Melina Burke – The Truth about “Magic”

The Truth about “Magic”

Have you ever wondered how “magicians” perform their “tricks”? Do you think it’s just smoke and mirrors? Or, is it something more? Is “Magic” of a supernatural nature?

Magic” has been around for centuries and to this day, some people enjoy this as a form of entertainment. No matter whether you think you know about this topic or know absolutely nothing, this video is a Must See. In it, you will see a very important truth: “magicians” prove that a spiritual world exists. See actual video footage of the world’s top “magicians” such as David Copperfield, Criss Angel and others doing their “tricks” and listen to interesting commentary which exposes “Magic” for what it really is: demonic activity and elaborate hoaxes from Hell.


Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists

Published on Nov 9, 2015

This video is an examination of some of the most well-known “magicians” in the world. The video examines many of their “magic” acts. These acts are impossible for a human being to perform without the assistance of a spirit or spirits. The video also shows overwhelming evidence that connects many different “magicians” to demons. The video proves that these “magicians” are really sorcerers who use demonic power to perform their “tricks”.


In this video, the term “supernatural” is not used in the strictly theological sense, which would distinguish between the “supernatural” (that which is above nature) and the “preternatural” (that which is beyond nature). Rather, all things that are beyond nature are called “supernatural,” as the term would be understood by the majority of people in the culture.

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NEOSOLAIRIS 3 weeks ago
There are no masks or costumes he’s changing the colors instantly

Xendrius 3 weeks ago
Thanks so much for covering this, brother, your take on the satanic forces is most apperciated.

elijah7k 3 weeks ago (edited)
Brother Michael is absolutely right on this.

And to parents who think it is fine to pay magicians to entertain your children’s birthday parties… DON’T.
DON’T bring these people into your lives and don’t bring them into your homes.

Many people who work as clowns and magicians believe it or not do have some contact with the occult.

I have absolutely no more doubt now that we are living in the very last days of the end times. Thank you MHFM for encouraging me to pray the rosary everyday; never missed it since then; stayed at home on Sundays – 15decades. “Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation”, no to NFP, papal infallibility. Thanks! :)

Thank you for an EXCEPTIONAL video on this subject and from a 100% truly Catholic source and perspective! You hit the nail right on the head. This proves the activity of demons is very active. The “technical” delay with this type of video is not at all surprising. The devil does not want it to be seen. Living in Las Vegas had to sprinkle some holy water in the house and need to pray an extra rosary! Chilling.

wade barnard
And these poor people just sit there and laugh while they watch and take part. SAD

Johnny D
Great video as always. I wanted to point out that Missouri the school Mike Sam went to is in chaos now, I see it dovetailing with your earlier videos on him.

Joao Paulo Zangrade
it was a incredible video where the evil is really making false tricks.

Donald Hollenger
Since I had NO interest, I had no knowledge of “magicians”. MHFM film is very informative/educational. The sorcerers’ insistance on audience ‘participation’ in their sin, makes this even more diabolical. It is a sick joke, that folks are PAYING cash, and offering their children up, to go to hell.

When I saw how long this video was, I said its to long to watch. Well, I couldn’t put it down. Saw it all. Awesome video.

Daniel Ochoa
truly they are worshipping the advesary in front of our eyes..

Martin Tessier
I just would like to thank you MHFM for the incredible work you’ve done here !

Racer Z
great video…well done brothers.

Maxwell Henrie
Its amusing how people deny this by claiming “CGI” or “science and technology” when the reality is a spiritual one.

Thank you for all the work you put in making this video. Would you please make a video on Ron Wyatt, he found Noah’ Ark, Moses leading the people out of Egypt and the places they stayed, and etc…

Juan Valdivieso Vicuña
Impresionante video, excelente!!!

Gibran Bakhshi
So you have seen it atheists and agnostics – spiritual forces exist. You cannot deny it. You can only choose which side you are on. It is not possible to remain neutral. You can either side with the devil, or you can side with God – there is no other possibility. A logical investigation into how one sides with God will lead an honest person straight to the Traditional Catholic Faith – The One True Church founded by Christ Himself and the only Church supernaturally guided by the Spirit of God. There is no salvation anywhere else because everything else is of the devil. Please choose now, before it is too late!