Trudi Verstegen – Anatomy Always speaks the Truth about Trans Genderism + XtremeRealityCheck – AGE OF DECEIT: The TRANS Agenda + Breeding Program

Anatomy Always speaks the Truth about Trans Genderism


All “Royals” are STERILE XXY Hermaphrodite Triple EM, 3 x 23, 69’ers Club, Mongol Golden Horde Copycat iLLUMiNATi.


Most Elite, Politicians, Artists, Notables, Civil Servants, Clergymen et cetera are Tramps or Dudes.


Most Tramps and Dudes are without Any Conscious, Pathological Liars , Psychopaths due tp Bi Polarity and Insanity. Thanks to Trans Genderism, Satanic Ritual Child Abuse, MK Ultra, Anal Rape and Torture. Most of Them had to Kill Another Child as being A Child. They are All Licensed to Kill.


Adamites, “Daughters of Adam Sterilized, at Birth, Women. The Pedo Reputations these People were “Leaked” to have are to give the Illusion of Male Predatory Behavior so that we would Never Question their Gender, FFM, Hermaphrodite.


Sexy () and Infertile. Jameses Bond to the Horny Turk Mongol Golden Horde. Butlers to the Communist Bond who wants to In Fertilize the Whole World to Eliminate Natural Birth and end Humanity Forever.
Just A Usefull Idiot if Not A Royal Herma.


In Repeat.
ALL Trans Genders are Just Instrumental to Destabilize the System, Kill Us all and Afterwards will have No Children through IVF. This is their Game in Satan’s Name. Hugo de Jonge | Evert Hingst| Drijber
FTM | Herma, Caroline | Sylvia Millecam | Van der Plas


Explaining about Trans Genderism


After All, they Satanists, the Tribe of Dan will Fall ()

(9) + (10)

Anatomy Always speaks the Truth about Trans Genderism, Mostly about Hermaphroditism
Golden Hordie Tramp Trump, Princess Prince et cetera.


Trudy Verstegen – Mama versus Maffia | Telegram, 16 april 2023, 04:04

First published on August 28th, 2019 at 01:21 UTC


BIGGEST SECRET in Plain Sight, the TRANSformation of Mankind, soul TRANSfer, Transhumanism, TRANSgender, TRANSpocalypse. MKUltra, Montauk Project, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameran, Donald Marshall, Max Spiers, Clones, Synthetics, Soul Transplants, Nephilim, aliens, UFOs, alien abductions, spirit cooking, Q anon, Qanon, End times, dimensions, delta brain waves and the Dwave quantum computer, Nazis, Nazi Third reich and Hitler adoption and IVF breeding program, Robotoids, MrE , transvestigation , Satanism, SRA occult demon possession and the Illuminati end game.

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XtremeRealityCheck – AGE OF DECEIT: The TRANSagenda + Breeding Program (FULL Version)

Average Testoterone Dropped 50% in the Last Two Decades (foto Telegram)

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