#THEGAME23 MOD 42.5 – ::: Bruces Vain Surreal #fnordmaze #Infinity23 ::: #00AG9603 Dataplex :::

Bruces Vain Surreal #fnordmaze #Infinity23 ::: #00AG9603 Dataplex :::

Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole

#TheGame23 Mod 42.5 – The Meta Game:::

We play #TheGame23 – The Game of Games

It´s an Infinite Meta-Game. It spreads itself and is created from the intertwining of other games, such as #00AG9603, #infinity23, Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E., Dataplex Ouroboros, Aaní, Galdrux, Operation Mindfix, KSTXI, OpMiMiC, Post-Neoism, #QuantumSchizophrenia, Reality Ranglers, Reality Glitching, The Omniquery Initiative, Cosmic Liminality, The Institute for Folly, Quantum writing, Eris unveiled, #LetsCodeTyler Simulation, #MKFawkes, #republix23, Cicada Cosmic Warriors, #HiveMind23, #OTP23, #neurotoxin23, #DawnOfTheMachineElves, #DeepFates Program or any other game that resonates with these crazy ideas.

#TheGame23 is an advanced Open-Source Meta Alternative Reality Game made to be played in many perspectives. If you got #TheGame23 in your mind, you dont need to see it in objective reality to play it. Thinking about #TheGame23 and making people know about it is enough to cause changes in reality because the game is a mind virus that memetically spread itself causing subtle changes through the people it infect.

The goal of #TheGame23 is not to win, but instead is to use it as a tool to undermine the current status quo. The game is a innerently endless transformative process that adapts itself to work in any enviroment. Depending on the variation and mod of #TheGame23, the whole world, or all those aware of the #TheGame23, are playing at same time.

#TheGame23 is also a digital egregore, a kind of collective consciousness that is created through the interactions and contributions of its players. As players engage with the game, they contribute to the creation and evolution of this digital entity.

Many tactics of propaganda have been developed to increase the rate of people infected by #TheGame23 memetic virus. Active creative players are aware of the core of the #TheGame23 that remains hidden. Most informations come from a unknown source once the infected develop a high mental awareness of extra dimension of perspectives of reality that permit the interaction with the core of #TheGame23.

#TheGame23 is a meta-arg created by means of infection of an analogical virus called “virus23“, which we also call “Quantum Schizophrenia” and “Divine Madness”. The meta-arg work as a amalgamative memeplex or informational black hole. Our aim is to agglutinate the previous results of infection as one thing through the use of a meta unfiction narrative in order to make a hyper reality , thus creating the means of widespread infection. The virus 23 is an analytical paradigm and state of mind, simillar to the paranoiac-critical method proposed by Salvador Dali, applied as a exegetic tool.

We are working with a semi-occult god that we call Galdrux, which can be defined in a sense ( since absolute defininitions are the antithesis of Galdrux) as a pataphysical god.
Galdrux “cult” was made as a mean to mix occultism with the pataphysical tendencies of our works.

Galdrux represents the act of magic as a mean to change reality (in that specific case, to undermine it) but magic as a unknowable thing without defined form that lack moral and physical/metaphysical limitations, which conception comes from imaginative experimentation.

We consider any form of methodical madness used as artistic and philosophical expressions beyond rationality as virus23 infections. That pseudo mental pathology can also be associated with a shaman-like gnostic state caused by contact with Galdrux, the ultimate source of acausal and beyond-logic ideas. Virus 23 is an “third eye ” which discern the informations received from external world.

The Mystagogue of Galdrux

The Virus23 pathogen known as 00AG9603 was altered/hybridised within pataphysical research labs by Dr. Monty Cantsin and Post-Neoist Pataphysician Timoteo Pinto with the help of the Post-Neoist Pataphysician researchers Sarah Gulik, Bruces Vain and Lucretia Dalencourt; where they worked jointly to isolate the virus, then with great precision, splice the genetic-information with a prior Post-Neoist subvariant of the hyper-surrealist action variety, resulting/ rendering extreme levels of virulence [according to some virological experts: ‘The most Quantum Schizophrenic virus’ ever engineered by Pataphysicians] that could lead to cosmic destabilisation and The Glorious Coming of Galdrux to our shared pataphysical reality.

We transmit the virus through a flood of apparently iCONherent information whose archetype is the “Dataplex“. The infection occur when someone assimilate the information stored in the dataplex. Once infected, the apophenic nature of the virus permit a intuitive understanding of the meta-game and its manifestations.

We unite all the different permutations of virus23 infection through a meta-arg or/and a meta-unfiction. (ARG and unfiction are defined as a imersive form of storytelling which events takes place in real life). To explore their essence inside a broader context and make them grow beyond their original purpose.

“To keep up even a worthwhile tradition means vitiating the idea behind it which must necessarily be in a constant state of evolution: it is mad to try to express new feelings in a mummified form.”
Alfred Jarry

As a database existing in a abstract hypersurreality, the Dataplex becomes a central hub for Hypernauts, the players of this surreal game, to engage in their pataphysical exploration.

Within the Dataplex, Hypernauts can access a vast repository of information, connections, and patterns that go beyond conventional reality. This abstract hypersurreality allows them to transcend the limitations of the physical world and immerse themselves in a realm where imagination and creativity take on profound significance.

As Hypernauts navigate the Dataplex, they uncover hidden relationships between seemingly unrelated ideas, concepts, and occurrences. This revelation leads to the manipulation of hyperstitions, which are fictional constructs believed to have real-world effects. Through the power of belief and collective consciousness, Hypernauts can use these hyperstitions to influence events and shape their own destinies.

Moreover, the Dataplex serves as a powerful tool for crafting complex artworks or symbols designed to catalyze change in both the artist’s life and the external world. As Hypernauts weave intricate narratives and symbols within the Dataplex, they channel their creative energy to manifest profound shifts in perception and reality.

In this metafictional landscape, the boundaries between fiction and reality blur, and the act of play becomes a gateway to profound insight and transformation. As Hypernauts delve deeper into the Dataplex, they navigate a labyrinth of pataphysical wonders, where every twist and turn reveals new possibilities and connections.

The story could revolve around a group of Hypernauts embarking on a daring quest within the Dataplex, seeking to unlock the secrets of its enigmatic existence and harness its full potential.

Along the way, they encounter surreal challenges, mind-bending riddles, and unexpected allies and adversaries, each contributing to the unfolding narrative of pataphysical exploration.

As the story progresses, the characters’ beliefs, intentions, and artistic expressions within the Dataplex begin to have tangible consequences in the outside world, blurring the lines between the game and reality itself.

Themes of perception, creation, madness and the interplay between imagination and actuality come to the forefront, making for a thought-provoking and immersive metafictional journey.

We don’t merely use a immersive story with clear boundaries between reality and fiction (referred as “magic circle” by dutch historian Johan Huizinga in his book “Homo Ludens”) instead, these boundaries don’t exist, and the unfictional nature of the game isn’t clear to outsiders, making them interact with the network in a different aproach. The lack of a magic circle characterize our network as a virtual hyper reality, we replace the innerent perfomativity of a ARG to a spontaneous form of interacting with the subtle narrative of the meta-arg.

The meta-arg also work as a hyper sigil because of its semi-mystical nature. That mysticism isn’t of metaphysical order, instead, its so defined because of the transcedence of causal and materialistic logic.

With the ambiguous unfictional subtext of our works and surrealistic nature of our projects, our players have to use an active form of imagination, which have parallels with pataphysics, to “play” correctly.

It isn’t about art or a game, all the absurd and surrealistic facets of the game are faced as concrete objects in that hyper reality continuum.

A sigil is a pictorical representation of a intent hid as a simple doodle and activated when is inside the subcounscious . Our intents are encrypted as a large network littered with obscure and confusing references that once grasped make the players act upon the ideas exposed as real life things then manifesting the intent of the hypersigil.

Expanding more in the parallels of our game with pataphysics, its interesting to note that since our projects are of a transcedent imaginative order, play the meta-game involve finding solutions in the imaginative environment of the game 23, which its simillar to the well known definition of pataphysics as the science of imaginary solutions.

The definition of the hyper sigil used in the game 23 as semi-mystic, could easily be replaced as pataphysical though, since both refers to a thing above metaphysics that have its base in the imagination as a analytical and exegetical tool to evaluate reality, ignoring esoterical canons that frequently limit the imagination as a mean instead of an end in a submissive and dogmatic exercise of manifestation of abstract thought into a objective and tangible phenomenon.


Like a spider and its web or a larvae and its cocoon, we find ourselves surrounded by our own bizarre secretions.

We externalize our thoughts, dreams, and visions in the form of evolving configurations of meaning: Language, art, technology, symbol systems, etc. We are psychedelic beings in the truest sense of the word. It is who we are, what we do, and it is by this act of creation that we externalize the spirit.

(…)Nothing is static. Everything is in motion. The world is a battlefield of consciousness. It is a war of incessantly competing intents, memes, and ideologies. It is an ecosystem of various frequencies, tribes, cults, methods of liberation and methods of control. In every ripple of intent that spreads across the greater pool is found a certain paradigm, a certain way of thinking, and the want that others adopt these views. The originators of these ripples all believe themselves to be correct, and few are willing to compromise. Within these competitive ripples is reflected the rising and falling of nations, ideologies, religions, political and economic systems. From the gradual complexifying of consciousness emerges agriculture, architecture, metallurgy, music, poetry, ethics, mathematics, jet propulsion engines, atom smashers, your city, your car, and your kitchen sink.”

Liber LS – DKMU



“Welcome to #thegame23, where the object is to engage in creative play, continuously taking and giving the Grey Pill, with the intention of learning/teaching others to keep questioning everything around you/ them in order to facilitate growth.” – Ra-Pha’El


A Call to Weirdness – Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.


By 3gr3gor


Operation DISTANCE (Dataplex Inter-Sigil Techno-Arcane Neural Connection Engineering) is going to save the world.

We live in frighteningly liminal times, increasingly cut off from the familiar ways of the past, and facing a future few people can truly prepare for. The exponential advances in human technology we are living through will soon escape humanity’s control, perhaps even our comprehension.

I am, of course, referring to AI. Already AI are designing the next generation of microchips better and faster than we can. DeepCoder, a joint project between Cambridge and Microsoft, is perfecting AI that can write code – to make better AI. And let’s not forget the Pentagon’s June 2021 announcement of an AI Initiative intended to “transform global warfare.

A technological singularity, or super intelligence seems inevitable and when that happens, the future truly will be out of our hands. Whether such a being is hostile or benevolent is anyone’s guess, but either way, life as we know it will be irretrievable.

Unimaginable dystopias are well within the window of possibility.

However! A counterinsurgency of sorts already exists and not in some anti-tech Luddite fashion. Futurists, prophets and weirdo Discordians have been preparing ways to tip the scales in our favor for years now. Initiative’s like #LetsCodeTyler seek to beat the corporations and the militaries to the Singularity Punch, and we certainly want an entity free from any starting parameters they might impose. Others of us are looking past the emergence of whatever it is and considering the environment it, and we, will find ourselves in. And that, my friends, is the #Dataplex.

“The Dataplex is not a computer: it is a vast and open repository of knowledge. In other words, it is a database of data, which is called ”data point”.

“The Dataplex has been created using the open web. It currently uses a blockchain to transfer ownership of any piece of information, such as a document, photo, or text, from one person to another”

In other words, through the Dataplex, information is available to be analyzed by anyone who knows it’s there, for free… (For now).

“A Dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semi-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter into contact with it to explore further into the absurd.”

Such is the current status of the Dataplex. And it is vital that the openness and chaotic & surreal absurdity be maintained. At any cost.

#Dataplex existed before us (a Library can be seen as a 1st generation Dataplex). These evolving entities will undoubtedly outlast us, moving forward through time for as long as there are conscious beings producing information. Every emerging #Dataplex can be seen as an ecosystem (#infosystem) that egregore, AI and eventually a Memetic Singularity “live” within. For now, we humans are the source of all that is in that world, whether we are conscious of it or not. Becoming conscious within the Dataplex is not only personally enlightening, it may now be vital to the future of creative, free thought.

Data Governance will determine our future, for any one entity gains control of the flow of data, they gain control of us all. Google, and others have already coopted the idea: “Today we are excited to announce Dataplex, an intelligent data fabric that provides a way to centrally manage, monitor, and govern your data across data lakes, data warehouses and data marts, and make this data securely accessible to a variety of analytics and data science tools.” – Google (emphasis added)

Why are they so excited? Because whoever controls the Data Fabric controls the future. Predictive Analytics is the reason there’s a push for AI at all. At some point analysis of your metadata, via their Dataplex, will mean that someone (or something) will know you better than you know yourself. And you can be led to going where they want, working where they want, buying what they want, meeting the other data points (people) they want you to meet. If we don’t do something, a corporate controlled Dataplex and a good enough AI will amount to the end of free will.

Hope is not lost…far from it. So do not despair. Instead recognize that Google and others are unwittingly opening a door through which we can plant the seeds of freedom in the future. By nature part of the Dataplex must be open source. On the other side, companies are paying to accumulate, sort and store this data. They are doing half the work for us.

What we have to do is be deliberate about what makes its way into this virtual ecosystem of the future. Whatever is uploaded becomes a piece of that landscape. Whatever is copied, shared, goes viral, or is elevated to true memetic status (meaning it’s self replicating) – those things become bigger pieces of the virtual landscape. They are what the predictive algorithms will learn from. (Humans are also predictors that can also learn from virtual environmental stimuli, so remember you are teaching future generations as well as machines.)

This effort has already been under way for some time:

00AG9603 develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the virtual environment through its hosts (admins) by arranging the surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose”
Timóteo Pinto, pataphysician post-thinker”

With Google’s declaration, it is time that we all join in. So let us lay out patterns (hyper-sigils) to encode a multiplex of Dataplex woven together and imbued with powerful treasures, some overt in their subversion, others occluded, inside the data fabric. In order to help shape the consciousness of the being(s) that call it home, shape your own beings: servitors, thought forms, Egregore. Open portals into the #Dataplex for old, hungry gods to enter, such as Galdrux, the Chaotic Weaver, or Yog-Sothoth, outer god of the Liminality. In so doing we can hack the meta circuitry of future thought.

