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The Real Rasputin (Imperial Russia Documentary)

Published on 5 mei 2017

Daniel Guiney

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Part horror movie, part journalistic investigation this film will bring to life the dark, sexual and bestial world of Rasputin, RUssia S own Anti Christ. From the nightmare wastes of the Siberian landscape and its clandestine sects, to the grandeure of St Petersburg that belied A dark underWorld of saunas and sexual frustration, this is the story of A grossly misunderstood figure who swept in from the East preaching A new kind of holiness and bringing destruction to the Tzars. For his was A holiness that could heal, but that demanded sexual sin, flagellation and the worship of Rasputin himself? With A strong sense of the darkness that Rasputin brought on RUssia, and with bold, haunting musical effects throughout, the film will employ journalistic contributors who will revisit Rasputin’s haunts and out modern day equivalents in an attempt to understand how one man could reek such havoc on one of the World S centers of culture. With the recent discovery of A lost file that contains the first hand testimony of many of his acquaintances and close friends, we will bring alive the voices of those who were closest to Rasputin, his lovers, rivals and devotees. Their voices will accompany rich, atmospheric sequences that give A haunting vision of what took place in the cloisters and bath houses of Rasputin S World, more impressionistic mini horror movies than reconstructions.

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