A Media Professional at A Radio Station and A Fancy Restaurant Entrepreneur, at the Same Time Giving Support to my Ex Husband S Business in VIP Hospitality and Exclusive Cars. I set out all Rally Routes for Old Timers, Off Road and Super Cars, wrote his Recruitment Campaigns, his Columns and Promo Mails; being A Perfect Hostess at his Racing Events. Besides being A Perfect Mother.

I also used to be Politician. Of the Dutch Labour Party; PvdA. Now I know, Almost All our Politicians are Liars, just like my Ex, his Father and their Masonic Family, Friends and Relatives.

Suddenly, I was No Longer Allowed to Stand Up for Women S and Children S Rights. They just expected me, to accept and I had to accept I was tortured by the Dutch youth care mob.

I did not. I fought for equal rights for everyone all my life.

I cannot stand cruelty nor creeps lying and cheating, disadvantaging people. Certainly not that they harmed my own three children!

They forced me to leave politics; March 2018. Again bankers influences, Businessmen and Statesmen, by now I know All being Freemasons, in charge. “Friends” of the RABOBank and my ex father in law.

Men on A Mission. To destabilize the Country in order of New World Order, leaving All Women behind. Because they are after our children. Claiming Sole rights to life. Eliminating humanity. Having played the clown, all their lives. Saturn worshipping.

They robbed my home, including my three children and even parental authority; through corruption and court fixing (…) by unimaginably lying, violence, continuous terror against me.

They stole my income, belongings, pets, opportunities to do business, personal things, files and data, my political future, my privacy by recording me, my relationships by threatening every single friend or relative, through ruining them or threatening to do so. They made an already promised job impossible. To top it off, januari 2019, they withheld one of my friends from already committed trade in Tilburg and Waalwijk and closed his business current account. One of my friends from my student days in Nijmegen, Daniel Frankenhuis who wanted to help me, paying my lawyer, Yves Vlassenroot after 23 law suits, not being able to fight for my rights to survive any longer.

End 2019, Dutch nobility withheld former Marine Officer and friend Max van Lieshout from already promised tenders to the Dutch State.

They (I know by now) satanists just couldn’t and won’t stop bullying, harassing, robbing, committing perjury, crimes of office, multiple Attempted Manslaughter aside from the, Secret, SubcutaneousHomicides“, by denying a mother from being together and any contact with her children on the Basis of organized banking State crime.

Continuously Paying Off Judges and Lawyers or Forcing them to Disadvantage me, they Just Proceed Court Fixing.

Besides Drilling me out of my Home on February 1, 2021, putting me in the Freezing Cold on the Streets with No Means to Survive, Afterwards Robbing my Household Effects, they sent in Satan S Clowns! Controlled Opposition! Now, the Number of these Evil Fascist Assassins is 43, Satanic Idiots to Mislead me, Steal from me, Take Away All my Life Energy and to put me through Hell Even Further.

Since last October, my Predators even deprive my mother of her self-determination, income and personal care, while I am a notarial power of attorney. They just neglect Every human right, Every civil right. And also my mother’s official advance directive. I know they want to kill us both. And again want to let me starve.

All this abuse of power and criminality (the worst I did not mention yet) is under the leadership of Zionists in the local Rotary and the Rabobank. The Dutch national NaZi maffia. Supported by Rosecruiseans and lower freemasons.

I was forced to take care of my three children on my own because of mental illness and extreme behavior of the father of my children.

About as committed 192 criminal offenses against my children and me; my reports were refused by the local major. Head of the local Police.
Nol Kleijngeld, literally translated “Nol Money Penny“, who was in the Same Political Movement Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA) as me, the same tennis club, De Mattenkloppers, furthermore neighbors in the back and he was and is, fully aware on absurd corruption and Human Rights violations against me.

March 24. 2016, “Child Protective Service” forced me to raise my three children alone. Unpredictable Extreme Behavior of my Ex husband was mentioned as the reason.

My Ex Father in Law and his Masonic Friends however,
deem my Motherhood and Human Beings Undesirable.
If you Divorce A King S Son, you loose all Rights to Life!
So they managed another NaZi Child,
to rob my Kids. Silke van Puijenbroek,
from the Family who serves Most of the Dutch
NaZi Propaganda DPG MEDIAHUIS.
Papers, Radio, Sigital Media.

Reason of my Goal to Defensively Survive (…)
I learned my children good over evil.
Me, Trudi Verstegen, as being their Mum,
only taught them to be A Good Thrill.
They won T ever become NaZi Fascists
I didn T, I won’t allow them to be narcissists.
Neither will I ever accept being a slave
Either forced bij kings, bankers, Jesuits (…) it S medieval.
They are Abused Spoiled Rotten Toddlers, Misbehaving
And just have to Quit Sick Games and Behave.
I fight for my Children, my Life, for All Children
Love in stead of War has to be their Destiny.

Trudi Verstegen
Mama vs Deep State Mafia

They killed me A Thousand Times

Being Aeparated from your Children based on Lies and Court Fixing by NaZi S is the Closest Thing to Hell one can imagine.

Next to this, having to face Former “Friends” supporting Gay Satanists, All Busy on War Crime, planning to Kill Us All. Who just neglect your Cry for Help and just let you and your Kids get Trampled.
At the Same Time, being Robbed from Literal Everything and All Possibilities to Stay Alive, Let Alone Recover.
Besides the Stress, of the Thought my Kids follow Complete Idiots in Vaccination Crimes and their Future in Fascist Satanic Communism is Harder than Hell.

I really Lost my Trust in People. If you do care about Humanity and just like I do, and are Ready to Fight for our Children’s Lives in freedom, I like to speak to, or meet you. The only Way to create Future for OUR Children is to stop the Evil Satanic Spell. I did research during Six Years and have A Complete Story to Tell (…)

Trudi Verstegen
by RABOBank and State Terrorized Mum of
Nikki, Mart en Madelief Splinter
No More Masonry and Slavery (…)
0 (031) 6 – 52428888

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