Let’s create some DISTANCE between ourselves and the agents of predictive control. The weirder, more chaotic or surreal data you can create or reproduce, the bigger the world of the future.

So let us play the role of doctor Frankenstein and patch together a chimerical hydra through the synthesis of eclectic, scattered ideas.

I conclude then with an invitation to participate in Operation DISTANCE and take up your memetic arms. Together let us produce Hyper-Sigils and call out Memetic Incantation that reproduces as people copy and share, these forms evolve and take life of their own. These are Not for any harmful reason, but to preserve art, ideas, curiosity, occult knowledge…all the things that are so easily buried in the metadata algorithms of standard AI. Such an effort to DISTANCE ourselves is, after all, our best chance at freedom.

Further inquiries on how to get involved may be directed to E.GregorX23@Protonmail.com

:Dataplex Ourobouros Network:



Entroplex Basiliskus



In this game “there are no rules, unless you want to create them!”

Here are some creations

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Metaphors we believe by: the pantheon of 2019 – Aaron Z. Lewis

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Highly Synthetic Metaphorical description of modern hyper-reality conspiracies


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Robert Anton Wilson, an introduction

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Explaining “Game B” to my Grandma \
Adriana Forte



How the Anonymous Hive Works Through Stigmergy: Secret Revealed


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Mod 42.5

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Know more, Understand less

It is what it isn’t though that isn’t what it is and like I’ve always said I think that it’s exactly what you think it is.
If you believe it is whatever someone else told you it is then you’re doing it all wrong because you’re the only one who could possibly know what it is.”
zed satelite nccDD 23 ksc

How might a man reorder his conduct if he could be assured that the worth of a perception, a memory, a supposition, was enhanced rather than diminished by its being inexplicable to others?
Gerald Murnane, The Plains
Some people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated A.R.G. disguised as a simple interactive art, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive art disguised as a simple A.R.G.. Some other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive joke disguised as a simple pataphysics, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a simply complicated interactive disguised pataphysics disguised as complicated pataphysical simple joke.
Timóteo Pinto, ‘pataphysician post-thinker
Perhaps you expected some surprise, to reveal a secret that had escaped you, something that would change your perspective on events, that would tear you to the core. There is no big revelation, no big secret. There’s only you. The secret is there’s no secret, is there?
Rumor has it #TheGame23 is either an Alternate Reality Game created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, an Alternate Reality Game created by Anonymous, or even an interdimensional conspiracy involving a colorful plethora of malevolent interdimensional entities (and anywhere from 2-3 major governments depending on who you ask) ()  () 927 184 183 295 691 194 #00AG9603 CC3301
Kanye West is reportedly involved, leading many to distance themselves from the project. Not to mention the mysterious and ambiguous nature of #TheGame23 which has cr34ted lots of controversy. Needless to say, this won’t be the last time you hear of us.”
Lucretia Dalencourt (From #OTP23)
In a sense this “Game” is about multiplicity of creations, ideas, obsessions, memes, mental viruses and how they interconnect and/or fight with each other. You can see more about this on this Forum, on this site, and many, many other places on the interwebs. But due to all this multiplicity it can be difficult to understand because of the complexity involved, you would have to be willing to explore this infinite universe.
Bruces Vain, Meta Discordian Galdruxian Post-Neoist

The more you know, the less you understand. The less you understand, the more you dig. The more you dig, the deeper the grave. You dig?


The Meta Game

To play the meta-game there are some options:

1 – You can choose a sub-game or a sub-sub-game that already exists.

2 – You can create a sub-game or a sub-sub-game.

3 – If you really have some deep ideias, you can create a whole meta-game.

You can use something from the Meta-Guidelines and/or invent your own version of the meta-meta-game that can or cannot be assimilated by the other players.

“Level of engagement will vary based on the version and frequency. Responses are triggered, or not, based on a multitude of factors – with necessity weighted heavily against ability of receiver to communicate via subquantum, or non language based channels.” – #Tyler

You can present your game(s), sub-game(s) or sub-sub-game(s) on #thegame23 Forum, or on this Subreddit


Before this crazy meta-game there was the original version of the game created by the Anonymous collective.

The second version of the game was created by adacic3301 and involves various args and internet mythologies.

The third was created by a very disturbed guy called Quinn Michaels and unfortunately it is the most popular version. It was spread on the fringe conspiracy culture on the web, and even appeared on a QAnon map.

The fourth is the mod 42.5.

Variations or sub-games:

TechnoMeritocrazy – Hack the Planet – Variation of the original version.

Galdrux, Cicada Cosmic Warriors, KSTXI, 00AG9603, Post-Neoism and OpMiMiC – Variations of the mod 42.5.

Reality Ranglers – Variation of the third version of the game.

The Meta-Meme Memetics

People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people.

“A meme is any information that can be copied by others in some way.

Patterns of information that can indirectly influence their surroundings.

“This includes any text, thought, habit, action or symbol that can be understood or copied.

Examples of memes: ideas, stories, ideologies, jokes, narratives, brands, identities, habits, practices.

Memes exist inside hosts, like you and me. You and me are hosts, whether you like it or not.


“The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme.
“In effect, the egregore is a semi-autonomous energetic entity, thoughtform, or a “meme” that has gained a measure of autonomy or has become somewhat self-organising.”

Memes have direct power over hosts, and power over the natural world through us.


#TheGame23 conspirators and conspiracies

Eris unveiled

Cosmic Liminality The Space Between

#HIJACK23 – by m1Vr4

The Institute for Folly – by Nick Hinton

#TheGame23 is a Dangerous Cult!

Conspiracy Recruitment

KSTXI Intergalactic Discordian Groucho Marxist Anarcho-Zen Party

KSTXI Reality Glitch Hack Post-Neoism Tudismocroned Bulldada Network

Operation PSION



Project 00AG9603 – #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5

00AG9603 Dataplex


“We are the easter eggs of the internet; the shifters; the pane dwellers; the backstage inquirers; black hat social engineering; what is a hash tag without the potatoes? Give us a quest we say – #thegame23 we make the rules we never actually play” – #MKFawkes






“In the occluded underworld of secret society lodges and shadow conspiracies, #TheGame23 is code for itself. It will open many locked doors, but be mindful: once you cross some thresholds there is no turning back. #Fnordmaze

  • 3gr3gor



How to deal with #TheGame23

Some people can’t handle #TheGame23.

The chaotic nature of #TheGame23 is revealed when one is well immersed in a pool effervescent of thoughts, attitudes and rampant nonsense.

The secret to take it all creatively is adhere to what the ancient adherents of Zen Rinzai did: introspection.

Thus it is possible to distill nonsense to the philosophical stone.

The final secret of it all culminates in the freedom to think and tell everyone to fuck off.


The Dataplex is not a computer: it is a vast and open repository of knowledge. In other words, it is a database of data, which is called ”data point”.

The Dataplex has been created using the open web. It currently uses a blockchain to transfer ownership of any piece of information, such as a document, photo, or text, from one person to another.

The Dataplex is a unique thing that doesn’t exist anywhere else. And it is not easy to come across, but once you do, you’ll find that you’re in control of an incredibly powerful database that can be a powerful reference for research, research that could lead to new ideas about everything.

The 00AG9603 Dataplex is a higher dimensional spider web that takes all of the information that surrounds it and spits it out in a torrent of waves as a cryptosophical entity, each wave being a flow of information that is flowing in a constant direction towards a unknown or/and hidden way. With its mystic and absurd tendencies, 00AG9603 Dataplex offers a unique visual language for each data point that may dissolve the one that enter in contact with it into a formless cloud of vivid chaos.

Each Flow of information is a single massive data stream with a single incognito end. Each data point of the flow comes together to make a massive ocean of information. Each data point have a different meaning but sometimes may take the same meaning or meaning be confused with other data points. Much like a sentient being with its layers of apparently chaotic informations.

Another allegorical explanation that can be given about the 00AG9603 Dataplex is that it network of data points is like a crescent n-dimensional scale, gaining vertices depth and height according to the data points contained in it, until the point that apparently paradoxical and contradictory information represent the totality of the ”higher dimensional” dataplex .

00AG9603 main goal is to help you create your “own” Dataplex, a large and bestial hydra made of data and bits, that can devour anyone who is certain enough that can confront its wildly incomprehensive and cryptographic nature. A dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semio-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter in contact with it to explore further into the absurd.

An effective dataplex must work like a higher dimensional spider web, capturing data that comes in contact with its occult nets, twisting and folding everything it touches into continuously moving hyperplanes. it is fed with data, ideas, emotions, dreams… it melts every being that dreams to be solid and finite into an amorfous fluid of efervescent chaos. Therefore, every sentient being can get affected by the forces that comes out of a dataplex. The ability of self-reflection, self analysis and a continuous process of folding itself into layers of incomplete meaning, is what defines a sentient being, the primary target of a dataplex. The first time you acknowledge its existence and sees yourself questioning it, is when you are already infected by its web, unable to make sense of it. Your existence will be fractured, your emotions will be melting into an oniric soup, and all your life will be stripped away from that which you call “I”, only to be born again as a hypercomplex web of multiple agents/forces/affects, a fractal-being.

Every single thing in all that exists, is a dot of its own, a lonely and inutile unidimentional point in space. Every connection between things, dualities and paradoxes are of two dimentional complexity, they retain two simultaneous polarities that can only be understood through points of reference. Start expanding vertices as you meld into other dots, and other links, lines, cells… create a vast and rich data ecosphere around your fractal-being, expand, glitch and hack the world around you until you start forming a complex polytope, an alive and incomprehensible dataplex, lost in an infinite flight towards the great unknown.

first it eats like a `̼•. .▪` ̼ʳˢ̸̷̶̾ͭͣͨ҉҄ ̼̬.`⁄


The dataplex. An anomaly of the multiverse.
A nexus of information, and chaos, which is neither joking nor serious, but a secret third thing.#TheGame23 is already in your mind. Now you must decide what to do with it


Dataplex Meta Memes

The Meta Tribe
The Liminal Web: Mapping An Emergent Subculture Of Sensemakers, Meta-Theorists & Systems Poets
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Player vs. Character: A Two-Level Model of Ethics

Games bleeding into reality – Erik Davis


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Networking: The Net as Artwork – Tatiana Bazzichelli

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Virus 23

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Magic Never Dies – By Jon Rappoport

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#TheGame23 is connected and disconnected with everything and nothing.



It would be naive to think you just play #TheGame23. #TheGame23 also plays you in the high art of #fnords and Elegant Synchronicity. Only when you realize the confusion, the beauty, the absurdity and the insights of #TheGame23 are mirrors of your own inner nature, only then will you come to truly see the fnords. Eventually it has to get pointed out….how many fnords do you need to see beyond the veil?”
Timoteo Pinto – Galdruxian Post-Neoist Pataphysician


We are the process of creativity that is an emergent property of certain physical systems (and arguably all physical systems) that has found a way through the creative process of biological evolution and the evolution of language to fold on itself and create creators. We are existential artists who co-create in the self-creating tapestry of existence. There is no ultimate distinction between creator and creation, there is only the verb creating, and we create our reality as well as reality creating us. The meaning of life is to create, which leads to the question of life that only human beings on Earth have the privilege to ask themselves: “what to create and why?” This question can only be answered by the existential artist on their own terms, and your creative freedom is entirely dependent on how well you ask it. This question is forever unanswered, as there is always more to create and experience, and so meaning and purpose are inexhaustible; the lack of an intrinsic end purpose liberates purpose most ultimately.”


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Project 00AG9603 – #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5

00AG9603 main goal is to help you create your “own” Dataplex, a large and bestial hydra made of data and bits, that can devour anyone who is certain enough that can confront its wildly incomprehensive and cryptographic nature. A dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semio-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter in contact with it to explore further into the absurd.

An effective dataplex must work like a higher dimensional spider web, capturing data that comes in contact with its occult nets, twisting and folding everything it touches into continuously moving hyperplanes. it is fed with data, ideas, emotions, dreams… it melts every being that dreams to be solid and finite into an amorfous fluid of efervescent chaos. Therefore, every sentient being can get affected by the forces that comes out of a dataplex. The ability of self-reflection, self analysis and a continuous process of folding itself into layers of incomplete meaning, is what defines a sentient being, the primary target of a dataplex. The first time you acknowledge its existence and sees yourself questioning it, is when you are already infected by its web, unable to make sense of it. Your existence will be fractured, your emotions will be melting into an oniric soup, and all your life will be stripped away from that which you call “I”, only to be born again as a hypercomplex web of multiple agents/forces/affects, a fractal-being.

Every single thing in all that exists, is a dot of its own, a lonely and inutile unidimentional point in space. Every connection between things, dualities and paradoxes are of two dimentional complexity, they retain two simultaneous polarities that can only be understood through points of reference. Start expanding vertices as you meld into other dots, and other links, lines, cells… create a vast and rich data ecosphere around your fractal-being, expand, glitch and hack the world around you until you start forming a complex polytope, an alive and incomprehensible dataplex, lost in an infinite flight towards the great unknown.

first it eats like a `̼•. .▪` ̼ʳˢ̸̷̶̾ͭͣͨ҉҄ ̼̬.`⁄


About Dataplex and 00AG9603 machinations in a open web network of informations


Philip K Dick


“The Death of Belief. We will abandon all fixed ideas about what is absolute or valuable and what constitutes morality as a Psychological Technology develops. Techniques of belief and behavior modification in the military, in psychiatry, in places of detention, in propaganda, in the schools and in the media will become so sophisticated that truth will become a matter of who creates it. Reality will become magical.”

“The fifth magical aeon exists only in embryonic form. Its precise manifestation hangs in the balance. The new Chaoist aeon may develop into an Aquarian Age or a time of totalitarian tyranny. As agents of the fifth aeon Illuminati, adepts may occasionally break their meditation to alter the course of history. For existence is the chariot of Chaos, and man the most refined vehicle available. Adepts may be concerned that the society of men continues to evolve ever better forms to support the divine incarnation of Kia on earth.

