The Tap – Ageing can be slowed and reversed by injecting young blood plasma

Satanists like to drink the blood of terrified sacrificial victims, full of adrenaline, and they claim it rejuvenates them. Less horrific is this study of mice and humans being carried out in the USA showing that blood plasma can be transferred from young donors to ageing persons and reverse their dementia. Blood indeed is a potentially important way to enhance life quality and lengthen life span. I wouldn’t imagine this will be available on the NHS.

TEDGlobalLondon – Tony Wyss-Coray: How young blood might help reverse aging. Yes, really

Tony Wyss-Coray studies the impact of aging on the human body and brain. In this eye-opening talk, he shares new research from his Stanford lab and other teams which shows that a solution for some of the less great aspects of old age might actually lie within us all.

The Tap, Sun 11:07 pm UTC, 4 Dec 2016