The Simpsons – Designer Virus + Ten Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future + Predictions Yet to Come True

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Designer Virus

Published on 19 nov. 2017

“I bet the truth isn’t too far from this.”
Anthony Casella


Ten Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

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With over 25 seasons under its belt, The Simpsons earned the title of the longest running American sitcom and animated program, but it’s so much more than that. In addition to making us laugh for over two decades, this show also satirized each aspect of our daily lives, from politics to pop culture. The writing team behind it was always on top of the country’s cultural pulse, and that allowed them to foreshadow dozens of important events decades before they happened. Let’s take a look at 10 times The Simpsons predicted the future.

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Predictions Yet to Come True

Published on 20 dec. 2019


The Simpsons has an eerie way of prophesizing future realities. Coincidences are bound to happen, but here are some Simpsons predictions that haven’t come true just yet.
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