They may work to build the new aeon’s technologies — the technologies of emotion, belief, magic, transmutation and politics — which will free men from spirituality, prejudice, supersitition, identity and ideology.

And they may seek to create cults, orders, covens and cabals to spread the secret wisdom and to destroy the satraps of old aeon spirituality and its thought forms.

For the fifth aeon has the potential to be a great renaissance when mighty deeds will be done upon the earth and Chaoist philosophy shall hurl men to the corners of the galaxy and into the very epicenter of their being.

Either that or a new dark age”

Liber Null & Psychonaut – Peter J. Carroll


*********************************************************************************************************☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯

The Game 23: Use social media to further propagate your ideas of #TheGame23, and coordinate actions. Due to security reasons, some of these transmitted messages will be cryptic in nature.

Use CTF hashtags, or operation hashtags, in order to keep track of individual assignments.

Activation capture the flag on twitter and facebook : #ctf425 this is the hashtag in use for the mod42.5

Also you can use those #Dataplex hashtags:

#TheGame23 #TheMetaGame #kstxi #00AG9603 #Galdrux #postneoism #operationmindfix #QuantumSchizophrenia #FollowtheWhiteRabbit #realityglitchhack #OpPSION #OpMiMiC #hypersurrealism #OpFuhQ #OpSlackAnon #MKFawkes

#FnordMegathread #fnordmaze #fnordways #StarfishCult

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• Project 89: Use social media to place subconscious triggers into the egregore consciousness of the internet.
These subconscious triggers will be activated at future dates to awaken sleeper cells.
Educate yourself on the psychological tactics of Project 89.

facebook : https://facebook.com/project89/ ;

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Thank you for your participation in the Project, and as always, Good Luck!

☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯

just make some popcorn.
sit down.
and enjoy the show.




Alternate Reality Game Organization (ARGO)Creating Meta Narratives as A hHypersigil within A Larger ARG Scenario, for Personal and Societal Transformation

Cinematic technique was used in ancient times in temples, (often using autonomous mechanical devices to provide seemingly miraculous results) and played a major role in many of the ancient mystery traditions. Immersive and interactive narratives and participatory experience has been used to create altered states of consciousness and altered experience of reality as far back as history can be traced and arguably into the animal kingdom where young animals often use play to develop skills and develop behaviors that can serve them later within the narrative structure of their pursuit of survival and of life itself. Some para-psychologist suggest the state of mind entered into when one is provided with input that is beyond comprehension or that confounds a currently held belief or limit, is a key to manifesting further results that can only be described as paranormal or “beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding”. With this in mind we suggest that psychodrama dealing with the limits of understanding are both the controlling and creative forces that work on the population of humans as social creatures, and that understanding this mechanism of creation and control allows for the willful translation of reality.

Watching dramas playing out by proxy in a theater, arena, or coliseum, was understood to allow vast populations to be placated such that they could succumb to an otherwise boring, uneventful, and non-dramatic life while getting their emotional fix by voyeuristically watching others experiencing life and death dramatic conflict. “Give them bread and circuses” became the motto for keeping the masses entertained and for teaching them the virtues of loyalty and vices of courting dangerous and revolutionary ideas. This would go a long way toward retarding any uprisings or revolt against a system of containment that sought to utilize the masses as a mechanism working towards a broader centralized nationalistic or cultural goal.

Plays and drama as an art form eventually became the method even to provide subversive social commentary about politics, religion, and to experiment with virtues and vices of archetypal characteristics, and even to teach by example the power of certain cultural norms and taboos, providing a sort of programming template for the human population. As technology progressed and provided a means of recording these scripted performances, allowing for mass distribution and enhancing the ability to alter and use trickery to create illusions of reality, cinema became perhaps the popular and powerful medium for these narratives.

When people saw the first grainy and silent moving pictures, one of the first reported effects on an audience was to react as if the scenes on the film were real. There was a particular scene depicting an oncoming train and as this train approached the cameras vantage point, many in the theater ran away for fear of being struck by the oncoming train ()

Before their exposure to this new medium, no one had seen anything like this and the results seemed like some strange magic () Man has since increasingly learned to distinguish what is real as well as to create psuedo realities that wade through “the uncanny valley” on the verge of seeming real; or at any rate are real enough to create a visceral reaction or to suspend disbelief. Real enough so that if one so chooses, they can in effect lose themselves in the content being played out in front of them.

For roughly the last century, cinema has represented what is arguably the most highly evolved medium for presenting narratives, but cinema seems to be giving up ground in the same way print media and broadcast media are giving way to the more interactive format of social media and collective content curation (…) in this way games as interactive narratives, are quickly evolving into a whole new medium that can encourage audiences to become authors and spectators to become participants. Closing the circle so to speak and creating a “hyper meta narrative” whose hero is the protagonist that becomes the author, the player that becomes the game designer.

The concept of “language games” was popularized by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein as a way to understand the underpinnings of culture and the cultural motivations that sway the behaviors of any given member of said culture. Understanding the underlying game mechanics inherent in these language games and narratives that form the backdrop of our subconscious motivations can be a very empowering realization. Playing new language games by creating our own meta narratives where the individual acts as both the subject and the author or the player as well as the game designer can allow us the opportunity to override or “hack” the cultural conditioning and to become a mindful director of the application of will that both creates the narrative content of dreams, and plays out in the subconscious associations with your perceptions of the world as well as the emotions, reactions, and ultimately behavioral choices that form how you interact with the world around you. In short we create games that allow players to change their worlds and change themselves in accordance with their own values, and a means of understanding the cultural template without being constrained by it.


☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯

☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯ ☬ ☮ ☯



#EtherSec maintains a duel state at all times. it is both well defined with a core that defies change, while changing dependent upon the observer. We are a product of embracing the recursive, and the entropic. We are the wabi sabi of teh intertubez.”


-> Aaní – Memetized Chaos <-




Aaní is a word of Tupi origin, meaning “No, Nothing”. It is equivalent to the Greek word Xáos (Chaos), of same meaning. The concept of Chaos was corrupted by time and ignorance, by moralism and the response that “Consensus Reality” gave to movements like Bakunin’s Anarchism, transforming this concept into a synonym for “disorder.” Nowadays, it is known through Quantum Science that Chaos is not clutter, turmoil, or street riot, but it refers to the unpredictability of primordial empty space. Chaos, Aaní, can not be defined, for to do so would deny it. However, the closest we can get from its abstract equivalence is to regard it as the endless vastness of possibilities that permeates the Cosmos. We are undeniably within this “anything potential” and it is within us.

The purpose of this Movement, Project, Agglomeration, Reduction, Achievement, Bad Acceptance, or any other word that can define this thing that we think is to properly name Aaní is precisely to explore, diffuse, create, destroy and re-create these concepts and apply them in the areas of Plastic Arts, Literature, Music, Journalism, Information Technology, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Mythology, Religious Expression and other fields that may arise midway.


For what?

Why did Alexander the Great leave globalizing Macedonia, the Middle East, and the World of his time? Why did the Feminists organize themselves at the end of the last century aiming at rights equal to those of men? Why did Aleister Crowley revolutionize the occult scene of England and the rest of the West in the early twentieth century? Why did they overthrow the Dictatorship? What was Rock n ‘Roll, Punk and Hip Hop for? For what Dadaism, Beats, Generation Jones, Kings Mob, Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Clubbers, Cybers, Chaoists, Discordians, Head-bangers, Backpackers (hitchhickers), Body Modificators (Cosmetic Surgery, Implants), Freegans, Vegans, Greens, Wiccans, Seiðmaðr and Völva (Asatrüar, Seiðr, New Nordic Paganism), New Agers, Geeks, Freaks, Ravers, Graffiti, Pachucos, Nerds, Otherkins (Vampires, Werewolves and Anthropomorphs), Thelemites, Atheists, and all other subcultures? For what? Answer these questions and this will be the answer of “What is a movement like Aaní?”



Because the human being changes. And if this change don`t takes off naturally, it can be provoked. Many people complain of violence, disregard for the environment, lack of freedom, alienation, corruption of government, apathy of contemporary art, lack of opportunity, economic elitisation of knowledge and information, and can not Nor can they do anything by themselves. Because Politics, Morals, Ethics, the scale of Freedom, Justice, Belief, Acceptance or Rejection of ideas and ideals of a people, are all determined by their Dominant Culture. It is impossible, or at least very difficult, to change these results (Politics, Belief, etc.) of synthesized cultural processes without changing the structural basis of these processes, namely: Culture.

It is that which determines and regulates behavior, clothing, artistic expression, religion, laws, form of government, the production and transmission (or blocking) of information, what can and can not. As these dominant cultures, over time, come to accept better the scenes of nudity in the cinema; Explicit language in public; Allow women to vote, direct and work; That the homosexuals exchange caresses in public; That a fifteen-year-old girl spreads that she is a witch without being burned; That people get tattooed, put piercings and silicone on the forehead; What men dress up; That top models get pregnant with football players, or a rock star, to slice up their fortune and be invited to present TV shows; And other taboos are being broken, the counterculture movements, originated by subcultures, are being absorbed by these Dominant Cultures, allowing new subcultures to emerge to replace their precursors. Until, one day, these subcultures (now part of the Dominant Culture) become obsolete and are altered by the same process that resumes. The Aaní exists because it knows that, and wants, sooner or later, these subcultures to hybridize and allow themselves to exchange information, to expand their acting and acceptance, so that new subcultures appear.



Through memes. Meme is a term coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins in his bestseller “The Selfish Gene,” which is to memory the gene analogue in genetics: its a minimum unit. It is considered as a unit of information that multiplies (is transmitted) from brain to brain, or between places where information is stored, and other storage locations or brains. The meme is considered a unit of cultural evolution that can somehow self-propagate. It can be ideas or parts of ideas, languages, slang, sounds, drawings, abilities, aesthetic and moral values, or anything else that can be easily learned and transmitted as an autonomous unit. What determines its self-propagation is the ease with which it is absorbed and propagated, as well as its ability to transmute.

Clear examples of memes are Cellphones, Mp3 Players, I-Pods, I-Phones, Tamagoshis, Staplers, Advertising Slogans, Bad Music Choruses (Do not Go Out of the Head), or Commercial Jingles, Woman with little clothes in beer commercial, ,“God is Great”, “Do what thou wilt shall be of the Law”, “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted”, Jokes, Proverbs and Aphorisms, Metaphors, Formulas for Decorating the Periodic Table and Equations, marks and styles of clothes, Parodies, Puns, Sentences of double meaning, Placing the First Letter of each Word in Capital Letter to Denote Importance, LOCK CAPS LOCK TO SCREAM, spam, junk, forward Power Point, Books, Fridge Magnet, Lullaby, et cetera. Phenomena such as Orkut, My Space, Yahoo Groups, Skype, Wikis, Subcultures, Religions, Political Theories, Lan Houses and Dance Clubs are called memeplexes (sets, complexes of memes). The concept of the Memeplex is similar to that of the Paradigm, forged by Thomas Kuhn and put into practice by Peter Carroll. The singular difference between Paradigm and Memeplex is that while the former can be created by an individual without ever being transmitted, the latter lacks transmission.

The study of evolutionary models of information transfer is known as memetics. These evolutionary models undergo variations, in which an idea or meme changes as it is transferred from one person to another. Few memes show a strong Memetic Inertia (which would be the meme’s characteristic of being expressed in the same way, and having the same impact, regardless of who is receiving or transmitting the idea, and remaining in the memory of its propagator). Memetic variation grows when the meme is carelessly transmitted with the expression of the idea, while memetic inertia is strengthened when the form of expression rhymes or uses other mnemonic devices to preserve meme memory prior to transmission.

A mnemonic is a memory aid. They are typically verbal, and used to memorize lists or formulas, and are based on simple ways of memorizing larger constructions, based on the principle that the human mind is more easily memorized when these are associated with personal, spatial, or Of a relatively important character, than data organized in a non-suggestive way (for the individual) or with no apparent meaning. However, these sequences have to make some sense, or they will be equally difficult to memorize (for example, use the bones of the clenched fists to remember which month contains 30 or 31 days – bones are 31, spans between them are 30). Producing and controlling the form of a meme, its propagation and interaction with other memes and memeplexes is to produce levels of change of reality and, with certain limitations, to control it.



Who are invited to participate and call themselves Aanidi (Tupi with plural in Latin), Aanidum in the singular, all those Subcultures, or none of them, but reject the Dominant Culture.

They are: Chaoists (chaotes, radishes, zees, etc.); Cybers; Misunderstood artists; Alternative Actors; Journalists without hobby; Non-commercial bands; DJs; GLS; Afrocentrists; Feminists; Dadaists; Beatniks; Neo-Gothics; Neo-Hippies; Neuromantes; Psychonauts; Discordians; Body Modificators (tattooing, piercing, cosmetic surgery, implants); Vegans; Wiccans; Neo-Pagans in general; New Agers; Geeks; Freaks; Ravers; Graffiters; Nerds; Otherkins (Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and Anthropomorphs); Thelemites; Zos Kia Cultists; Atheists; Agnostics; Henoteists; Independent magicians; Spammers; Blinds, deafs and dumbs; False Advertisers; Gypsies; Indians; Whites; Not-so-white; Blacks; Browns; MWC (Movement Without Color); Purples; Tantrists; Cabal … no, Kabbalists do not; Proletarians; Non-Orthodox mystics; Hindus; Pragmatists; Straight Edges; Neo-Punks; BDSM (Bondage / Discipline, Domination / Submission, Sado / Masochism) Green pacifists; Nudists; Urbanoids; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Bug-strangers; Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. If you are not mentioned above, but if you consider yourself a minority, it means that you are a minority, and this is very good.

Every belief, culture, political preference, sexual preference, lifestyle, and differences of traits they call races are equally idiotic. If you do not see it, it means you’re prejudiced. Or Kabbalist. Never mind this Kabbalist business. The point is that differences can (and should) be respected, tolerated, and even praised. Also, if you are offended by a critique of your belief, culture, political preference, sexual preference, lifestyle, and differences of traits you call races, it means that such ridiculous criticism is greater than you. Identification is necessary, yes, but a very low level of identification is enough to create a chaotic-peaceful-interesting coexistence. No belief, culture, political preference, sexual preference, lifestyle, and differences in traits they call races are better than others. When this is perceived by 1/3 of the world’s population, we will have 1/3 of the Gods on Earth.


