Timescape Indonesia – The History of the Dutch Slave Trade 1600- 1863

Published on Jul 6, 2013
The colonial Dutch empire was one of the wealthiest European empires, with colonies in Aica, the America’s and the Dutch East indies (now Indonesia),much of this wealth came from piracy, slavery and smuggling in the early centuries of this vast empire.

This short film primarily explores the Slave trade, which enriched an empire, and changed the social fabric of the nations which it traded with, forever.

Explore the brief history of the Dutch slave trade, from its origins to the final end of a once lucrative trade.

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Nadia Smeets 4 months ago
I really don’t get why those dutch people did that back then… Why didn’t they had any sense of normality? Like: this is wrong what we do. What is it? Do they want power, are they afraid to lose stuff or that they are the ones who have less then other people. Is that it?

tobagotb10 1 month ago
+Nadia Smeets I believe it all came down to a lack of education.

Nadia Smeets 1 month ago
+tobagotb10 could be! But like a sense of normality, does that comes with education? i don’t know

tobagotb10 1 month ago
+Nadia Smeets
Not sure either, lol, but knowledge is the cause of progress, and as the world turns, new normalities are formed as time moves on. What is normal? It’s more or less acceptance and relative.

Nadia Smeets 1 month ago
+tobagotb10 true man, can’t argue with that. Thank you!

SergeantMajorVoodoo 1 week ago
+Nadia Smeets Why did people (and most certainly not only the Dutch) colonize other parts of the world? To enrich themselves, to gain power and to influence (and control) the balance of power. It’s as simple as that. And if you think that doesn’t happen today: think again! History repeats itself over and over again. Today it is still mainly the big western companies (and corporations) which control (or benefit from) the excavation of precious ores and oil. Why do you think the invasions in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan happened? Just follow the “money”. And just like in “the old days” it is only a select small group of people who take the profits. People might not walk about in chains anymore but we are all modern slaves of the system. Btw, your sur name looks quite Dutch. Are you
SergeantMajorVoodoo 1 week ago
+tobagotb10 Education might have brought some sense in general but it also improved the creativity to abuse the world in a very sneaky and covert way. The result is essentially the same. The only big difference is that swords and canons were swapped with contracts and (law)suits. And for “emergency situations” there are still the cannons, of course.

Nadia Smeets 1 week ago
+SergeantMajorVoodoo Yes I am Dutch. It is still happening indeed, now all these refugees are traveling to the wealthier parts of the world. I think this is very interesting and I hope it brings people closer to each other.

SergeantMajorVoodoo 1 week ago
+Nadia Smeets I’m Dutch too :) Wealth is a very relative concept. The Netherlands is indeed a very rich country (if you don’t think about the almost 400 billion euro’s worth of national debt). In general Dutch people don’t have a reason to really complain but the vast majority is most certainly not wealthy. There are lots of people that are barely able to pay their mandatory bills or cannot manage that at all. And that is not because they live above their pay grade. The real wealth exists only with a very small group of people, just as it is everywhere else in this world. The ridiculous income of this small group increases the average income per capita in a very misleading way. If 999 people earn 1000 euro’s per person and only one person earns one million euro’s then the average income is 1999 euro’s per person. That is the number that people see but it is also double the amount of what is actually true. Don’t believe the numbers if you don’t know where they are coming from.

I don’t think this refugee crisis will bring people closer together. Quite the opposite in fact. The way it is going right now is asking for trouble. It has nothing to do with being “inhuman”. It has everything to do with major cultural (and religious) differences. Combine that with the unreliability of the politicians and their lack of communication with the local people and shit will hit the fan. An extreme example is that small village Oranje. How can you possibly think that it is a good idea to put 1400 refugees in a village which has only 130 residents? That is a population growth of almost 1100 percent! Just like that. You are very naive if you think that everything will turn out to be ok if you suddenly put two (in fact there are many more) completely different cultures together. It just does not work that way as much as you might wish it did. Another problem is that you only hear two extreme sides of the story. One side says “all refugees are trouble” whilst the other side says “all refugees are a blessing”. The truth is somewhere in between, as is the case with everything. Politicians and the main stream media mainly preach the latter while ignoring the realistic concerns of the public. People who express their concerns are generally immediately called racists. There seems to be no room for any discussion and that is asking for an accident to happen.

