Things I Learned Last Night – Valiant Thor, The Alien Who Lived in the Pentagon

Valiant Thor, The Alien Who Lived in the Pentagon

Published 26 okt 2021

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Valiant Thor is the Subject of A Truly Unbelievable Story. We mean It. Tim does Not Even Buy this One. Here’s the Story.

Valiant Thor, or Val as his Friends Called him, was A Humanoid Alien Living in an Apartment inside the Pentagon. Val had A Tight Knit Relationship with President Dwight Eisenhower and was Passionate about Ending the Possibility of Nuclear War. Like Many Aliens Who have Come to Earth, Val had A Goal for Humanity, and he used the Existing Power Structures to See it Through. Thanks to his Human Like Appearance, Val was Thought to Be Nothing More than an Advisor to Eisenhower. Crazy Story, but it does have A Shred of Believability because Many High Ranking Government Officials Speak of him As if he Really was There. This is A Story that would Be Revolutionary if it were True. This is the Story of Valiant Thor.

Things I Learned Last Night is an Educational Comedy Podcast where Best Friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone Talk about Random Topics and have Fun All along the Way. If you like Learning, and Laughing A Whole Lot While you Do, Then you’ll Love TILLN. Watch or Listen to this Episode Today!

Have You Heard of Valiant Thor? 00:00
TILLN Theme 1:00
Buckle up, it’s Aliens 1:34
Pentagon Alien 6:08
Valiant Thor meets the President 11:44
Frank Stranges meets 20:35
The Proof 32:30
Fiddle Off 42:50

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