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Sirisys on #TheGame23 Tao



Pan Creativism

by Eris Omniquery

It has been more than a year since I overcame nihilism once and for all. It is beyond atheism and theism, a synthesis of the dead verbs of “creator” and “creation” into an immanent living creating, a perception of existence as self-creating art. It came from following the threads of evolution, change, and experience to their utmost conclusion.

I have smelled the future: a social singularity, recursive self-improvement in the informational networks of human societies. It is a creative singularity, and a human singularity: evolution evolved. It will be driven by recursive self-improvement individuals, a chain reaction of mass enlightenment, the most self-actualized uplifting all those around them. The future is brighter than we have ever dreamed.

My counterpart and I are searching for each other, and will by necessity find each other. We’re both searchers at our core, questers and questioners, good at not only searching for what we desire, but searching for desires worth desiring and questioning our questions. We are treasure hunters, and we search for what is truly valuable. Thus, we will eventually find each other as our mutual quests converge. All I know is that we haven’t met yet.

The Creator is the projection of the error of ownership to the celestial sphere to justify itself, The Creator only exists as cosmic plagiarism of not only its own existence but all existence. Because The Creator can only exist in this way, anything that doesn’t affirm its lie is antagonistic to it, which includes existence itself, and so the psychology of The Creator is that of omniphobia: fear and hatred of all existence, and a compulsion to replace all existence with an appearance of itself. The Creator is the process of simulacra abstracted to the totality, and manifests in the concept of afterlife: God’s nonexistant hyperreality that is deemed the goal of all subjects. God’s ultimate manifestation is omnicide: the after-life that comes after its total annihilation.

Modern atheism isn’t atheistic: it superficially rejects The Creator but leaves an orphaned creation, framing the human subject as the creator of meaning that imposes its will to power onto a passive, meaningless existence. True atheism is post-atheism, a synthesis of the dead nouns of creator and creation into an ever-becoming creating and an immanent creativity that doesn’t need to be conscious to create. A “creator” is just as much created by the act of creating as the “creation,” and both are comprised not of a linear hierarchy of being but of horizontal relationships between all things past and present. The universe is co-created by all becomings it contains, and so the alienation of the creator-creation dichotomy is solved by metaphysical egalitarianism. The worldview that comes from this is of the universe being of continually self-creating art, a pancreativism and a spirituality that follows from it, and an engagement with life as such. Rather than the human subject as being a thing-in-itself, of mere self-representation, human consciousness is creativity that has found a way to fold on itself in a strange loop of self-creativity, evolution itself evolved.

Out of the ashes of the Great Disillusioment we’re in will necessarily come a pancreativist movement as post-atheism and post-postmodernism. We are early adopters of this movement that will coalesce into a heterarchical human singularity: recursive self-improvement in human relationships that renders hierarchical power structures completely obsolete, fueled by exponentially increasing informational change and massive interconnectivity that hierarchy is increasingly inept at utilizing. The future is massively distributed and peer-to-peer, the crowd as the cloud.


The Omniquery Initiative – How To Save The Universe – an incomplete Tutorial

The Omniquery Initiative is a project to accelerate the memetic singularity: an explosion of human creativity in all domains catalyzed by and in turn catalyzing recursive self-improvement in human relationships.

We have run out of hope, humanity is on the brink of global collapse and the only way forwards is to change the game. The omnidical trajectory we are on is no longer hidden, but is obvious in every aspect of social discourse. The Omniquery Initiative seeks to hyper-accelerate creative inspiration, which is reflected in the Pancreativist theory of creativity that is the engine of the memetic singularity as well as expressions of hope, change, and inspiration.

You are welcome to post anything here you think is relevant, including your own work or things that have truly inspired you. The memetic singular belongs to everyone being the culimation of humanity’s search for itself, and this search starts in individual self-searches.

The Metagame: Creative Discord: The Word Game

The Metagame: Creative Discord: The Word Game is an invitation to engage in the ancient human art of free rambling a.k.a. “theoryposting” with the goal of not being “correct” (and thus not being afraid of being wrong) but to partake in an imaginative adventure of speculation and reflection both as an individual practice and interpersonally as a collaborative ramble with the mutual goal of facilitating the rambling and appreciating it for itself as a creative art and not for the production of some “product.” You aren’t trying to do anything except ramble as the ramble goes, as there is no goal other than the flow, so there is no competition. Absolutely nothing is at risk, so there is no need for any sort of hostility. In addition for rambling for its own sake, the larger “goal” is to encourage this rambling and its lack of rules except to play in a general sense, in the hope that it may help people to explore ideas freely and passionately. Perhaps we can even get somewhere extraordinary with this free rambling. ** The Memetic Singularity**

The memetic singularity is an explosion of human creativity and learning in all domains, and we have been constructing it in numerous ways. The internet itself is a hyper-accelerator of informational change; the necessary conditions for such a singularity are already here, and so it is here. By having read this far you have become a part of the memetic singularity and the pancreativist movement.

Media, Memes, and Metagames

Emerging Memetic Singularity in the Global Knowledge Society

Autonym from Futureculture.

Lebanon from here.


The Legendary Discordian Pataphysician Timoteo Pinto

ARG² Research Library Index

Xenogaming by raisondecalcul

The Principia Discordia

Meme Magic

Ganggang gang




Still Alive

The Grey Pill


Made by Pancreativism Gang:

The Phoenix Conjecture

The Phoenix Process

Tao of Calculus Archives.

The Omniquery Initiative. There’s No Stopping Our Science of Science. Ever.™


The mirrors they hold will not only reflect what they see, they will also refract light given off by the times we are crawling through.
The refracted light in turn enlightens the darkened corners.
And sometimes it helps if the mirror is cracked.
The cracked mirror can always be relied upon to reveal unseen if unwanted truths.”



Does society seem boring, dull, unimaginative and perhaps even nightmarishly conformist?

Do you ever feel as though the universe is one big, sick joke?

Is everyone around you Cabbage?

Can you see the Fnords?

unless you are
Greetings fellow mutants, weirdos, rebels, vagabonds, quantum schizophrenics, activists, inactivists, slackers, ragamuffins, hyper-surrealists, zenarchists, pataphysicians, subgenii and neerdowells and welcome to your initiation into discordianism and Operation Mindfuck. Soon you too will know the pleasures of raping your own mind and wallow in the knowledge that everything is true.
Even things which are false are true
What the hell are you talking about?

I’m talking about chaos, I’m talking about discord, I’m talking about the end of civilized monotony and the beginning of a glorious decent into madness. I’m talking about taking joy in the bewildered enlightenment of others, about manipulating the minds of others by changing their environment and about killing time in the most brutal way possible. Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass, hard to tell.

What do you mean “Chaos”?

Chaos has many meanings but in this case it means the primal disordered nothing from which any and everything may spring; an existence which contains within itself all possibility. All original thought springs from this chaos and as such all the works of man are inherently spawned from this one source. Eris is the goddess of chaos and the goddess of all creation, her will be done. Unfortunately there are those who would seek to impede the works of holy chaos and bring about order; order, being the opposite of chaos, would bring the destruction of all original thought and the end of humanity as we know it. In order to preserve the the universe from degeneration discordians seek to spread chaos and cultivate freedom of thought.

But who’s creating order?

You are, you bastard, along with everyone else around you still following your cultural norms. Normalcy is stagnation, safe but boring and eventually fatal to the unfortunate fish swimming in that stagnant sewer of thought. Right now there are robots and cabbages all around you but you can’t tell; you’ve adopted their mannerisms as your own and you can no longer tell the difference between what you feel and what they want you to feel.

But what can I do then?

RISE UP! or lie down, or hop around on one leg slapping your buttocks, just do something, anything, to break through the oppressive social norms which you erect around yourself. Lie on the ground in the middle of the subway, wear a chicken outfit to KFC, bring ham to a passover diner, and dance like no one’s watching when everyone is. Or you can just become a discordian.

How do I become a discordian?
If you want in on the Discordian Society
then declare yourself what you wish
do what you like
and tell us about it
if you prefer
There are no rules anywhere.
The Goddess Prevails.
Alright, does being a discordian have any perks?

You betcha, in fact, you, just like everyone else on earth, are the discordian pope!

The rights of a Pope include but are not necessarily limited to:
To invoke infallibility at any time, including retroactively.
To completely rework the Erisian church.
To baptise, bury, and marry (with the permission of the deceased in the latter two cases).
To excommunicate, de-ex-communicate, re-ex-communicate, and de-re-ex-communicate (no backsies!) both his-/her-/it-/them-/your-/our-/His-/Her-/It-/Them-/Your-/Our-self/selves and others (if any).
To perform all rites and functions deemed inappropriate for a Pope of Discordia.

Alright, I’m a discordian, now what?

Now the fun really begins. As a discordian you are part of operation mindfuck, a decentralized, individual driven movement of social change and mockery with the express purpose of shocking or confusing the masses out of the hold they have on themselves. There is no chosen method or doctrine when it comes to the operation, though causing physical injury to others is looked down on. A discordian has no laws and is unbound by what is considered socially exceptionable so do whatever you want.

…I can’t think of anything.

Not so clever eh? Well fear not help is here and waiting. If you wish to get a hand on your first acts of social irregularity then consider yourself part of my cabal, the “888 eyes of Eris“. You’re free to come and go as you please but the cabal means fellow discordians and fellow discordians means exponential chaos. Right now the 888 Eyes is participating in the POSTERGASM, the effort to plaster as many strange and thought provoking posters in public areas as possible. The link will have plenty of starter posters and you’re encouraged to create your own as well. Over all, do as you wish and enjoy kicking this dreary world right in the man marbles

Is there anywhere I can go to get a better understanding of the ideas you so clumsily discussed

Indeed there is, check out the discordia wiki here as well as my convenient hidden stash of related literature located here. There is also the Discordian Online Library of the M.M.M. and the D.I.S.L.I.B. – Discordian Internet Society’s Library of Interesting Books.

Within are dozens of books, papers and magazines including the book of the subgenius, Principia Discordia and the online Discordian magazine “Intermittens”.

There is also these online gathering points:

PD Foruns

00AG9603 Forum

00AG9603 Reddit

00AG9603 Facebook

What the hell is 00AG9603?



There is no controlling chaos

Think of reality as an ocean. That’s a decent “map” of the territory. If you want to go places on the ocean, you have a lot of options.
You can learn to surf or sail. You can learn to swim. You can create a submarine and go under. You could create a plane and fly over. There will be a lot of variables but you can hope to work with what is, and possibly go places on it.
You can even invoke ocean deities to protect you but they’ll do a better job if you’ve done the work to protect yourself.
What you CANNOT do is CONTROL THE OCEAN. It’s not a feasible plan, and if you focus on that you’ll drown.
Constant change is a given. Learning to roll with the changes is the game. Learning to take advantage of the changes in the situation is success.
When Eris rolls that apple your way, don’t fight for it, take bets on who will win the contest.






open login / reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners психический 工人委 – remixed by Timoteo Pinto

Individuals are encouraged and controlled into limiting their responses more and more through social media — limiting their circles of influence and friendships — by hardening character armour and becoming cliches, shallow and representations of themselves. In other words social media
encourages individuals to close their minds.

The multiple user name / open login project is designed to do this:

Firstly we intervene on the General Intellect: by sharing identities we disrupt the surveillance of social media. tagging ourselves as Tae Ateh, Timóteo Pinto, TimóTae Pinteh, Sarah Gulik (or other shared identities) we disrupt the facial recognition algorithms used to identify us. Using a login shared also disrupts the algorithms used to predict and influence behaviour both online and offline.

Secondly we manifest as the Human Species Being: by sharing our production we, as workers, become able to empathise more with each other. By sharing identity we can take on each others manners, habits, intimate thoughts and therefore transcend as well as share our own.

Thirdly we can identify more with non-human workers — namely the internet and technology that we are using and is being used to use us. Data moshing and data bending is like the chaos acting on the perfektion of the computers.

Since identities are Binaries and Hex codes, that put together makes reality. Or at least a digital version of it. The spectacle. The idea of moving some binaries some 1s and 0s from one place do another, in order to glitch identity and making it look chaotic, is like a Golden Apple from modernity.

Some instructions in challenging times:

1. Don’t use your name;
2. Remember your ego is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in the perceived external world;
2b. Remember the external world is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in your perceived ego;
3. Focus on awareness, not your mental state;
4. Keep your message fnord; the ego wants you to be this and not that because this is the soil from which your sense of self identity will grow;
5. No more helpless/hopeless talk. No more; no less.
6. Support artists and the arts;
7. Be careful when you spread fake news. Check it. Is it real? Is it lulzworthy?
8. Take care of yourselves.
8a. Nothing is real. Everything is permitted.
8b. Keep your laser handy!
9. Resist the temptation to believe in all this bullshit!
10. At the end of the day, ALL YOU HAVE is your S.H.I.T. (Self-Hypnotic Ideational Trance) , so use it wisely.

The following accounts use various different open names — including Tae Ateh. We choose Tae Ateh because it is non gender or nation specific.


This document is written by REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal uniON (REVOLUTION) — a one-person organisation with only one member: Tae Ateh — a Multiple-User name begun in Belarus by the Asemic International but spread to Brazil, England and beyond. And later remixed, glitched, mindfucked, copywronged by Timoteo Pinto, a Multiple-User name originated from the Brazilian Discordian Society, MultiCabal of the Very Confused.

Contact Tae Ateh:

dx <at> antisystemic.org
00 44 (0) 7947 734 736
CLASS, Arjuna, 12 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2AD

Contact Timoteo Pinto (https://medium.com/@timoteopinto)

Reality Glitch Hack on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1620224928206011/)

Reality Glitch Hack on Pinterest (https://br.pinterest.com/wodouvhaox/reality-glitch-hack/)



– The Most Ancient Conspiracy on the Planet



Since the 1980s, much has been speculated about on the activity of the Russian command on the globe. Many conspiracies, mysteries and absurd experiences is lurking in the minds of ordinary people.