Nadia Smeets 1 week ago
+SergeantMajorVoodoo Haha Okay, Sergeant :p

Nadia Smeets 1 week ago
+SergeantMajorVoodoo I’ve had so many discussions on this topic I’m just tired of discussing things about it haha. But one thing: I am not naive. You are right though about the rest , you sound very interesting :)

SergeantMajorVoodoo 1 week ago
+Nadia Smeets Sir, yes, Sir. Lol! That “You are very naive if …” was not a personal attack. It was meant in general. It probably would have been better if I had written “”Anyone who thinks … is very naive”.

You mentioned the refugees in your reply to me. Since I have seen quite a lot of reactions from very misinformed people (mainly from other parts of the world), I thought this was a nice opportunity to address some of the issues and to give my Dutch view on it. Lots of people (particularly from other countries) only see or hear the big GDP numbers and think that everybody is rich here. Besides that misleading information they also don’t realize that the cost of living here is pretty much directly proportional to our income. I also see a lot of hate speeches stating that the Dutch are all racists and that they love their history of slavery. I just tried to make clear that that is absolutely not true. Sorry that I used your post for that. :)

gekkig heid 1 week ago
+Nadia Smeets
Well for example,
slavery wasn’t that kind of a weird thing back in those days, it was considered normal and people were educated with the thought that coloured people were less then white people. And it wasn’t just the Netherlands who did it, all western nations did it.

Not even just countries from Europe, even people from Europe were in those days abducted by pirates from africa and were sold in their countries as slaves. And having no slavery is a very very new thing in the world (still happens though but illegal).Don’t judge those people for doing it (to much), feel bad for them that they didn’t learn enough about the value of life. It is a black page in history, but not just in dutch, or European history, it is a black page in all human history. Now one is more guilty (or less guilty) than anyone else.

Nadia Smeets 1 week ago
+SergeantMajorVoodoo yeah, many people from over the world think highly of the netherlands. I went to South Africa and worked with people from the Townships. I believe that first comment of mine was posted before I went. Anyway, those people asked me if I could arrange them a ticket etc. to the Netherlands. They also treated me as royalty, just because I was white. I did a research on that topic for my social work degree. I tried to explain many many many times that we are not that rich, bla bla bla, that we pay more taxes, bla bla bla. But after a while speaking with these people and seeing what they do and how their world is, I stopped explaining. Because we ARE rich and think of rich not necasseraly in money, we are goddamn fortunate to be born in this country and belong as a country to the richest 2% in the world. Below that is considered poor (I have a Source for that if you are interested). For example: we are so used to having things that we are not consioussness enough too see what makes us rich. Having a computer at primary school for example. That is something they didn’t have and think for a second what that already means for your future. And about the refugees (wich is a whole other target group then the people I worked with in SA) your view on it is very insightfull. I am a very positive thinker and I like to be that way, that’s just the way I roll ;) But I do like facts also and I like to be informed AND be positive :). I too am very shocked these days about some people on facebook that I know of suddenly become full blown racist. But ofcourse they think of me like an all loving hippy I guess. But most of the time I am irritated by the fact that people repeat what politicians say and what the news has edited for them. But then again I realise that being irritated all the time about that is just wasting my energy.

