Trudi Verstegen – It S about Killing Femininity for Ever + “SHOW MUST GO ON” (…) SHOW MUST BE STOPPED!

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It S about Killing Femininity for Ever


The Rape of Europe

Destruction of, Using America to Take Over the World and Kill Us All.

Fight your Real Enemy in stead of Each Other and Mums like me!

It S about FEMICIDE! They tried to Kill me for Six Years Now!
These People
are Insane, Totally Inhumane.

First they re Killing All Women to End Femininity and Humanity.
Afterwards they play All Cocks against Each Other. also their Free Mason Assassins, Just being Butlers to their Communism Bond.

They planned Killing 99,8%.

Sla deze Film op en stuur hem naar ALLE VROUWEN door. Het gaat Namelijk Eerst om Exit Vrouwen. te beginnen met Moederschap en Ontnemen van Kinderen, Voorts door Heksen Jacht en tenslotte dus Exit Planet voor Allemaal. Eerste Twee maak ik Zes Jaar mee. Ik weet Wie, Wat, Hoe, en Waarom, en dat onze Toekomst zonder dat het Vrouwelijke Eindelijk beschermt wordt voor 99,8% van ons Voorbij is.

Het gaat om een Kleine Groep Spiritueel Elite, Gay Satanisten van Directe Koninklijken Bloede, die ons Allen tegen Elkaar Uit Speelt en Middels de Bank Verdeel en Heers beveelt met maar Één Missie Rebirth na Saturn Jupiter Conjunction ZONDER VROUWEN.

Ik maakte Nooit Grappen. Het is Echt Zo. De Aller Hoogste Masonic Aars Naaiers zijn Hier Al Eeuwen Mee Bezig.

Neem Liesbeth S en mijn Belagers te grazen.
Het zijn ONZE Vijanden.

Nogmaals Eerst moeten Alle Moeders er aan, dan Alle Vrouwen, dan Alle Hanen tegen Elkaar.

Alle Kraak Heldere Motivatie en Facts staan op dit Telegram Kanaal MAMA vs MAFFIA

Trudi Verstegen

Former RADIO Media Professional Sales | Marketing 8FM Brabant
By RaboBank and State Terrorized Mum of Nikki, Mart en Madelief Splinter
No More Masonry Slavery (…)
00 31 – 652428888


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It S about Killing Femininity for Ever

Trudi Verstegen | Mama vs Maffia | Telegram, 21 september 2022


First published at 20:23 UTC on September 17th, 2022

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Extended Version. Even Better Explained. It concerns FEMICIDE, at the Same Time HOLOMODOR Afterwards Killing Humanity Completely. Gay Satanic Millardaire iLUMiNATi in Charge, Male Gay Satanic Phoenicians, Male Gay Satanic Business Mongols and Male Gay Satanic FAKE ROYALS.

SHOW MUST GO ON” (…) SHOW MUST BE STOPPED! | IT S ABOUT KILLING US ALL | EXTENDEDVERSION. Even Better Explained. It concerns FEMICIDE, at the Same Time HOLOMODOR afterwards Killing Humanity Completely. Gay Satanic Millardaire // G \\ iLLUMiNATi in Charge, Male Gay Satanic Phoenicians, Male Gay Satanic Business Mongols and Male Gay Satanic FAKE ROYALS.

The Phoenicians, Slave Trader Pirates, now FAKE ROYALSand Business Mongols. Current Pilgrims Society, being Masters of All (subs) Masonic Lodges, Rosicrucian Templars, All Church Sects, Norse Brethren, Advent Groups et cetera et cetera) Descendants of Pirates VOC, WIC, and Child Fuckers and Sacrificial Gay Satanic(SILKROAD Gold, Silk, Human Trafficking) being Robber Bands under the CreedJesuits” spread the Word of God, but Actually spread Satanism Worldwide, made Agreements with the Romans, including the Medici and Others from the Thirteen Satanic Blood Lines of the Egyptian Black Magic Cult iLLUMiNATi (Medicine Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry) who became Bankers to achieve World Domination. Through Churches, Banks, States Men (Black Adler) and thus Descendants of Fake Royals. Super Human. Who are Now working on their End Game. The All Watching Eye, the Vatican, the Bank Maffia, States Men Slaves All being Satanic Gay Satanist Royals in Charge.

The Cabal ()The Ignoble and Unhappy Regime that puts All of Us through Child Abuse and want to take All our Life Energy for the Last Time. Including Theirs. Their Great Grand Masters are the Best Liars(...) They Planned to Kill 99,8%. Than Start Over Again without Women, without A Single One of us. They re after our Children to take their Pleasure Raping, Humiliating and Slaughtering Them. Using their Blood and Organs for their Eternal Life. STOP THESE RATS!

Just don T let them
Refuse to be One of theirTentacles.

They Planned Killing us All, Women AND Non Royals.
They are after OUR Children.

Most of our Predators have Suffered All their Lives as well. For the Money. Many Even Sacrificed their Own (First Born) Child. And are being Fooled as Well. They Them Selves won T Break their Evil Spell. We have to. By Telling the Truth. And be Honest.

I am A Terrorized Mum, A Survivor.

I met the Complete Circus including All Clowns.
And would Really like to Stay Alive.
Be able to help Other Real People Survive.
They just want to kill me, because I am the real mum they did not have themselves. They are killing all strong women right now. Just like they always did.

Trudi Verstegen
Mama vs Maffia
Children S Defense Force
00 31 6 52428888

Mostly, I am following my Path towards the Purest Spirituality and, Hopefully, I will be able to achieve It Someday. I don T have Leaders and I don T want to become One. I am Not following Anyone and I don T want to be Followed Myself. I just want my Kids to Live in Freedom in stead of A Future surviving Living Hell. Children are our Future, Love in stead of War has to be their Destiny.

You can achieve your Highest Good and the Highest Good of Others by finding your True Path. Follow your Heart and you will walk Itby Tomorrow. Choose Right. Help Each Other to Survive.
Save OUR Children while you still can. It S the Power of One. YOU, YOURSELF, telling them Idiots the Truth and Nothing but the Truth. Telling them to QUIT their SICK GAMESAGAINST HUMANITY! War is Child Abuse, War is About and Because of Child Abuse!

Mama vs Deep State Mafia
ChildrenSDefense Force
Mama van Nikki Mart en Madelief Splinter
Claiming NO MORE Masonic Slavery
Voor Wel Echte Pers 00 31 6 52428888


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