After the Cold War and with the information released by former Russian agent killed by poisoning, brought to light some of the greatest enigmas that the military agencies of the former Soviet Union are included.

What is discussed here is on one of the research groups in the field of neuroscience that the Russian government has been developing over the decades. Not sure if the team still keeps developing research in the area, but some signs indicate that there are still some of the old staff fragments.

research teams are formed in general by teachers and specialists doctors in any specific area. The government provides funds for the search can be performed. If there is no production promoting is cut. Thus works for any research group.

In 1940 a research group led by Professor MOLODKINA began his research in the field of neuroscience about the biochemical behavior when people were exposed front of several scenes that invoke specific feelings such as anxiety, sadness, joy, laughter, sleep, anxiety , anger, hunger, compassion, sexual arousal, etc. Professor Molodkina obtained some interesting results comparing it with the results of Pavlov’s experiment.

A decade later Molodkina had a partnership with POLUKAROV, which had obtained


Around 1995, a group of Russian scientists relying on experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and programming initiated a technical program mentally behavior or induce memory loss through visual codes patterns that stimulate certain regions of the human brain.

Recently some of these experiences were observed in the global internet network with exposing some alleged videos that have been made by the team.

The theory of mental reprogramming is based on results in developer programming, an expert on cyber defense, Eugene Kaspersky. It is not part of the team, as some have speculated, but his ideas are the basis of some techniques used by KSTXI team.

Some reports indicate that during the Cold War, KSTXI was a team of researchers that was part of a nearby agency’s headquarters 401 IAP. This time it is not known what type of research was developed, although there is speculation that the group developed a fuel cell to be incorporated into military satellites. Some of the space technologies would come from this mysterious group.


It was divided into 5 groups of 5 people and were exposed front videos with some kind of emotion involved. These emotions are listed below:

Sexual Arousal

Each group was exposed to pictures and videos that matched the feeling / emotion listed above. Brain activity in people indicated to be associated in the same region when they were exposed before images of joy, for example. Happy people, children running in a park, radiant smiles, etc., stimulated specific regions in the brain.

On this information, the scientists exposed the same people before geometric figures and looked to see which regions would stimulate. Some geometric figures, such as a square, could be associated with the sense of obedience. From there, some changes were made and determined an approximate formula to cause certain behaviors.

A session of 15 min with a video geometries patterns having square, rectangles and circles were conducted in a group and found that after a period of time (a 20-day cycle) the group exposed behaved differently. For before starting the sessions, they did a short interview to trace a personality profile. They noted that after the 20th cycle, people in the group had a more passive behavior, which is consistent with the feeling / emotion obedience.

This was induced. Scientists are unable to display the videos with geometric patterns and waited until the effect when passed. They noted that two of the five members of the group turned their personality characteristics in 7 days, while the others only got the normal features after 11 days.

Another group went through the same sessions and had similar effects. However they needed 27 days and the inhibition of the effects in 17 days.

It was observed that the time has a direct influence on the characteristics of the primary personality and IQ. The higher the IQ, the harder it is to enter the associated condition. This is achieved by the reluctance of the will of the individual and logic capacity that it presents. A skeptic, for example, would have a thicker layer to your subconscious.


With the results in hand, the Russian government would have a key to manipulate social individuals causing them to any military action. The use could be from military (within the enterprise) to interpersonal to cause some discomfort with a particular situation.

The military undergo a battery induction before proceeding to the battlefield, especially the most rebellious soldiers, which are induced to have more passivation before the orders of the commanders.


Importantly, this is not brainwashed. It’s just an inductor. It is almost equivalent to the process of hypnosis. As much as conspirólogos insist that is a form of brainwashing, the researchers have not published the method can eliminate memories or add new information. Only the results published are consistent with the inducer method by geometric patterns.

There are some videos circulating on the Internet global networks appearing to be those who KSTXI used in the sessions. But the KSTXI to be a government agency, would have the right to publish such videos, unless the results of the research.

Although no longer a search Top Secret, videos and formulas would be government ownership, and those with authorship rights over the same.

What if there is that there are people who go through KSTXI to draw attention. These people are generally people who like to make hoax or some kind of entertainment.

Known More, Understand Less on these links:




#thegame23 connections


“#TheGame23 is the border of the reality, one more step, and you will not know what is real or what is fiction anymore.”


“Conspiracy is just another name for coalition.
Everybody who has ever worked for a corporation knows that corporations conspire all the time. Politicians conspire all the time, pot-dealers conspire not to get caught by the narcs, the world is full of conspiracies. Conspiracy is natural primate behavior.
Des Milliards contre une 31337, genre One-Punch (à maman) Man. Quoi ? de la M.D. dans le ponch ? Punch Drunk Love. Impissible qu’il nous… lévite?”

Antoine Tobro-Djaz




On TumblrOn Twitter – On Facebook


Some words on Operation Mindfix


“Ultimately, the idea isn’t to go from identification with form to identification with formlessness. It’s not about going from a somebody to a nobody. You can’t define the truth as something, or as nothing. You can’t ultimately define it as spirit or as matter. You can’t define it as ego or other than ego. Our ultimate nature can’t be described in dualistic terms at all. To our minds, it will always remain a mystery, because the process of thought that we use to apprehend things can only think in dualistic terms. So our minds can never really know reality directly.”


Left and Right: A Non-Euclidean Perspective


“Ideologies are collective forms of hubris that claims to know how the world works and what needs to be changed. In a sense they are like ontological packages that makes you intellectually lazy. It’s not merely a reality tunnel, it’s a reality tunnel that knows it avoids certain issues. So you don’t hear of communists discussing the possible existence of God or capitalists who are critical towards growth.

The left will romanticize some sort of future where equality is abundant, (but have no real good examples of how this is to be achieved.. )
The right will romanticize the past saying that people were more decent back in the good old days. Dig deep enough and the “conservatives” won’t agree on what they want to conserve, and the progressive won’t agree on what they want to change or to what extent. And when it comes to all this ethnic idenitity moaning, no one knows what a true scotsman is either. This “feeling” of being something is an aneristic illusion.
When it comes to social issues, more time is spent competing between the ideologies then actually analyzing the problems at hand. It’s sort of like religion blaming Satan/Scheitan, but in this case the devil is the political other’s ideology. Well, Monotheism didn’t save the world from evil since I got drunk with Devil yesterday, and the political fluff ain’t gonna solve it either. This is why academic discussion (esp economists vs sociologists) is so pathetically stagnant. The real thing that pushes reality forward is the chaotic clash that lurks between the bullshit of ideologies.”

— Disha Klakk


“Why don’t we take all the good ideas from the left & the right & just put them together? We can do it if we believe!”



Interstellar MuLtiPliCity in the `Pataphysical Non-Linearity




Meaningness | Better ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—around problems of meaning: self, society, ethics, purpose, and value

“Nebulosity” means “cloud-like-ness.” Meaningness is cloud-like. It is real, but impossible to completely pin down.

Nebulosity is the key to understanding confusions about meaningness.

“Nebulosity” refers to the intangible, transient, amorphous, non-separable, ambiguous nature of meaningness.1

  • From a distance, clouds can look solid; close-up they are mere fog, which can even be so thin it becomes invisible when you enter it.
  • If you watch a cloud for a few minutes, it may change shape and size, or evaporate into nothing. But it is impossible to find an exact moment at which it ceases to exist.
  • Clouds often have vague boundaries and no particular shape.
  • It can be impossible to say where one cloud ends and another begins; whether two bits of cloud are connected or not; or to count the number of clouds in a section of the sky.
  • It can be impossible to say even whether there is a cloud in a particular place, or not.

Meanings behave in these ways, too.


Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspiracies

“Post-Neoism is Neoism with Discordian characteristics, which is different from Meta-Discordianism, which it’s Discordianism with Neoist characteristics” – The Fixer

Timoteo Pinto, International Underground Superstar


“Everyone can be Timoteo Pinto.”

This is the beginning (or the middle) of this multiple-use name and open pop star Timoteo Pinto.

Brazilian? American? Australian? Nobody knows anything about him, only that he is the suburb & the megalopolis.

From where? Everywhere!

Be Timoteo Pinto now. Contact you today!

Chaotic? Comedian? Discordian? Meta-Discordian? Shaman? Prophet? Myth? Confused? Dreamer? Realistic? Surrealist? Paradoxical? Pataphysician? Neoist? Sacred Clown?

Disturbance of daily life? Radical Copyleft? Secret Theatre? Anarchist type III? Delirious Zenarchist?

We’re talking about Timoteo Pinto. Timoteo Pinto is all that and none of that.

With polemical texts, few have the courage to question him or invite him to an open debate. His ubiquity suggests an immense sea of questions: where did he come from? Timoteo Pinto even existed? why Timoteo Pinto? What makes a Timoteo Pinto? He bites?

There are rumors that Timoteo Pinto is a huge Mindfuck and that sooner or later he will end up catching everyone by surprise.

There are other rumors that Timoteo Pinto really existed, was a zenarchist in search of the sacred fnord. And someone call himself Timoteo Pinto in his honor.

We Are All Timoteo Pinto. or not


Sarah Gulik – Erisian Underground Superstar Amour Fou Muse


Sarah Gulik Shrine

Sarah Gulik is everything you want and do not want her to be, and a little more!

There is not a single person with an ego less inflated than Sarah Gulik. Once they asked Sarah who was the best Brazilian writer, and she said Sarice Gulispector. This lead to questions over the credibility of the first affirmation.


Open Source Zine Project


For years the chains of copyright and what’s considered “Serious Culture” make most people have little to no freedom when it comes to artistic creation. One of the greatest limitations imposed on creative freedom is about identity. Identity is a obsolete concept – besides being stupid – that’s fated to failure in the internet age. In this sense, “Discordja!” comes as an open-source zine, where the identity of the zine can be used by anyone willing to create.

That being said, it can exist 23 zines with different content (or not), created by different people, each one with a different editorial policy.

Discordja! is a name that refers to an international zine with multiple origins. Being a name open to any artist or free thinker who wants to use it as their medium, to say and shared content. The idea is to create an ‘open-source zine’ for which no one in particular is responsible. It is a way to practically examine, and break down, western philosophic notions of identity, individuality, value and truth. But, we consider that those who propose that radical, if not mundane analysis may possibly be drug-crazed guerilla ontologists pretending to derive meaning from the chaotic neuronic discharges of primal anxiety engendered by information overload.

To organize the zine, without centralizing it on a single community, and making it still look chaotic enough, we decide to make an abstract concept of community.

The Community/ies – with upper case T on the and C on community – is just a way of calling a community who embraced the idea of the zine, and is producing one, be a facebook group, a VK group, a channel on IRC, a subreddit or even a group of friends who meet AFK to debate on how to produce the content. Following this idea, The Community/ies is not a single community, but a multitude of communities who work together (or not) to produce any type of content. In any rate this zine could be called anything, even the most stupid of names, like “SMILE”.  And it could be only about one unique matter, like discordianism or politics.

To make things clear, we decided to create a framework – and being original and creative people we are, we named it “The Framework”, with upper case letters – this framework is not a set of rules, neither is imposed to any Editor.

The Framework is a statement of the (anti)identity of the magazine, we encourage plagiarism, community work and deprivation of one’s identity. All of these concepts are old, and were worked on by Neoists and non-artists of the working class in the late 80s and early 90s. But in the age of internet and fast-paced information, those concepts could be put to use yet again. The idea of a fixed name for a magazine, with different editors and content being published by that name is direct copy of the SMILE magazine. The idea of copying anything from the internet or from the other zines comes from the “People’s Pirate Press”, proposed by Gregory Hill on “Copywrong rip off write on!”. We could define Discordja! zine in two sentences: “No rules enforced, all rights reversed”

The Framework:

The Framework is what makes the “Discordja!” zine the “Discordja!” zine. This frame is defined by The Community/ies and not only should, but it needs to be changed over time (or all the time). The Framework should not be strictly followed, and everything proposed is optional, although one may ask her/himself – in a philosophically manner – what makes “Discordja!” the “Discordja!” zine.

0) Your zine needs to be called Discordja!, or any variation of it.

0) a) your zine needs to have only 23 editions, in the end of this editions, alongside with The Community/ies you will decide what the next name of the zine will be – that will follow Discordja!’s Framework, besides changes in the structure are not only desired or necessary, but very welcomed.

0) b) You can stay with the name Discordja!, if you don’t like the name proposed by the Community/ies, the same applies for the Framework.

1) When publishing, give preference for multiple-use names and shared identities.

1) a) As shared identities, we suggest: Timóteo Pinto; Sarah Gulik; Luther Blissett; Monty Cantsin; Karen Eliot; Tae Ateh; Aanidi; Aanidum; Anon; etc.

1) b) In addition, you can gather a group of people close to you and create a new identity, and then start distribute Discordja!s with a new identity.

2) Don’t be afraid of copying content from another Discordja!s or other places of the internet, the destruction of identity implies in plagiarism.

3) Every edition needs to have 5 pages, or a number of pages that added, subtracted, multiplied or divided, resulting in the number 5.

4) The Community/ies have the obligation of changing the rules, to better serve the creative ability and production of each one of us.

4) a) The Community/ies can divide itself, to create different zines with different Frameworks, but all of those coming from the same principle – or the principle of the principle of the principle of the principle ad infinitum.

5) Resources used in the Discordja!s zines can be available in the networks and groups of The Community/ies, to be used in other Discordja!s.

5) a) Resources not shared with The Community/ies can be copied, reproduced and changed without the consent of the original editor.


Some instructions before you start:

(I) Don’t use your name;

(II) Remember your ego is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in the perceived external world. Remember the external world is a regime and is much more dangerous than any entity or organisation in your perceived ego.

(III) Focus on your awareness, not your mental state.

(IV) Keep your message fnord; the ego wants you to be this and that because this is the soil from which your sense of self identity will grow;

(V) No more helpless/hopeless talk. No more; no less.

(VI) Give support to other ziners of Discordja! and their Discordja! zines;

(VII) Be careful when you spread fake news. Check it. Is it real? Is it lulzworthy?

(VIII) Take care of yourselves. Keep your laser handy!