Nadia Smeets 1 week ago
+gekkig heid You are right indeed! Still the idea of it is just horiffic..
gekkig heid 1 week ago
It is indeed, luckily slavery is nowadays almost gone, but that is why these videos are so important. Not just the videos of black slavery, also and maybe even more the videos about white slaves. So that everyone is reminded of the horrors of those times and how happy we can be that we live in a society that (hopefully) doesn’t have slavery anymore. This will help us to make sure that even in these times there will become less and less people victims of slavery :).

gekkig heid 6 days ago
+Nadia Smeets
We are indeed very lucky to be born in this part of the world, but I personally don’t blame people for their anger for what is happening right now with the refugees. We just came out of a economical crisis, a lot of people are searching for a house (but can’t get them) and they don’t have much money or a steady job. They are afraid and now the governments are just failing to inform people about the situation and to explain what is going on. They are not racist, they are just afraid.

SergeantMajorVoodoo 5 days ago
+Nadia Smeets I’m always interested in sources. :) There is nothing wrong with being a positive thinker as long as it doesn’t blind you from the truth (again: in general, not a personal attack ;) ) Unfortunately most of the time that “blinding” is exactly what is happening. And that goes for both the positive and negative thinkers. In this refugee crisis (and in the whole issue of multiculturalism actually) you are either a “traitor” (or “hippy”) or a “racist”. The general rule (for both “sides” alike) seems to be: if you are not with us, you are against us. There is nothing in between. That is what worries me the most.

Personally I do not believe in the multicultural society. Not in the near future anyways. The majority of people is simply not ready for that yet. Me saying this is probably enough for a lot of people to blindly call me a racist and, for most of them, it doesn’t even matter anymore what reasoning is behind that statement. So, for the people who can still be bothered to read any further, let me explain my view on this (and it is actually not that complex):

Cultures simply do differ from one another and some cultures do so more than others. Because of the natural “gradient” of change in culture with respect to geographic location this usually means that cultures differ more the farther apart they are (or originally were). Despite the fact that we are being told that we are the same people, we are not! To be perfectly clear about this: That does not mean that one people is superior to another. It simply means that we are different. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that in itself but it usually also means that the values, habits, (optionally) religion and attitudes (towards the values and habits of the other) do clash. Some people don’t have a problem with that but most people (in my experience) do.

Human beings think of themselves as being so intelligent and enlightened but the truth is that, at the core, we are still animals. Our instinct tells us that we should be wary of anything that is not familiar. In nature that’s usually a good thing because it prevents you from being killed. Aggression is also a feature to survive in nature. “It is my DNA that is more important than your DNA so I’ll kick you away from my resources”. Our primitive brain is not able to distinguish our modern society from “nature” and therefore the same instinctive rules apply.

Human beings are social beings but they are also quite territorial. Put too many people in a small area and there is going to be trouble. You can see that in larger cities all over the world. The larger (and more crowded) a city gets the more anti-social behavior people generally display. “You are getting into my territory so I’ll kick you out”.

So despite our social nature we are still very territorial and egocentric and that translates into a very simple concept in priorities: My children and spouse, my family, my friends, my neighborhood, my town, my state, my country, my continent, my planet, my solar system, my galaxy. Something like that anyways.

Our behavior is mostly along those simple instinctive lines. Now throw some (substantially) different cultures into the mix (the unfamiliar and far away priorities, according to your instinct) and guess what will happen.

Don’t forget that our own most recent (Dutch) war (with our own neighbors, “for Christs sake”) happened only 70 years ago. That is not a very long time ago, especially evolutionary speaking. And even today many peoples are at war with each other just because of cultural differences and territorial drifts. How can we possibly think (and be so arrogant) that everything is going to run smoothly when we “throw” everything onto a big pile. It is not going to happen over night.

Now that we have this cultural stuff out of the way, let’s move on to the next topic.

