The Wisdom of Odin | Jacob Toddson – Paganism in The Netherlands throughout History, and within Modern Traditions + Idem

Paganism in The Netherlands throughout History, and within Modern Traditions

Jacob Toddson


Jacob Toddson – The Wisdom of Odin (video Trudi Verstegen | Mama versus Maffia, Telegram)


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Jacob Toddson

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The Wisdom of Odin is A Vlog of my Journey through Norse Paganism, A Way to Assist Others along their Journey, and A Place to Promote A Positive Image for All of Paganism.

While I Personally Declare Myself as A Norse Pagan, I speak on Topics that Also Involve Aspects of Asatru, Heathenry, and Other Pagan identities such as Slavic | Celtic | Germanic Paganism.

All Gatherings are Set Up and Managed by The Fellowship of Northern Traditions, A Non Proft Religious Organization. This Channel Community is Inclusive to All but is Also Non Political.

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