The Two Witnesses – The More Rational World View (Full Audio Book) + PDFs

The More Rational World View (Full Book)

Published 5 okt 2022

The Two Witnesses


Why are we Here? What is the Meaning of Lifeu A Provocative New Theory of Everything, Proclaimed by the Two Witnesses of God, and his Son and Revelator, Jesus Christ.

The Christian is Called by God in Ephesians 5:11 to “Expose the Unfruitful Works of Darkness“, and has Utterly Failed in this Regard.

Using 785 Sources, this Writing elucidates the Only Veridical and Sufficiently Explanatory World View, Encompassing 9/11, Supernatural Authorship of the Bible, the Mark of the Beast, and the Coming Bio Security State, Unleashed onto the World by A Currently Active International Criminal Syndicate Known in the Bible as the Synagogue of Satan

The Nations Raged, but Your Wrath Came, and the Time for the Dead to be Judged () and for Destroying those Who destroy the Earth.

Revelation 11:18

2022 The Two Witnesses



The Two Witnesses The More Rational World View
The Two Witnesses Theology, Ontology, and Eschatology
The Two Witnesses Scientism The One World Religion You’ve Been Waiting For
The Two Witnesses Sitting in the Temple The Gene Therapy Injection as Biotechnological Warfare
The Two Witnesses The Great Delusion How the World Was Deceived Into Taking the Mark of the Beast
The Two Witnesses – It’s All About the Blood
The Two Witnesses The New Pharisees Calling Out All Christians

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