Obviously that damned money is a major problem. Especially the way that it is “created” in our system of fractional banking. I don’t think I really have to explain why that is so let’s keep it short. Bankers, corporations, businesses and their unlimited greed and ridiculous desire for growth are the root cause of trouble in the world. We western people might be “rich” compared to the rest of the world but don’t be fooled. We too are victims and slaves to this system. The majority of the world only are to a much greater degree. Slowly but surely our “wealth” and freedom are taken away from us by this really rich elite until there is nothing left. Sure, we will still earn money to buy all the worthless junk that the elite has brainwashed us to like and “need” but we will be poor and mindless drones. In that respect it is also not surprising that the education system has been degrading tremendously over the last decade. In some time we will be just smart enough to do our jobs but not smart enough to ask questions and criticize the system. Watch the movie “idiocracy”. It is not a great movie in terms of acting and “plot” but it most definitely gives you an impression of where this western “rich” society is heading for. Computers might be something we take for granted here and you might think that it gives us a big advantage but the truth is that it simultaneously makes us very poor in other area’s (and you’re talking to a programmer and serious computer freak here). Of course we are lucky to have all that we have but I don’t think that most of that is really a blessing. On the contrary. The more we have the emptier society gets (if you understand what I mean).

(it’s getting very late here and I’m getting pretty tired so arguments are getting a little shorter)

Another point is that there are really too many human beings on this planet and too little resources. Especially if we want to establish a high living standard for everyone. It is the same as with the financial system … Infinite growth on a finite planet is pure madness. Either “we” stop breeding like rabbits or nature will find a solution for us.

Now what has all this stuff got to do with each other? Well it gives the clues to what (in my humble opinion) is necessary to make the world a happy place for all people.

First of all we should get rid of this stupid destructive (global) financial system and capitalistic greed. We should reduce the size of our population. We should stop accepting our “disposable” society with its useless and planned obsolescent products. We should (in general) stay in our own countries, combine our knowledge, divide the resources we have and find solutions to our needs together. That way there is no need for war and massive migration (and possible clashes of culture on a local scale) in the first place and the migration that occurs will be on a gradual and natural basis. Maybe it will take another two hundred years or more for that to happen. Or it may not happen at all. We already have a multi cultural planet. Why the hurry of having multi cultural countries? In the mean time everybody has a nice life. Be it separated in different countries. So what? It is better to do things slowly and correct than it is to do it fast and messy.

I hope I didn’t skip anything (always lots more to talk about of course) and that it is clear that I’m not against other cultures or the interaction between them. I just pointed out where the problems are and what the best solution is in the long run (in my humble opinion).

Good night everybody and have a great day when you wake up. :)

Nadia Smeets 4 days ago
+SergeantMajorVoodoo Damn Sergeant! Did you just wrote a whole book? Hahaha. I appreciate your effort though! Your information really compares too the following documentaries: “The Venus Project” (or other material of Jaques Fresco) “Zeitgeist”, “The Reality of Me (Trom documentaties) and some video’s of Spirit Science channel! Mayby you know some of these, otherwise you should watch them! They are really cool.
And yes, we are evolving as a human spiecies. Ofcourse it is really slowly. I read an artical once from a man who was a psychologist/filosofic person (forgot the name) and it was really interesting: he statet that we must develop our empathy skills much more. That that is something that is under developed in our brains.
I can talk for days about the monetairy and capitalistic system that we have and why I don’t like it. But you already did :p So I’m going to skip that part, haha.

Steven Brown 1 week ago
Trailer by Steve Brown”Rutte:Killing Fields V.O.C Ok!”
(van onze Travel Discovery-Noir Redactie)

Waanzinnige Rutte: Terug naar de Bloederige Gouden Eeuw van de V.O.C. Lees Meer: https://stevenbrownsblog.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/waanzinnige-rutte-terug-naar-de-gouden-eeuw-van-de-v-o-c/