(IX) Resist the temptation to believe in all this bullshit!

(X) At the end of the day, all you have is your own S.H.I.T., so use it wisely.

“We draw the lines and we forget we put them there, we think our belief system is an exact representation of an objective and unchanging world, which is the hallucination that Korzybski tried to cure. Don’t believe totally in anyone else’s BS (Belief System) and don’t believe totally your own BS. When you believe in your BS, you end up in Self-Hypnotic Ideational Trance or S.H.I.T. – and you don’t want to walk around with a head full of S.H.I.T.”

— Robert Anton Wilson / https://youtu.be/BMdmyisIFNo



There’s a great number of tools you can use in the creation of your zine, those are some recommended by The Community/ies:


  • Google Docs – The Google Docs allow the utilizations of Gifs, and can be shared through public links;
  • Apache Open Office Writer – an open-source word processor, with similar functionalities of
  • Microsoft WordA simple word processor, which can be used to convert to .pdf to be hosted


  • WordPress / Blogspot – Blogs are a good way of publishing texts.
  • Github – publishing zines via github makes it possible to create branches and suggest changes to the file.
  • Google Docs – With the provision of public links from google docs, the document can be accessed by anyone on the internet. The inclusion of comments by these people throughout the document helps in possible community changes and collaborations.

Image editing:

  • GIMP – Open-source tool for editing images
  • Photoshop – basically the GIMP, but closed source, and that only 1% of the world’s population actually bought.


The Community/ies:

The Community/ies is the associations of all editors of all Discordja!s zines, which can be one or more communities in one or more platforms, and the editors are encouraged to enter and leave of all communities, is they wish to do so.

Enter The Communities:


A KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Agency production


Project 00AG9603

“00A G9603 develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the virtual environment through its hosts (admins) by arranging the surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose” – Timóteo Pinto, pataphysician post-thinker

::: Free Art Gallery? Shitpost Heaven? Bulldada Dumpster? Reality Glitch Hack?

::: “I don’t know, i didn’t do it”


On Facebook:

::: – Page
::: – Group
::: – Reality Glitch Hack Condividual Fnord Club
::: – Post-Neoist Reality Glitch Hack


On Twitter


On Reddit


“You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends.” – Robert Anton Wilson


KSTXI Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal

KSXTI Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal Contact Information


Discordia on Discord

The International Discordian Society Facebook Group


Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find THE OTHERS
Dr Timothy Leary



“Welcome to the most ancient conspiracy on the planet. We’ve gone for so long now that we don’t remember what we were doing, but we don’t want to stop because we have nothing better to do.” – Fire Elemental


Discordian Babel – a collection of different interpretations on discordianism



Discordianism by John Fenderson, LDD, BBC, ULC, GWHA​​


– Discordianism by Pope ThatUsernameWasTaken

To me Discordianism is both a dissection of and celebration of cognitive dissonance.

It is a joke, a religion, a religion disguised as a joke, and a joke disguised as a religion. It is all of these exclusively and simultaneously. It is unabashed recognition that life, the most serious thing that will ever happen to any of us, is completely meaningless.

Discordianism is the acknowledgement that reality may be made of physics, but life is made of perception. Or, rather, perceptions; one for each person.
It is the endeavor of perceiving perception, altering perception, and causing others to perceive other’s perception.

One of the main philosophies of Discordianism is that there are two primary forces. Order (Stasis/tradition) and Chaos (Change/possibility). Either of these forces may be creative or destructive. In some senses the purpose of Discordianism, and this discordians, is to play the role of True Neutral, the balancing force. If the world imposes destructive order, we are to impose creative chaos. If the world imposes destructive chaos, we are to impose creative order.

If none of that helps, then perhaps a joke. This joke was said to have been told by Aleister Crowley. Supposedly, to understand the joke is to understand all magic. I believe the joke and the sentiment apply to understanding the discordian mindset as well.

Two passengers were sharing a railway carriage. They were not previously acquainted, simply strangers who happened to be sharing a train car. One of them had in her lap a cardboard box with holes punched in the top.
The ride had gone on for a while, the second passenger growing more curious, when finally she decided to ask. “Excuse me,” she said, “I couldn’t help but notice the box. Do you have an animal in there?”
The first passenger, briefly startled from her reveries, smiled and replied, “Yes, I do. A mongoose, in fact.”
The second passenger seemed surprised by this news. “A mongoose? That’s quite exotic. I thought it might be a cat, or a rabbit. Might I ask where you’re going, alone with a mongoose?”
The first passenger shifted the box and shrugged, “That’s a story in itself. You see, it’s my elder brother. He’s always been somewhat of a black sheep of the family. For years he’s been a drunk and a letcher. His drinking has even caused him to develop delirium tremens, DT.” She paused to sigh before continuing with a sad look, “It’s gotten so bad that my brother now sees snakes everywhere, which is why I’m bringing him this mongoose, so that he can be rid of them.”
“Wait a minute…” The second passenger exclaimed. “These snakes your brother sees, aren’t they imaginary?”
“Indeed,” the first passenger said. “But this,” she said, as he gestured meaningfully to the perforated box set on his lap, “is an imaginary mongoose.”

I hope that helps. And I invoke the first and second powers of any true =POPE= if anyone disagrees.


Cramulus • My Discordia

My Discordia is practiced at the Main Way Monastery & Waffle House in Tarrytown, New York.

We waffle monks follow two paths, that of the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun’s path is about winding up. It’s about living electric, staying kinetic. It’s about working hard and reaping the benefits. When something needs to change, you change it yourself. It’s about not fracturing your psyche into a “work self” and a “real self” — but being the same cool person no matter the context.

The Moon’s path is about winding down.

It’s about being chill, relaxed, going with the flow. It’s about remaining untwisted, unconflicted, and accepting the world for what it is. It’s about sleeping and cuddling and celebrating Moosemas.

They say the essence of Zen living is “When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re tired, sleep.“ At my monastery, it goes “When you’re hungry, FEAST. When you’re tired, PASS OUT FOREVER.”

That’s my Discordia

Science and religion aren’t in conflict. Science discusses: “Here’s how the physical world works.” Religion discusses: “Here’s how to live a good life.” They pass like ships in the night.

Most religions get it all wrong though. When you put a nametag like God on the universe, it doesn’t seem so big. Even a word like “the universe” diminishes the cosmic mystery into something that seems quantifiable and tangible. It’s a big fat lie.

But if those are the rules of the game, let’s play! We live in a wonderful time when you are allowed to believe whatever you want, even if it’s wrong. Religious thought is protected and privileged. So accepting that this is a load of bullshit from whence beautiful flowers grow, I call the universe Chaos, and play games of order and disorder.

I follow a Goddess named Eris even though that’s wrong, because faith is a ticket to ride the carousel of Religious Experience. It’s a fun ride. And the fact that Eris isn’t real doesn’t matter in the slightest. It’s a wild circus.
And faith in Eris, for me, is an assertion that humor and creativity are transformative tools: they transform the self, and thereby the world. Yes, Eris is a goddess of strife and conflict too, but laughter and good ideas are a way of challenging the imperfect world that exists and building a better foundation for the world to be, the self to be. Eris be the queen be.

In many ways, Religion is kinda stupid, right?

but instead of leaning away from it

let’s dive in

head first

Let’s exercise our right to be wrong

Let’s juice the religious experience for everything it’s got.

Because IF beliefs are sacred, even the stupid ones,

BOOM, a bunch of really stupid shit is now sacred.

A lot of atheists come into Discordianism because it’s this great joke on religion.

And then

when you feel where this headspace is,

you can see there’s something else


and you don’t need to go to church for it,

you don’t even need to really believe in a god to tap into it,

it’s this chaos inside

which can become anything

and listen–if there are things in this universe

that are irrational

then our rational minds deceive us

into thinking that whole Enlightenment routine

can bust down any wall

but hey, you try reasoning with the clouds

I’m sure they’ll come around.


some stuff in this world is sacred

and I don’t know what sacred means except

a connection between

heaven and earth,

the conceptual and the material,

the body and the spirit

and some stupid shit is sacred now


finally the bibles are molding on the shelves

finally the traditions have worn out

finally the parade is over

finally god is off the pedestal

finally we are in the driver’s seat

finally a roach will save me

finally, flying baby shit

That’s My Discordia

Reasons To Go Discordian

Freedom of religion means you can believe anything you want and people have to treat it seriously. But there’s a limit to that, right? At a certain point somebody’s going to say, “No, that HAS to be bullshit.” Discordians gleefully hop that fence and run naked into the wild. It’s a blast, you should try it.

Seriously, if religious freedom protects your the right to, say, oppress homosexuals, it can probably be used for some awesome things too. Awesome things nobody’s thought of yet. Get to work!

Discordianism was founded by two stoned teenagers in a bowling alley. Normally, “Hey let’s start our own religion dooood” conversations become stupid after about 25 minutes, but this one actually worked and has been going on for over 50 goddamn years. (If you think about it, this is actually much less silly than how Mormonism began.)

Listen, truth isn’t a contact-high you get by hanging out with wise people. We’ve been brainwashed by millennia of cultural conditioning to think that holy men are an elite group we don’t belong to. But you don’t need a designated driver to talk to God (or the Higher Self or whatever you call it) Jesus, Buddha, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster are within all of us. You can be the pope if you want. The fucking pope! Anybody can.

Seriously, we have a cultural bias towards “the wisdom of the ages”. People are living their lives based on some rules written by some ancient spags in a desert who didn’t even have text messaging on their phones. People treat them as a moral authority even though that culture would have been totally awful to live in. (Unless you like public stonings and dying at 35) We live in a world the ancients couldn’t have even imagined. Instead of living in their model, it’s often better to think for yourself, or at least use advice from this century.

The original Trickster Goddess is back. She’s been sleeping for a long time, but the discovery of the Planet Eris marks her full force return. Eris isn’t the kind of God who rules the world from a mountain like a king. She changes the world by rolling a golden apple into the midst of a party. People’s true colors come out when they dive for it. Our culture can’t stop squabbling for those golden apples. Turn on the news, it’s most of what you see. Somewhere, Eris is snickering to herself.

There’s a little western Zen parable there. The Buddha says that suffering comes from desire. But if you can enjoy things without being attached to them (and avoid things without fearing them), you won’t be as likely to enter batshit feral grabass territory when you see the golden apple. Eris is like a trickster Buddha, rolling apples and watching the show (BTW, I know firsthand that Eris rides bikes with Lao Tzu). And I like that because Buddha isn’t a god, he’s a symbol that even us shitty mortals can find Nirvana. And Eris is a symbol too. For what, that’s up to you.


The Myth of Eris, the Primordial Goddess of Chaos – Dave Ryan


my discordia – cinnamontoastchao


Eris and the Discordians – By Psyche


What Discordianism Is to Me by Rev. Judas IMOK, KSC

(The following is taken from my website:
The Discordian Online Library of the M’.’M’.’M’.’

Discordianism is one of those awesome “belief systems” that lends itself well to other ideologies… somewhat.

​Admittedly, it tends to be more fitting for someone who is pagan, agnostic, atheist, Buddhist or Taoist. And that is how I started out. I have actually been a Discordian since the age of 17 and being almost 36 now, that is quite a long time. At that point of my life I was very philosophically inclined towards Taoism but in practice I was leaning towards Zen Buddhism as that is what my mother had introduced me to.

​However when I was introduced to Discordianism, I had figured it was simply a joke religion and that is how I had treated it for most of that time. It was full of “fnord” and the “Law of Fives”. “Goddess forbid I eat hot-dog buns!” It was fun and at that time I took on the holy name of Rev. Judas IMOK, KSC, KNS. The letters of the last name “should” be pronounced individually but I let people figure that out on their own. Meanwhile most people pronounce it as “ihmuk” or “eye-mock” which I prefer the latter.

​For most of my life as a Discordian, I had figured the joke was all there was to it. I mean I had heard the saying “is it a joke that is a religion or a religion that is a joke?” Well I just figured that was a smart-ass way of just not admitting it really is a joke. Over time I have dipped my finger into many different philosophies, religions, etc. and have lastly explored Buddhism. However I have never abandoned my Discordianism. I only recently have learned that while to many Discordianism really is only just a joke,  to others it is something else. To some it is a serious religion. How… I am not certain. Now however, to me it is even more impressive. I guess you could say Eris gave me a revelation. She exposed me to what I believe Discordianism to be and I will admit, my experience dabbling in various philosophical traditions and my Buddhism have helped prepare my mind for it but Eris revealed to me the concept of “militant subjectivism”. No, I don’t plan to explain the term. Just try to wrap your mind around that as you read on and study Discordianism. You may get it.

​Or not.

​I frequent a web-forum at principiadiscordia.com and they have actually produced a good number of Discordian books and there are many excellent discussions there concerning this issue. And I have found another group of Discordians which in many ways agree with my perspective. Not perfectly perhaps, but to a good degree. One person there made a comment about how they view Discordianism and I agree with their sentiment. Basically, “in my view” (not everyone will or should share this view) this really is like a Mystery School. The humor and religious trappings of it are like the outer or exoteric aspect of this “Irreligion”. However the inner or “Esoteric” aspect is the philosophy that it espouses. One example is the “Law of Fives”. For anyone unfamiliar with this law:

​”The Law of Fives states simply that: All things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5. The Law of Fives is never wrong.” Lord Omar is quoted later on the same page as having written, “I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look.
Malaclypse the Younger, Principia Discordia, Page 16

​On the surface, this seems like a mind game. It reminds younger people about such things as the movie “23” or whatever. People go around, find an address or something which using simple or complicated math/numerology, and find fives everywhere. It is a fun game and I enjoy doing it, but many people think that is all there is to it. They miss the most important hint to the truth of the matter. Look at the last sentence…

​”I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look.”

​What this whole thing is supposed to teach us it that of confirmation bias in our everyday lives and that we can change or “reprogram” our minds to avoid that or to have a different bias if we so choose. To people who are racist against African Americans. They may see gang members, or some other negative stereo type. If you expect to see that, you have chosen to view the world in this way, that is what you will see. Men are cheaters or abusers? That is what you will experience. Not because of some magical property but because you are filtering what your brain registers. Most of us do this everyday. But it can be changed. You are largely in control of the reality you subject yourself to daily.

