Timeline | World History Documentaries – The Harem | Did The Harem Serve A Political Purpose? | The Hidden World Of The Harem

Timeline | World History Documentaries – Did The Harem Serve A Political Purpose? (foto YouTube)

Giulio Rosati – Inspecting New Arrivals (foto Artlib)

Belisario Gioja – Entertainment In The Harem (foto Artlib)

The Harem | Did The Harem Serve A Political Purpose? | The Hidden World Of The Harem

Published 19 mei 2017

Timeline | World History Documentaries

Embark on a Journey to explore the Hidden World of the Harem, a World that has long been shrouded by Mystery and Erotic Fantasies. In the 16th Century the Turkish City of Istanbul was ruled by Suleyman The Magnificent. The Center of his Power was Topkapi Palace – at the Heart of which was the Harem. Into it came Hundreds of Women from all over the Empire and Beyond. It was a Place where Sex could Equal Power. This Documentary tells the Story of how some of these Women came to play a Pivotal Role in running the World’s Largest Empire from inside the Mysterious and sometimes Violent World of the Harem.

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