Steve Brown with Sniper Rifle in The Killing Fields V.O.C. in IndonesiaIndonesie Merdeka- De docu:”Rutte:Killing Fields V.O.C. Ok!” Verschijnt medio oktober 2015. Steve Brown trekt met een sniper groep door de Jungle van Killing Fields. Brown ontmaskert de Inonesie NOS correspondent als Pinokio.Brown onmoet de Top informanten in de Jungle waar nog nooit een journalist is geweest waarvan vast staat dat zij zullen worden afgeslacht als koeien. Brown ontdekt nog nooit vertoonde foto’s van de eindeloze slachtpartijen van vrouwen en kinderen door de Toean Besar van de V.O.C. Brown was te gast in het Paleis van de compleeet uitgeroeide Koninklijke familie in 1917 te Bali door de V.O.C. in naam van het Koningshuis. Op die dag vermoorde de V.O.C 3300 mannen, vrouwen, kinderen en baby’s? Brown had een indringend gesprek met Prins Pemecutan,een van de nazaten van de drie overlevenden van die Kleine Dutch Holocaust.

Meer Lezen:https://stevenbrownsblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/trailer-by-steve-brownruttekilling-fields-v-o-c-ok/#more-37066

Charlize Arcobaleno 1 month ago
Geldik, böldük, yerlestik.

Simon Sloototter 3 months ago
Slavery is an invention from Africa and the Middle East. And it’s still going on in Africa and the Middle East. The role of the Dutch was subordinate and limited himself to the resale and transport of slaves they were offered. So here get too much credit assigned to the Dutchmen.

Sarah Bouachir 1 month ago
And this is why refugees are justified to colonize Europe today.

Matilda Hewitt 6 months ago
Having grown up in the Netherlands I have to admit that I did learn everything about the WIC, Triangle trade and slave history. They do not hide from it, and people are still ashamed.

Anne B 11 months ago (edited)
Today there are still an estimated 30 million slaves on the planet as we speak… Some people are stuck in the past. But terrible things happen today which we change.

Michael Van De Top 1 year ago
You can’t put modern day morals on historic people! Everybody did it back then. Why not ask the Italians when they are going to apologize to the multiple different peoples the Romans enslaved?
Governments should not be expected to appoligize to descendants of people who were treated badly by forefathers. Because it doesn’t mean a thing!

john Kenny 10 months ago
You have got to be kidding me. 550 000 slaves moved from their homes, families and cultures and moved into ships where thousands died. If they made it, they were forced into an eternal cycle of slave labor until they died… And that isn’t worth acknowledgement?

john Kenny 10 months ago
and the video didnt even mention the inevitable rape and degradation of women.. Yeah, I’m sure that was OKAY back then as well

Michael Van De Top 10 months ago
+john Kenny Exactly, that’s my point. It WAS ok back then. Doesn’t make it right, but these weren’t people in the eyes of most Europeans. They were “savages”. Looking at history through modern perspectives causes a whole bunch of condemnation and very little actual understanding of it and WHY we did the things we did. Just an example is you: seeming to think we did it because we used to be terrible people. Where as I see we did it because we where greedy capitalists. Until we see it that way we’ll continue to exploit other cultures, all the while saying to ourselves, “we’re so much better than our ancestors!” Back then, we raped the individuals, now we rape their whole culture’s future.

Van Bohr 9 months ago
That is why Indonesia would independence from the Netherlands because Indonesia did not want to be used as slaves by the Dutch.

halorecon95 7 months ago
+Van Bohr Although the people of the East Indies were more free during the Dutch reign then under the current Javanese reign.·

halorecon95 7 months ago
+john Kenny You seem to forget that it were the africans themselves who were hunting down other tribes to sell them.
We Europeans didnt enslave them. We bought them from the african tribes which made them slaves. To us they were just merchandise.

Van Bohr 3 months ago
+halorecon95 Free from what? In the Dutch reign, indigenous people not allowed to get : a well education, adequate food and a good job. You can see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_Ethical_Policy, Indigenous people only allowed completed Western primary education and secondary school, although this was still a tiny proportion of the population. Now if you go to Indonesia, there are many indigenous people can attend school up to higher education, not only javanese.