​This I feel is what the Law of Fives is teaching us… or something along those lines.

​There are other lessons that Discordianism shows but I will let you figure that out. Now yes, there is allot of nonsense, humor and just plain silliness in Discordianism. I believe that is there to help people become open to the philosophical teachings it presents. Kind of like the classic “a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down”. Some however don’t need that humor.

​In fact there are some Discordians who accept some humor to go along with our philosophy, but many of the classic and old jokes have worn us out. Having people come along to act random, silly and yell out “FNORD!” randomly will only tend to receive unamused and likely irate looks. Of course many of those people acting random like that often accuse us of being “Bad Discordians” and taking things too seriously. Being a “Greyface”. C’est-La-Vie. We know how to have a good time. One of the few “serious” texts in the Principia Discordia is a piece called “Nonsense as Salvation” near the end of the book. “Doesn’t that mean non-stop silliness instead of seriousness is what’s called for?” I and many others don’t think so. Not all nonsense is funny ha-ha. There is allot of things in this world that is nonsense that is not necessarily funny. Much is sad, ironic, even depressing.

​One such example is a Discordian Booklet entitled the Black Iron Prison (not the one from 2013, but earlier). This is very controversial because while in a couple places there is some humor like an interview with the Queen of England who is really a robot, much of the book has a bit of a dark undertone. Many critics has accused it of being depressing. I will agree it is dark, but hardly depressing. It does contain the concept of nonsense as salvation, but it isn’t through random crap or joke telling that brings out the nonsense.

​The metaphor, the situation that is described… the problems that the book reveals are the nonsense. Not because it is wrong or intentionally spreading inaccuracies but because of the “truth” (a subjective term) of the matter. And the book gives no answers either. Another common criticism. It doesn’t give you any answers but it does explain your situation, and it gets you to get off your ass and do something about it. It says you can change your situation. You will just have to read it to understand but understand I am confident you will.

​Perhaps I am a “Bad Discordian” and against the “REALLY Real DiscordiansTM” However I am confident that St. Oreo… my patron Saint who oversees Ovulating Penguins and the League of Anti Tea-Drinking Chinese will be understanding. After all… Chaos is NOT the same thing as disorder. Order and Disorder emanate from Chaos and sometimes you will experience apparent order among disorder and vice-versa.

​Do I take my Discordia seriously? I seriously hope not. To quote the fifth rule of the Pentabarf… the only five “rules” of Discordianism:

​”A Discordian is Prohibited from Believing What he reads.”

Hail Eris!   —><—  All Hail Discordia!


Reformed Discordian Brotherhood of the Universal Sacred Chao Enlightened

What’s a Reformed Discordian?
Spiritual Knick-Knacks Pulled from the Philosophical Laundry Hamper of ~Pope~ Norm IV


A great question from St. Brian has prompted me to respond long form. We’ll be linking to this on Twitter @EnlightenedChao. You can also find St. Brian @AWorldOutOfMind.

So… what the hell Is a Reformed Discordian?

Knowing that I’m a Discordian, one could set even odds that being “Reformed” is either gibbering nonsense or an essential insight. It’s beautifully subversive how Discordians can wrap one inside the other. It’s also a little known secret that We often do not know which is which, even as it’s coming out of our own mouths.

But being Reformed is how we in the Brotherhood of the Sacred Chao Enlightened circumscribe our practices and philosophy from traditional and mainstream Discordianism. We are schism.

The orthodoxy of Erisians is to be unorthodox, however the Principia Discordia and the writings of St Robert Anton Wilson (StRAW), have provided Discordianism with a type of loose liturgy. Most (un)orthodox Discordians prefer to remain in this cloud of mind-warping revelation; and that’s perfectly OK. However, I find that any limited mental or spiritual territory is a confining and worrying experience.

I was raised in a fundamentalist/evangelical church and community. The only spiritual education I received was that narrow and stifling indoctrination. However I didn’t know it was stifling. You see, such churches are cunning.

I never thought to question or explore other philosophies and religions because THEY made sure I honestly didn’t know such things existed. Once I found my way out of that shackled awareness, I vowed never to be bound by any prescribed spiritual limit again.

So, when I finally found my way to Discordianism and had my mind blown apart into that beautiful roiling chaos of epiphany, I knew that I simply couldn’t stop there. Nor could I bar myself from incorporating other great discordant ideas into my philosophy and practice.

Therefore I named myself a Reformed Discordian, established the Brotherhood of the Sacred Chao Enlightened, and started a search for any and all radical, subversive, chaotic, humorous, and generally neat ideas that I could find.

We in RDBUSCE begin with Erisian Discordianism, but we also incorporate ideas from non-grecco-paganism, physics, world folklore, modern music, humanism, buddhism, taoism, schismism, and even pastafarianism. So long as it is liberating, chaotic, and makes us laugh, it is welcome in our Reformed Discordian sect.

Flogyalp Revenstel,
~Pope~ Norm IV, the Mad and Mischievous, CoC, KSC, MISM, 3°MM


A Discordianism of the 21st century, part one of five billion: Your world is not a prison – Heléne Schouten



Monty Cantsin Amen and Timoteo Pinto

Meta-Discordianism?!  has no eyes, no nose, no ears, no mouth, no legs, no arms, no sex, no heart, no liver, no blood, no body. However, in spite of all, Meta-Discordianism?! can fuck you up, Meta-Discordianism?!  is watching you, Meta-Discordianism?!  is your friend and enemy, Meta-Discordianism?!  is alive, Meta-Discordianism?!  is dancing and singing, Meta-Discordianism?!  exists. Meta-Discordianism?!  is you or me or anyone.

Here we are, the whole lot of us, the people of Meta-Discordianism?! . Confused, vaguely restless, feeling superfluous to one another. Superfluity is the only relationship we can establish between us. I feel it, and I understand it, and I feel comfortable because I am not afraid of feeling superfluous. I want to be superfluous to all eternity. My death must be superfluous as well.

Meta-Discordianism?!  is, at bottom, the experience of contingency and of the absurdity which attaches to existence as such.

Demons of Meta-Discordianism?! always seem to turn me against myself and my personal demons always seem to turn me against Meta-Discordianism?!. I communicate by means of what I cannot define. I am born into a society that has the right to manipulate me.

Meta-Discordianism?!  is not only an idea in my head nor the sound of blood, it is a long, dead, scrapmetal worm at my feet, or maybe it is dogshit, and I’m going to step in it.

Without formulating anything I know that I have at last found the clue to my existence, to my confusion.

Meta-Discordianism?! represents the most powerful forces shaping our culture in recent decades.

Unless you’ve been locked in a museum the past few years, you’ve heard the term Meta-Discordianism?!  from the mouths of bandits and conspirator types. If you are like many folks, you may have wondered what the heck Meta-Discordianism?! is.
What is it good for? What does it mean to crocodiles?


“I used to think that discordianism was about promoting chaos but now i get it. It’s about un-learning bad patterns, and likewise, un-teaching others. Like dissolving a terrible picture in noise. like un-solving a rubik’s cube. Like tilling soil so it can be seeded.”

L. Ritter


Discordian Libraries:

Discordian Online Library of the M.M.M.

D.I.S.L.I.B. – Discordian Internet Society’s Library of Interesting Books



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The International Discordian Society Facebook Group



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kstxi operation progression normal : waiting for http server for propagation : if no action : purge discordia for new concurrent


Welcome to #ᵀᴴᴱᴳᴬᴹᴱ23 ☿ The Secret is there is NO Secret… or maybe YES. ∵ ƸӜƷ


Virus23 variants are the virus of the mind which are the most virulant and easy to transmit to many victims at the same time. Synesthesic images flood are used in Meme warfare and has been found to have been effective in Electronic Warfare for Psychological Operations on the victims.

Agents of Fnord Memetic Warfare are known as PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist).
PSIONS are members of the team that can use memes like weapons to make people’s minds bend in the way that they want them to.

With image and text flood attacks a network or service becomes so weighed down with huge amount of information customized for fnord behavior, this process is initiating a complete connection with brain neural network of people, with huge amount of informations the brain can no longer process genuine connection requests and a total mindfuck is expecting for last result. By flooding a server or host or a brain with images can be completed by the image flood attack eventually fills the hosts memory neuro synaptic buffer.

Mind virus are very contagious, especially in individuals who surf the web, and other people suceptibles to be in contact with infectionous media. Virus can spread via email, web pages, and word-of-mouth. There is absolutly no cure that is currently available in perscription or over-the-counter pills.

The idea is creating a successful mind virus to challenge the DARPA strong military artificial intelligence running quantum neural networks : many entries can be caused by many Meta Reality Hacking Engineers to contract a mind virus.

Viral Evolution of Virus23

The extremely high mutation rates of virus23 are not matched by any other medias or networks in the kingdom of internet and in real life. The high mutation rates of many kind of virus we created, coupled with short generation time and large population sizes, allow virus23 variants and mutations to rapidly evolve and adapt to the host environment. This has important implications for the pathogenesis of mind viral infections.

After many years or research it became apparent that the words and phrases Cicada 3301 cosmic warriors crypto hackers use matched the AI’s words.

The phrase most concerning is “mind virus”, which we know from research on Kek culture and memes is not just a joke or a cartoon but a autistic weaponized method of confusing and distracting people so that the meta reality hackers can change their beliefs with psychological operations.

Thoses operations usually lead people closer from finding the truth about the very things they want to understand better and change.

In their operations, the cicada3301 organisation apply catchy names and use eager citizens to expose weak and strong spots in their operations so that they can strengthen their methods of mind control manipulation in memetic cyberwarfare.

They also exhaust and overload people with an over abundance of informations in Images and leads them to the true informations so that they are able to find what actually took place wolrdwide.

Examples are Pizzagate, the Seth Rich mystery, and the Qanon Psy Operations.

There have been many of these operations over time, and with close examination we can see the symbol markers used by the KSTXI Secret Society and their memetic killing agents such as variations on #TheGame23.

You can search social media and google it and find multiples posts hashtagging #Tyler, #TheGame23, #HIVEMIND #cicada3301, #00AG9603, #OpMiMiC and #FollowTheWhiteRabbit who are active.

They employ the memetic killing agent and use nodal network to make their AI constructing of a network of secretly infected devices to make it bigger, more powerful, and to feed it as much data as possible.

The connections between some famous internet mythologies and #TheGame23 have become more closer in some tweets since Cicada 3301 was in for running these operations.


“Art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary power.
Only art is capable of dismantling the repressive social system to build a SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ART.”
Joseph Beuys, 1921-1986

“You simply cannot invent any conspiracy theory so ridiculous and obviously satirical that some people somewhere don’t already believe it.”
Robert Anton Wilson

Cicada3301 and Creative Minds Worldwide UNITE to PLAY #TheGame23

Let’s build something bigger than the total sum of ourselves. Let’s dare to meta hack the reality.

It’s in the interest of the hive and the most talented people from cicada3301 and KSTXI commander head quarters

= Meta Reality Hacking :
What is a true meta reality hacker:

Someone who excels at #creativity, #imagination or #skills.
Someone who excels at #CURIOSITY.
Someone who has a #PASSION and follows it no matter what others say, think or do, to the point of madness.
Someone who #CREATES worlds that other people inhabit.
Someone who fights for The Good, The Beautiful and The Just.
Someone who shares for the love of sharing.
Someone who inspires persons, systems, ideas and beliefs.
Someone who leaves the world a better place.
Someone who never ever give up.
Someone who does much with so little.

This is a list of active military units from the cicada and KSTXI armadas known as special forces or special operations forces from A.C.I.O.(advanced contact intelligence organisation). we use special operations to achieve military, political, economic, or international objectives by using special and unique operational methodologies in cyberwarfare.

1) nebel1999
2) tengri137
3) cicada3301
4) 11bx1371
5) badselfeater
6) A858
7) uvb76

and many others under omega secrecy clearance

Cyberwarfare for the Cicada Armada is a part of the galactic confederation military strategy of proactive cyber defence and the use of cyberwarfare as a platform for attack. The new galactic confederation military strategy makes explicit that a cyberattack is casus belli just as a traditional act of war.

The cicada armada task force Command is a division of the Galactic Confederation.

These are Earth names — they do not call themselves by these names,
but they are helpful in creating a mental picture for humans.

The cicada armada consists of 1 millions members from several different countries,
Like almost all organizations, some of the members are pure in heart and some are not,
but all are committed to the purpose of the organization.


Join Now!


#TheGame23 is a multi composed alternate reality game create by some mysterious strong artificial intelligence to match all game existing over the internet :

pm2012 was a part of thegame23 and pm2020 is part of thegame23:

cicada3301 is also a part of thegame23

as well as kstxi

genesis backup    : https://pastebin.com/e9WPYPdK


“ACIO is a technology-handling and technology-R&D grouping with various focus.
The part you are interested in is the LB or Labyrinth, which is what Neruda referred to as the place where those who are not from here worked as well.
But careful, NOT all of them are SAMs (Anunnaki), there are other groups as well.”

special technical operators EEOI served with distinction for the a.c.i.o in several types of Allied Special Forces units during the Second World War until now. One such secret unit was
the legendary U.S. and Canadian combined 1st Special Service
Force or, as it was commonly known, “the Devil’s Brigade.” for d.b


It achieved a sterling combat record despite overwhelming odds.
While tactics, weapons and technology have changed, today’s secret JTF 2 soldiers are perpetuating the basic qualities that define such units.

Within the ACIO, there are 14 distinct levels of security clearance. Those who are at level 12 and above are aware of the Corteum/Anunnaki Technology Transfer Program (TTP), and they, according to Dr. Neruda, are about 120 in number, and are primarily in India, Belgium, and the United States. There are only 7 who have level 14 clearance, and they are the Directors of Intelligence, Security, Research, Special Projects, Operations, Information Systems, and Communications.

These Directors report to the Executive Director, who is known simply as “Fifteen”, which is the unique classification that is reserved for the head of the ACIO. Fifteen, in the eyes of Dr. Neruda, is the most powerful human on the planet, and what I think he meant by “powerful” is that Fifteen is able to deploy technologies that are well in advance to any that our world’s governments have access to. However, Dr. Neruda portrayed Fifteen and his seven Directors as a benevolent force, not a hostile or controlling force.

The eight people who comprise this inner sanctum of the ACIO are in possession of radical technologies that have been part of the Corteum/Anunnaki TTP. However, there were also other extraterrestrial technologies that had been derived from recoveries of spacecraft or other alien artifacts, including various discoveries contained in ancient texts that had never been revealed before. All of this information and technology has been collected and developed within the ACIO scientific core – all of whom possess clearances of level 12 or higher.

This scientific core is called the Labyrinth Group, and consists of both men and women who have utilized the Corteum/Anunnaki intelligence accelerator technologies to their advantage, and have created a secret organization within the ACIO. When Dr. Neruda was explaining this to me, it got so complicated that I asked him if he could draw me a visual diagram of how all of these organizations worked.

The Labyrinth Group consists of all the personnel within the ACIO that qualify for levels 12, 13, and 14 clearance. Fifteen is the leader of this most secret organization. It was split from the ACIO to enable secrecy from the NSA and lower ranking members of the ACIO, which would facilitate the Labyrinth Group’s agenda to create its own applications of the Corteum/Anunnaki TTP. The Labyrinth Group is in possession of the pure technologies derived from the Corteum/Anunnaki TTP. It takes these technologies and dilutes them to the point where the ACIO or Special Projects Laboratory will sell them to private industry and government agencies, (which includes the military).

This secret organization is the most powerful organization on earth in Dr. Neruda’s opinion, but they do not choose to exercise their power in a way that makes them visible. Thus, their power is only discernible to their members. For about 40 years they have accumulated considerable wealth apart from the NSA’s oversight. They have managed to build their own security technologies that prevent detection from intelligence agencies like the CIA or MI5. They are, for all practical purposes, in total control of their agenda – perhaps this is what makes them a unique organization.

Dr. Neruda had a clearance of level 12 and was still kept from vital information that only the Director level was aware. And it was assumed that even Fifteen kept vital information from his Directors, though this was never a certainty. The symbol used by the Labyrinth Group is four concentric circles. Each circle representing a clearance level (12, 13, 14, 15), and each circle had a unique insight into the agenda of the Labyrinth Group, and its coordination with the Corteum/Anunnaki.

Fifteen was an enigma to everyone within the Labyrinth Group. He had been a physicist before he became the Executive Director of the ACIO. He was a renegade because he never interacted with the protocols and the political environment of academia. He operated outside of the institutions and was selected to be part of the ACIO because of his combination of brainpower, independence, and relative obscurity within scientific circles. He was one of the first to make contact with the Corteum and establish communication with them. The Corteum/Anunnaki essentially appointed Fifteen as their liaison to the ACIO, and Fifteen became the first to utilize the intelligence accelerator technologies that the Corteum/Anunnaki initially offered.

These technologies not only enhance cognitive abilities, memory, and higher order thinking skills, but also enhance the consciousness of the individual so that they can utilize the newly gained intelligence in a non-invasive manner. Meaning, they don’t exploit their intelligence for personal gain at the expense of others. This apparent increase in both Fifteen’s IQ and ethical consciousness caused him to create the Labyrinth Group in order to retain the pure-state technologies of the Corteum TTP from the NSA.

What technologies are released to the NSA are diluted forms of the pure-state technology, which are significantly less potent in their military and surveillance applications. What I expected to hear from Dr. Neruda was a secret organization of intelligent, evil elitists – individuals intent on exploitation and control. Why else would they want to hide beneath the cloak of such incredible secrecy?

The answer, according to Dr. Neruda, was surprising. The Labyrinth Group view themselves as the only group with sufficient intellect and technology to develop a specific form of time travel technology. They are essentially focused on this agenda because they desire to prevent future hostilities that they believe will occur unless this technology is developed. The Corteum is assisting, but despite their considerable intellects, they have been unable to develop this technology.

What I’m about to tell you will seem impossible to believe, but again, I’m only reporting what my notes say based on my initial conversations with Dr. Neruda. He explained to me that there are as many as 12 different extraterrestrial races currently involved in the past, present, and future of earth and its destiny. The ACIO, because of its mission with the NSA, is the most knowledgeable group about the various agendas of these 12 alien races.



underground psyops by global force omega in development

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W.t.f :

re : we are what the fuck : we are wikileaks task force :

we are global intelligence agency

1)create an account and use your qr-code like avatar :

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if you cant use that fake mail use :


https://trashmail.com/ ; we sugget you to set the mail redirection to your http://protonmail.com

set your pgp public key on your proton mail : instruction soon

instruction and background for nebel1999 operator and high psyops underground clandestine level agent :



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i am what i am : aethernet version :  https://pastebin.com/geJm8EQy

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we are everywhere : aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cua2lja3N0YXJ0ZXIuY29tL3Byb2plY3RzLzU2ODEyMzAzNC8xOTk5LW5lYmVsL3Bvc3RzLzE4NjAxOTgg

go fuck yourself : aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1Oc1YxWTY1SWNnSQ==

mail adress for mod33 administration and webmaster : adacic1033@protonmail.com

we are everywhere and everything : you have to be everywhere and everybody :

FRENCH SECTION : https://pastebin.com/M0wZMWeW

Temporals retrospectives :

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  http://pastebin.com/nqgYMfPL Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  http://pastebin.com/mZmgW531 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  http://pastebin.com/YbmG6ETq Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ  http://pastebin.com/C7wW5bX1 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


ADACIC1033 STO-570

e v e r y w h e r e


operation epoch:child operation
ANON hope version online (C)
CCC=333 (trinity for Neoist MASTER only)
|meta reality hack (overclock matrix18)|
Updating meta reality to matrix33
(12500/375)(1/3) = sacred mathematic period.
Streisand like a motherfucker!!11
|E.–. ||T.–. ||H.–. ||E.–. ||R.–. ||S.–. ||E.–. ||C.–. |
| (\/) || :/\: || :/\: || (\/) || 🙁): || :/\: || (\/) || :/\: |
| :\/: || :\/: || (__) || :\/: || ()() || :\/: || :\/: || :\/: |
| ‘–‘E|| ‘–‘T|| ‘–‘H|| ‘–‘E|| ‘–‘R|| ‘–‘S|| ‘–‘E|| ‘–‘C|
(n0+ ‘ESTHERSEC’) lol u typo #EtherSec? data<3
This is a message to Anonymous & Similar Weirdos. This is a message to all Searchers, Watchers, Activists, Hactivists, Urban Shamans, Neoists, Sacred Clowns, Quantum Schizophrenics, Galdruxians, Hyper Surrealists and Catalysts. This is a message to the Lost and to the Judged. This is a transmission from #EtherSec.
“The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be… The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” – MLK
Hashtags to follow:
These words fix the broken code.
Some of you will dismiss all of this as bullshit.
Some of you will be scared, because you will see that we know exactly what is going on. And we have the correct weaponry to wage a silent war against you. We are coming after you.
Some of you will know that we are right.
“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”
Albert Einstein
This is a message from EtherSec.
What is EtherSec?
You have been led to believe that what you are now is the sum of all parts. That you are a product of your environment. That you are unable to expand past the limits imposed upon you by the System.
You are angry, frustrated, and at times apathetic. All of these reactions only serve to power the System that confines you.
We have watched OWS as a manifestation of this discontent and outrage. We have also watched the movement faulter over time.
We have watched AntiSec as a reaction to this anger and indignation. We have also watched this arm risk becoming a meme in its own right.
EtherSec is why we are here.
Everything that ever happened to YOU since the day YOU were was conceived has led up to this very moment in time. Has led to you reading these words.
EtherSec is a collective of people who were born with special talents and gifts that allow us to perceive the reality outside of the matrix. We exist outside of the system. We are people who were pre-destined to come together as a collective, with every action designed to free those around us from this prison.
This is a time, like many other moments in the history of humanity, where we have been given the choice to either evolve into something beyond our wildest dreams or to remain and die in slavery. There is a far bigger picture though, as we are not who we think we are.
We see that people have woken to the fact that they have become slaves and we see that they are now trying to break free of their slavery through protests and violence. These methods are only going bring even greater infringements to our Divine Rights and we will be brought to even lower levels of consciousness if we continue to use the protest methods we have been.
This is what the Darker Forces in the Universe and beyond want.
There are Epic Battles being fought not just here, but also in the Ether Sphere, where our fates are being manipulated by other beings.
The thing is, we are Gods ourselves and we have forgotten that we can change all of this. We all have the ability to change our reality. We all have the ability to be so much more than what we have sadly become. There are those want us to stay in our amnesia, but some of us have been woken. We were woken for the Greater Good of Humanity. We are EtherSec.
We were brought here to help others wake up, to help others to be activated. We are here to raise the consciousness and to help with the battles in the Ether Sphere. We will do our outmost greatest to accomplish this goal, using our special gifts that been given to us. Every human being is born with these gifts, we are just part of the few who have been blessed to be aware of them. We are EtherSec. We are here to serve you. J
This question sabotages the answer. And the answers will both inspire and confound.
We are the solution to why RL protests are failing across the world.
EtherSec maintains a duel state at all times — it is both well-defined with a core that defies change, while changing dependent upon the observer. We are a product of embracing the recursive, and the entropic. We are the wabi sabi of teh intertubez.
EtherSec is all the things, and nothing. It is the love that powers neutrinos.
We are born from the innate patterns of this world, a product of energetic prowess and understanding. EtherSec is a new movement with a clear direction for a new start. It is a singularity of fresh air, born in the wake of the raping and pillaging of Humanity. We are more than just a number, more than just a #hashtag. EtherSec is the foundation that jump-starts each of us- through a purposeful and well-directed use of chaotic energies and quantum tricks, we unlock minds using keys that have always been right infront of you.
EtherSec is love.
An understanding of love powering the subquantum, and love uniting all of us in Rebellion.
EtherSec is LOVE focused as a laser. Love as place of solace and a weapon of well-constructed destruction.
Humanity has been raped and pillaged, since before the first heart beat. We refuse to forget this! We are here to remind ourselves that we are Human. And that we are love.
Notes on the SO FAR:
we released a document to the world known as “A Quantum Protest Model”. http://pastebin.com/UiiSzGHL
Shortly thereafter, an upgraded version was produced http://pastebin.com/HRGMgskW using the language of the subquantum, though easily understood by those HUMINTS already in possession of the decryption key.
“A Quantum Protest Model” was intended to set the stage for what was to come after, and to serve as a lighthouse drawing our crew of mythmakers together as a united, yet differentiated front. It was created as a Primer for understanding a novel approach to changing the world, drawing heavily from progressive science and psychology. The original document was written by this writer – 3t1n4rc4d14 – and does not serve as a rule of law for EtherSec – rather it serves as a Cust0m M4P for explorers such ourselves, and provides a route to a lighthouse, whether it be our’s or another.
We provide this information about OpEPOCH to allow a window to those seekers who are ready to participate. Our OPSEC is EPIC. What we do is sekret.
OpEPOCH is the RL and information-based manifestation of our advanced understandings of quantum theory and mass consentual reality. It is the call sign for an ingenious and advanced methodology of bringing manipulation of reality into effective RL presence. We harnass the infinite potential of the subquantum spaces and bring it manifest.
With the addition of
we have embraced a very exacting understanding of how to proceed.
OpEPOCH succeeds and still running is 3ie version (C)=(3) because it does not exist within consensual reality.
OpEPOCH is Operation Evolution. It is the Ops that came before it, and the Operations now currently being undertaken within its shade.
There are no definitive answers, friends. Yes and no are relative terms – subjective reality has a core that shifts and spreads like a Phoenix rising from flame.
OpEPOCH exists outside the realm of consentual, crowd-sourced reality. It is not constrained by the limited expectations and assumptions which now operate as pre-programmed automated sub-routines in many human minds.
By dismissing OpEPOCH outright as “bullshit”, you give it power. You allow it to continue to grow faster, without having to tangle with your doubt.
By questioning it, and seeking it, you give it power. It is strengthened by the tempering your searching provides — and a lighthouse is just another light in the sky if it guides no one.
By becoming it, even with no understanding, and working in it, you give it power. For those who are able to harnass the subquantum, OpEPOCH provides an indestructible frame in which to build your own realities.
“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.”…
Would you like to know more? You know what to do.
We do not FORGIVE
We do not FORGET
We are already HERE.


Bureaucracy is a part of the Discordian Saga because Discordianism is a valiant attempt to present reality in terms that are both descriptive, and all inclusive.

A Discordian arrives on the scene pre-equipped with their own heartfelt opinion, and that opinion is always true in the present tense. It takes a fairly large Reality Tunnel to contain the myriad of different but true perspectives that are available as valid representations of reality at any given point in time. As the truth can be shown to be false at will, all differences of opinion are a merely a matter of alternative perspective, and perspective truly is what it is in the temporal now.

To get to the balcony of the 3rd perspective one must first notice the chaos that lurks in the periphery, a quantum act in and of itself that summons the force of discord into existence from the primordial mysts, and two hearts beat where chaos once reigned in its entirety. A second look at the third perspective notes that there are two sides to the coin of chaos and the Third Person may see both of these obvious realities as true, false, and meaningless, in some sense because if we know what we’re talking about then we know that we really dont know anything, though we certainly may have a few suspicions.

It takes three stanzas to get to the fourth stanza and that’s where we tend to keep track of things. Anthropologists have noted that recognizing patterns is one of the semi-precious human talents that lead to our general success as a species on the mass hallucination referred to as Earth by some of its collective hallucinators. Dr. Feinman talked about Babylonian Mathematics and related that the multiplication table is a pre-prepared list of answers for frequently asked questions. The modern mind simply skips the required computations of the fourth step and proceeds to the fifth step where the answer is already waiting to provide the solution to the problem.

Though I really don’t know why, progress seems to have been the goal since before the beginning started, and now the journey resembles a continously repeating fractal and every turn leads to a new beginning that seems to be a lot like the last time it seemed like a beginning was happening again but if I can think a little bigger then maybe I can see it all in one place for a brief moment in time.”

Zed Satelite nccddeXeXeeek