Peiyun Xue 1 year ago
I don’t like this video, thumb down

Galatic 1 year ago
I gave it a thumbs up .

juna fakih 9 months ago
Ahh, dutch… you took everything from us (indonesia), that’s what my grand mother said.

halorecon95 7 months ago
Then she is wrong, sorry to be so blunt but without the Dutch there wouldnt be an Indonesia. It would be a whole clusterfuck of different states.
The Javanese government that took control of Indonesia has commited just as much crimes, if not more, against humanity in the last 50ish years then the Dutch did over their entire existance.

juna fakih 7 months ago
Well, i admitted that. But, indonesian ( dutch indies ) people’s life was suffered during the time of dutch colonial.

Toby Moss 10 months ago
look at his willy

roy oemar 1 year ago
dont like this video but likes the money

Sand George 1 year ago
or cracker jews, socalled d evil, carneval religion design , repeating clone, imitate the true priest, kings, teachers, father or good mother. to hide the silent vampirism and agenda of slavery and liar moneysystem by destroying all knowing and roots of divine powerfull relationships

Keizer 1 year ago
There is a Nazi in the comment section can you find him?

marcus de Vries 11 months ago

Igor Sterner 1 year ago
Awesome Video!

Pieter van Vollenhove 1 year ago (edited)
The WIC was founded during the 80-year independence war from Spain. Pretty much her mission was to divert as many trade away from Spain as possible and to raid & capture Spanish trading fleets much like the Spanish Silver Fleet which was captured in Cuba in 1628 by Piet Hein.

The Portuguese discovered this really profitable trading route, the Triangle which involved trading slaves from Africa to the Caribbean. The Spanish followed this route as well so the WIC followed the same route in order to complete her mission. This is how the Dutch started trading in slaves more then normal, since slave trading existed since the beginning of recorded history.

The WIC’s counterpart, the VOC operated in the East-Indies, everything East from Cape of Good Hope. The VOC has only been recorded to deal in slave trade a dozen times in a period the VOC had a fleet of nearly 7.000 ships. So it’s fair to say the biggest of the two did next to no slave trade at all. Why would the Dutch trade slaves in the West, but not in the East if it were not to boycot Spain and Portugal?

However, there are numerous recordings of slave ships coming with a loaded ship to the Dutch Republic herself. By Dutch law these slaves, as soon as they entered the harbour, were free men. The Dutch Republic did NOT tolerate any form of slavery inside the Netherlands since the 16th century. Officially the Netherlands never abolished slave trade and slave owning for it was never allowed in the first place.

Last a footnote, the Dutch traded an estimated 500.000 slaves in the entire colonial era, that is really low when you take in the WIC operated in the trade. To compare, England (not the UK) traded anywhere between 2-4 million slaves in the same period. so were the Dutch really that bad? There are 2 countries that are ‘guilty’ for the slave trade today, Portugal and the Netherlands, yet combined they do not even make 10% of all slave trading. So start looking for the real slave traders elsewhere and not for the ones that started the Triangle and the ones that continued the longest. Funny thing to think about, if the Dutch kept on selling, who bought the slaves? Apparently there still was a demand for them.

halorecon95 7 months ago
And lets not forget that it were African tribes who sold those slaves to the Dutch in the first place. The Dutch didnt march in with an army, capture a tribe and put them on slave ships. It were other african tribes which did this. Atleast 80% of the slavetraders in the 1600’s were African themselves.

Pieter van Vollenhove 7 months ago
True, it just annoys me twice a year when they start again with the whole slavery thing. (Prinsjesdag and Sinterklaas). If you would take them a bit too serious it sounds like the Dutch did it for fun and pure profit, not to mention that the Netherlands became rich because of slave trading. Yet the numbers and archives say otherwise, but they are the relatives of the slaves so they are the victims and the Dutch are evil. Little trivia btw. according to some research in England everyone worldwide is related to at least 1 slave AND 1 slave trader.

Jochem Peeters 1 year ago
But we went rich!!!!
Now we use nature to be rich, over 200 years we curse the present generation about how empty robbed the earth.

Times change and thoughts also…

sitvisjes 8 months ago
true and maybe they will all be vegetarians and look back at this generation and think;wtf they use to eat animals?

Sand George 1 year ago
Blackbirding , forgotten world , the typical tradition of kipnapping single woman and children near shiptraffic rivers or seaside of the northeuropean nature families by early turkic slavetraders . .

roy oemar 1 year ago

Cyber Forest 3 months ago
Just shut up
See? Our destiny..
Fuck up your ancestors who did colonization in our country
Remember Dutch!
We have an identity as a country!
My grandma’s tell me that the Dutch is suck!

sbpannekoek 3 months ago
+Cyber Forest Maybe your grandma should teach you some proper grammar before going on the internet? ·

Cyber Forest 2 months ago
+sbpannekoek fuck up the grammar, dutch is retarded

sbpannekoek 2 months ago
+Cyber Forest That took you a while. Did it take you weeks just to write that little, horribly broken sentence?

Cyber Forest 2 months ago
Suck your mom ass then you’ll know the smell of my grammar, freaking dutch

Jeffrey Gebb 1 year ago
This apologising thing we have to do in the Netherlands is crap. Listen, not every Hollandic nor Dutch ancestor was part on the slave trade. To say that, basically says that every German person would be a nazi, or that every japanese person was part on the destruction in China when the WW’s was going on. The Spanish armada had the Netherlands in their grip for a few hundred years. The french conquered the Netherlands with Napoleon, the Roman Empire destroyed most of Brittania and Germania Inferior, Superior. So that says: French, Spanish, Italian, German, the Dutch want their apology!!.

Give me a break!. Don’t live so much in the past, grow the hell up!.

john Kenny 8 months ago
lol I’m from Australia. We singlehandedly tore apart the oldest cultures on the planet. I’m not talking about PEOPLE apologising, I’m talking about the INSTITUTION/GOVERNMENT apologising for the systematic abuse of human rights and the atrocities these abuses made

Art huynhkelderman 8 months ago
+john Kenny Hi John…read please…Jeffrey is not saying its a good thing…he is saying that not all were part of the trade and that the current generation had nothing to do with it…

WindmillStalker 1 year ago
Piracy? Letters of marque, sir, letters of marque!

Tom H 1 year ago
It were Dutch JEWS read history. Almost all slave ships were Jewish. After Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal in the 17th century many fled to Holland and Amsterdam were they set up the VOC the first international Enterprise. They deported black slaves from Africa to Dutch colonies like Suriname and New Amsterdam which became later o New York.

Marcel Sommer 1 year ago
This is not according to the sientific facts.Blown up, popularised en exagerated.
Indeed it was mainly a jewish trade with ofcourse ’the blessings’ of the Dutch autorities.The Dutch Indies were populated with jewish immigrants.After that the slave trade started.

Fredrick Laverdiere 2 years ago
A crucial aspect that is sadly missing in this history is the takeover of the Netherlands by the Venetian Empire and the creation of Amsterdam Bourse, without which the whole business couldn’t have occurred.


  1. Today’s Dutch doesnt owe any apology to what happened 500 years ago. Whatever dutch did then , is no comparision to what these races are doing to their own people.
    Are Dutch responsible for genocide , slaughter , ethnic cleansing or shitty jihad and consequently death of millions of Africans by the hands of Africans?
    Dutch or French or British or Spanish or Portugese or Italians…all colonizing powers had the right to go over , explore new worlds , new oppurtunities and reap fruits. Why? Because they worked towards research , modernization and advanced to heights where they rightfully became masters.
    Shut the idiot whinings and modernize.

  2. Gerald Lawson 5 oktober 2018 op 04:55

    How do I contact you to inquire about using a clip from Timescape Indonesia in a documentary we are making about 18 Squadron (NEI) from 1943 to 1950

    We would like to use footage of the inhabitants leaving the Dutch East Indies



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